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Demolition Man Review

Demolition Man Review

John Spartan (Stallone) is the “Demolition Man” a Dirty Harry styled bad ass cop in the late 20th century. When a mission goes awry and he is wrongly blamed for the deaths of several innocent civilians, he is sentenced to be cryogenically frozen (as this is the chief form of punishment in this movie’s timeline) along with the man who is actually responsible for those deaths (Snipes), Simon Phoenix.

A few decades later, Phoenix manages to escape into a world that is way different from the one that sentenced him. In this world there is very little crime and no poverty, and fines are issued via robotic machines for uttering anything slightly above a swear word.

This provides the basis for most of the comedy of the movie, and a lot of it works. A young Sandra Bullock plays the police officer who gets the bright idea to unfreeze Spartan, thinking him the only person able to re-capture the lost mass murderer.

This movie is like ‘Brave New World’ for complete clunk-heads. That’s alright though, being a clunk-head myself, I was able to appreciate this movie on both a standard turn off your brain action movie level and also another level of social commentary that some other action movies shoot for, but very rarely succeed.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than I thought I was going to. Stallone and Snipes both have a ball in this future world where euphemisms have run amuck.

Murders are referred to as “Murder Death Kills” and Taco Bell is considered 5-star dining. This movie is every bit as funny, observant, and tongue in cheek as Idiocracy (another social commentary comedy) but for those that aren’t into all that, you also get two clunk-heads shooting at each other and blowing stuff up.

Demolition Man gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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