Diablo III Patch 2.6.6 Now Live, Full Patch Notes

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Blizzard has launched spot 2.6.6 to Diablo III throughout all systems, in advance of Friday’& rsquo; s launch of Period 18: Season

of the Triune! Below are the full notes, thanks to the Diablo 3 site: Below you will locate the patch notes for the most current update for Diablo III, Spot 2.6.6. Adjustments from the PTR have been highlighted in RED.

Keep in mind: All modifications relate to all versions of Diablo III, consisting of PS4, Xbox One, Switch Over, and computer unless otherwise shown.


  • A family pet has actually been added that will be available for gamers that pre-purchase Warcraft III: Reforged Spoils of Battle Edition (PC Only)


  • The buff for Season 18, the Period of the Triune, has actually been included
    • Triune’& rsquo; s Will certainly: All abilities have an opportunity when hitting an adversary to spawn a circle that gives a power. Only one circle can be energetic each time.
      • Triune of Love (Power): Players in the circle obtain a 100% damage bonus offer while active
      • Triune of Resolution (Source Reduction): Players in the circle get a 50% price cut on resources spent while energetic
      • Triune of Production (Cooldown Reduction): While standing in an energetic circle, any type of skills presently on cooldown come off of cooldown quicker
    • Programmer Remark: The last number of Seasonal lovers have actually been focused primarily on end-game content. We wanted to try something different this Season with an enthusiast that was a lot more helpful to players despite where they may be in their Season Journey. Triune’& rsquo; s Will certainly can enter play as early as level 1 and also continue to make an impact on your video game experience from the beginning throughout of the Season, and we’& rsquo; re eagerly anticipating seeing just how players utilize this ever-changing boost throughout their adventures!
    • Developer Remark: Additionally, we obtained comments from gamers throughout the PTR concerning colorblind access. We’& rsquo; ve altered among the blue-tinted circles to a darker, environment-friendly earth tone that must stand out a lot a lot more for impacted gamers. We considerably appreciate your comments!


