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EA DICE returns after 2 years complying with the release of the really effective Battleground 3 with this unavoidable follow up. I am happy to report that this video game is not a quickie BF3 retread with a slicker coat of varnish on it. They did listen to the followers feedback throughout the last two years, as the return of Leader Mode conveniently shows together with larger levels as well as more expansiveness as a whole.

The game is not a change by any means, however it certainly is a clear advancement across the boards. I can’& rsquo; t claim the very same regarding its arc rival series Telephone call of Task. Telephone call of Duty is a collection that sorely is need of a respite and a re-invigoration of types and I really hope the people at Activision take a lengthy tough appearance at it because quite honestly this collection is handing them their butts. I understand a declaration like that is going to obtain me branded as a fanboy by the well & hellip; COD fanboys however let’& rsquo; s get real below. Features, production worths, gameplay & hellip; it’& rsquo; s not even close. You don & rsquo; t even need to go any type of more than youtube to confirm that point let alone if you really have both this and COD Ghosts now. I such as both series of what they are. I’& rsquo; m not a COD hater by any means.

The apples vs oranges excuses can only presume. COD games can still be fun yet the series has clearly stagnated and I think any person that terminates up COD Ghosts and after that fires this up is going to get that message in no time if they’& rsquo; re also remotely unbiased regarding it.

I, for one, hope that EA DICE does not provide right into the temptation to produce a brand-new one of these every year as I locate that offers to stagnation and idleness for a game series like what I see in COD.

In EA DICE’& rsquo; s case given the technical problems that this game is still fighting with on all platforms as I create this it would certainly emphasize much more how ill-advised it would certainly be to try to produce something such as this yearly.

That being said, if you are a person who has been playing BF3 steadily and have been itching to obtain this you will certainly be extremely delighted. I can additionally claim that individuals that were followers of Bad Firm 2 may effectively such as this greater than BF3 in regards to just how of the gameplay really feels.

Put simply: This is a front runner caliber FPS with some technical problems ruining it as well as holding it back from its full potential as I write this.

To individuals brand-new to this collection or a video game similar to this I can’& rsquo; t stress this sufficient: If you are just casually interested in multiplayer at best after that this game most likely is unworthy the existing full cost of admission. The single player component is a good warm up at best and also not worth buying this ready per se.


Astonishing maxed out on the computer as well as essentially picture realistic in some ways. Like BF3 looked and also still looks even now, individuals that they can’& rsquo; t see the differences in between the two video games in short order requirement to either consider some equipment upgrade and/or potentially a journey to the optometrist. The interest to detail is recommendation high quality with high rez structures being plentiful and crystal clear quality of text on computer screens & hellip; primarily all the nitpicky stuff high-end computer gamers can cite. The graphics menus are durable and also extensive. Currently, individuals are suggesting switching off “& ldquo; blog post AA & rdquo; due to the fact that it is an efficiency hog with legislation of reducing returns that just isn & rsquo;

t worth it. I am running an i7 4770K, GTX 780 3GB, as well as 16 GB of DDR3-1600 as well as 1920×& times; 1200 maxed out ultra across the boards, v-sync off, and also the abovementioned message AA switched off and also FRAPS reveals me remaining at 60 fps as well as well above in any way times. I understand that’& rsquo; s very high-end and also’don & rsquo; t let that scare you from buying this game. The video game has a variety of detailed graphics options that guarantees it will certainly scale up and down effectively for a wide range of setups.

This game has an option in its food selections that’& rsquo; s extremely rare: Supersampling. What supersampling enables you to do is make the video game at greater than your indigenous resolution and after that it’& rsquo; s downscaled to your native resolution. To use this you require to have your GPU set as the scaler and not your monitor. So if you select one hundred percent that’& rsquo; s your native resolution. You can increase by 50 percent increments in the menu. The eye candy outcomes are remarkable if you can pull it off but so are the performance strikes. Unless you’& rsquo; re running some seriously high-end gear that sets you back five numbers and you want to stay affordable in video game? Don’& rsquo; t

trouble. Make no mistake, though: This is an “& ldquo; upgraditis sharp & rdquo; ready the PC. You will need some kind of muscle to get one of the most out of it and specifically if you intend on being very affordable in multiplayer. You want to go to 60fps to do it and also you will certainly need to determine what compromise you intend to make to arrive.

I need to make unique mention of the destructible settings in this game. It’& rsquo; s about time I began seeing more of this sort of point. It & rsquo; s all as well easy and also enjoyable to get distracted simply blowing up buildings and also making high-rises drop in the middle of the turmoil yet you can do it any variety of methods you desire. That’& rsquo; s reducing edge and that is something you will not see in any type of COD game or anywhere else for that matter. It adds to the feeling of realism and also immersion in the video game globe and also it just impressive to see it occur. This is an instance of where game physics goes up one more level and also where some equipment muscle is needed.


You are dropped and also immersed in a real battle. That’& rsquo; s what it’sounds like. Yes, it & rsquo; s that great. Referral high quality audio all the way. This is an example of a video game where great audio is just as vital as the graphics and also gameplay and in some instances critical. For example, directional audio will certainly inform you that an insect is sneaking up behind you keeping that blade. That two secs can indicate the distinction between life-and-death in something like this.

I can’& rsquo; t stress this sufficient: Please wear’& rsquo; t go for some cheapie ipod earbuds or $20 tin can audio speakers out of the cellar for something like this. The sound is your close friend as well as will require all the assistance you can obtain.

A wide variety of worldwide voice actors was brought in for NPCs in both single player and also multiplayer which does much to contribute to immersion as well as credibility. You are frequently hearing the commands, screaming, and yelling of soldiers experiencing or requiring aid or any kind of number of various other situations that can take place on the field of battle.

The noises of war themselves sound actual. That feeling of ruin you feel sink in when you understand that chopper is secured on you is one of numerous many thanks to the practical audio that was offered every little thing in this game.

The guns sound as they should and also sound different relying on what you select as well as the quality and also make thereof as you would certainly hope.

As various other customers have specified among the very best audio results is jets flying expenses and also in some cases after you. It’& rsquo; s real, it & rsquo; s sublime, and also it gets to you. Diving out of a flying vehicle and having the wind thrill past you much like it would in real life is additionally something special. You will certainly have many instances like that in this game. I have had minutes where I have actually quit to take it all in. Sadly that has cost me a life or 2 however that actually is just how remarkable this can be.

I am not truly certain how much extra detail that I can include in this except to claim that the sound is sensible and recommendation top quality from top to bottom and also if you go on any kind of sort of upgraditis run whatsoever PLEASE put on’& rsquo; t forget the sound in your considerations. You will thank yourself later.


Probably the very best FPS gameplay auto mechanics on the marketplace today. Habit forming and rewarding. The reason I state arguably is that I understand singing COD fans will certainly disagree and it actually can boil down to an apples vs oranges debate a lot of the moment.

The solitary gamer campaign is a decent adequate warm up skip to obtain you all set for multiplayer activity. The tale is Micheal Bay caliber action material that has your team undergo a number of trials all over the world as well as avert a nuclear war with the Chinese by the skin of your teeth. I suggest playing the SP at least once just so you can open the goodies. I particularly recommend a playthrough of the SP for individuals new to these games. It will certainly allow you to get the feel for the gameplay in slower and also a lot more regulated circumstance so by the time you do with that you must be able to go into MP as well as contribute with some confidence.

Its objective is to move you via to open particular tools and equipment to use in multiplayer. As per usual with a COD game or a BF game I would strongly recommend NOT buying these games simply for solitary gamer. It’& rsquo; s not worth it at complete cost. If all you care about is SP then await the $20 sales on COD and also BF titles.

In both solitary player and multiplayer, the gameplay is as limited and solid as can be. There is a bit of a refinement I wouldn’& rsquo; t mind seeing on hit discovery however apart from that you can get this gameplay called by any means you desire with the of key bindings, mouse acceleration settings, etc. You do have the option to utilize a controller too although I would strongly advise versus the controller in multiplayer circumstances versus individuals utilizing KBM or you will be ruined.