  • Developer Note: There are additional details notes listed below, yet broadly for 2.6.6, we wished to present a handful of new thing powers targeted at two target markets: (1) specific classes with long-lasting requests for balance/quality of life modifications and also (2) the more comprehensive player base for experimenting with Kanai’& rsquo; s Cube. This implies less class-specific brand-new additions, but extra enhancements that everyone has an opportunity to have fun with. We also try out making a few of the craftable sets from Haedrig more appealing for fresh degree 70’& rsquo; s or players looking to optimize their farming runs. We wish to see some intriguing new theorycrafting as well as methods out of 2.6.6 as well as can’& rsquo; t delay to see what the neighborhood finishes with this brand-new loot! Updated Item Notes: There are a number of notes below clearing up the intention of particular item functionalities. In a pair situations, such as with Flavor of Time, the item wasn’& rsquo; t behaving properly during PTR per our intents (which has been dealt with). For others, we simply wanted to give more clarity about exactly just how these items act.
  • Taste of Time
    • New Legendary Power: Pylon results last two times as long.
    • Keep in mind: Only wearers of this product gain this result. This is meant.
  • The Death squad
    • New Legendary Power: Assaults will certainly kill enemies with much less than (5-10%) wellness.
    • Note: This item’& rsquo; s power does not service fans. This is intended.
  • Stone Gauntlets
    • New Legendary Power: Getting assaulted will gradually turn you to rock & hellip; (You obtain 50% more shield, but your motion speed is decreased by 15% and assault speed is decreased by 20%. This effect accumulates to 5 times)
    • PTR Update: This item currently presents a lover symbol and has a clearer in-game summary. Thank you for the feedback!
    • Keep in mind: Resistance to control-impairing impacts can work against the lowered strike as well as movement rate fines. This is meant.
  • Resembling Fury
    • New Legendary Power: Slaying adversaries swallows up the wielder right into a Frenzy. (Killing enemies increases your strike speed by 15% and activity speed by 5%. This effect stacks up to 5 times)
    • PTR Update: This product’& rsquo; s power now deals with kill helps and also pet kills. Thank you for
  • the responses! Squirt & rsquo
    • ; s Pendant New Legendary Power: While not taking damage, your damages is boosted by up to 100% and also damage taken is boosted by up to 50%.
    • PTR Update: This thing currently shows an aficionado icon. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Messerschmidt’& rsquo; s
    • Reaver New Legendary Power: Reduce the staying cooldown of among your abilities by 1 2nd when you slay an opponent.
    • PTR Update: This product’& rsquo; s power currently services kill helps as well as family pet eliminates. Thanks for the comments!
  • Mortick’& rsquo;
    • s Dental braces New Legendary Thing: Rage of the Berserker gets the impact of every rune.
    • Developer’& rsquo; s Note: If you played during the Spot 2.2.0 PTR, you’& rsquo; ll identify this as a product that was later on eliminated from the video game before it mosted likely to live servers. At the time, Mortick’& rsquo; s Brace provided excessive power for a solitary product port. However, the power curve of Diablo III has changed substantially since then and also we’& rsquo; re comfortable with bringing it back.
    • Designer’& rsquo; s Note: We & rsquo; re refrained from doing with Barbarians, either. Nonetheless, this is an adjustment that required much less testing and also might be conveniently included in 2.6.6, so instead of awaiting a bigger batch of adjustments, we saw no reason to hold this one back.
  • Spite Keep in mind: This item can be crafted from the Blacksmith as well as is not a regular loot decline
  • New Legendary Power: Non-cleaving Gargantuans acquire the cleave and also chilling results of the Humongoid rune.
  • Tradition of Desires New Legendary Treasure: While you have no set rewards equipped, every Epic product you have equipped rises your damage dealt by 3.75% and decreases your damages taken by 2%. (Max level 99)
  • Rank 25: This benefit is doubled for Old products.
  • Designer’& rsquo; s Note: Completion video game opened up dramatically with Period 17’& rsquo; s Tradition of Nightmare & rsquo; s enthusiast (and also the neighborhood was clear concerning just how much these new options were valued), however wished to make this enhancement a more permanent fixture in a more streamlined means than simply making it standard. This Famous Gem needs to open up that course up even more and at more possibilities than simply late game Greater Rift pressing.
  • Crafted Sets Keep in mind: The complying with collections have actually been considerably modified from their existing level 70 counterparts. Items crafted prior to 2.6.6 will certainly continue to exist in their old forms yet will not be upgraded after the patch. Additionally, after the spot, the old dishes will certainly no more be offered to craft as well as all players will require to re-acquire these dishes by finding the plans once again with Horadric Caches or by eliminating Repellent Enthusiasts.
  • Sage’& rsquo; s Trip A Belt has been contributed to this collection.
  • Haedrig the Blacksmith now automatically learns just how to build this collection at Ranking 12.
  • Captain Crimson’& rsquo; s Trimmings (2) Set Bonus Restores 6000 Life per Secondly
  • Decreases cooldown of all skills by10% 20%.
  • Now likewise reduces Source Prices by 20%
  • (3) Set Reward Set incentives have been changed Damage dealt is increased by your total percent of Cooldown Reduction
  • Damages taken is minimized by your overall percent of Resource Cost Decrease
  • Aughild’& rsquo; s Authority (2) Establish Benefit Set bonus offers have actually been changed Lowers damage taken by 15%
  • Boosts damages dealt by 30%
  • (3) Establish Bonus Offer Decreases damages from elites by 15% 30%
  • Boosts damage versus elites by 15% 30%
  • Cain’& rsquo; s Destiny (2) Establish Bonus Offer Attack Speed increased by 8%
  • +50% Experience. (5.0% at degree 70) (Moved from (3) Establish Bonus Offers)
  • (3) Establish Bonus Offer When a Greater Rift Keystone goes down, there is a 25% possibility for an added one to drop.
  • Insect Takes care of

    • Repaired a mistake that happened when reporting a gamer by means of a pal request
    • Taken care of an error that took place when conserving an existing Good friend Note without making modifications

    PTR-Specific Insect Fixes

    • Squirt’& rsquo; s Necklace Repaired
      • a problem where the damages taken boost was not getting to the 50% cap
    • Captain Crimson’& rsquo; s
      • Trimmings Fixed a problem where the bonus offer supplied by this class collection was subject to snapshotting


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