This gameplay is as pleasing of FPS gameplay on the marketplace today as you will find. I understand that the COD loyalists may elevate a hand in opinion to that. I do assume this collection is the better of both throughout the boards although I am out the COD hater bandwagon. I see more of an apples vs oranges set of debates there however if I had to mention enthusiastic strategies, technical achievements, range, and general gameplay I merely need to cite this series as premium for now in between both while taking absolutely nothing far from the COD collection.

For veterans of these games, BF4 feels a little bit more like Bad Firm 2 in all the good ways vs BF3 which was absolutely excellent in its own right. BF3 has definitely aged quite possibly in the least 2 years and also there’& rsquo; s still plenty taking place there as well as even in Bad Firm 2 for that matter.

Comprehensive and crazy amounts of options and personalizations abound for your soldier as well as the vast variety of tools as well as equipment you will make and unlock in the remarkable craze online.

The crown gem for this collection by far has actually been and remains to be an absolutely impressive and also durable multiplayer setting that will certainly see much assistance over the course of the next two years resulting in the inescapable Battleground 5 release.

Let’& rsquo; s take a closer consider simply how robust the multiplayer remains in this video game:

It’& rsquo; s way too much for me to kind every one of this out. That should certainly inform you something besides me being lazy. 🙂 It really is that extensive and robust that it’& rsquo; s just much easier for me to provide the links for you and also let you see it for yourselves. I daresay there’& rsquo; s something for everyone there in regards to a multiplayer FPS experience. The modes are different as well as diverse from each other so the activities never obtains old. This is contemporary of the box. Future DLC assures much more video game settings and also attributes honest.


It’& rsquo; s inescapable with something this large as well as enthusiastic that there will certainly be technical problems ranging from web server issues on via to feasible driver compatibility issues. It’& rsquo; s a regrettable tradition with this series that goes back to the fabulous ordeal that was the first amount of time of Battlefield 2’& rsquo; s launch. Wow, what a problem that was.

The good news is this is absolutely nothing remotely close to what that was but it’& rsquo; s a recognized truth that if you jump in early to a BF video game surrender on your own to some technological glitches for minority months.

As I compose this some issues are plentiful for some folks and also it will highly likely take a couple of months or so for the most awful offenses to be patched and straightened out. Even I had the video game crash on me in single player mode a number of times and also a handful of times in multiplayer as well as I have actually satisfied myself that the issues are out my end. For me it hasn’& rsquo; t been outright whatsoever but also for other individuals it has actually

been. If patterns from the previous hold I expect to see the mass of outright glitches removed within the following number of months or two from the time I create this testimonial in early December.

The console variations are perhaps even worse off. My individual viewpoint: This game was hurried out to make the vacation 2013 shopping target date as well as any one of us that bough this game paid superior bucks to be beta testers and also help EA DICE complete this video game off. Stories have actually appeared that EA and also DICE are halting work on any kind of various other undertakings till this game obtains dealt with. They should.


This video game is most definitely at its most outstanding and also ideal on the computer. It’& rsquo; s wonderful. The computer is still far and away the suitable platform for a video game similar to this. If you are not a computer player and love FPS’& rsquo; s then this is absolutely a game you want to have locked down for your Xbox One or PS4 purchase but I would suggest waiting up until you see and hear the “& ldquo; all clear & rdquo; on the myriad of technical concerns for all systems.

I am concerned with the reports I have actually been seeing concerning negative ports and downrezzing on the Xbox One vs the PS4 and there are a great deal of videos, pictures, as well as write ups comparing variations of select video games like BF4 on both gaming consoles. I strongly advise you do your homework before committing to an acquisition nevertheless.

I need to confess I am astonished that 360 as well as PS3 variations of this beast exist. I enjoy that this great game is coming out on as several platforms as it is due to the fact that it is the type of title that FPS fans will easily get their money’& rsquo; s worth out of. While not perfect, I think this is one of the best contemporary FPSs people can acquire although I regret that I have to conclude with this caution: Be aware of the technical issues still being attended to.

Combat zone 4 obtains a four out of 5: TERRIFIC.


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