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The young impressionable English lit major (note: only female authors that kind with one pass on their trousers usually have the audacity to make their heroine an English lit major) Anastasia Steele begins a hurt romance with reclusive millionaire Christian Grey in a motion picture negative enough to make me reconsider my stance on eugenics.

In order to hold on to my guy card I should initially confess my seeing this motion picture was strictly the result of my better half leasing it and also my being an amazing partner and also agreeing to bypass my urge to perform ANYTHING ELSE IN THE F ******! Globe besides see this movie.

That stated, I actually attempted people. I tried to provide it a possibility, but 50 Shades just fails on every level.

This film intends to be a mix of Standard Reaction and also Pretty Female. Compared to the former, it is a tame attempt at sex-related titillation without any real drama or risks. Compared to the latter, I will just state that by the end of Pretty Female, I was genuinely favoring the pair of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, while at the end of 50 Shades, I was only rooting for both of these cardboard intermediaries to obtain the heck off my television.

It doesn’& rsquo; t really motivate much confidence when you’& rsquo; re managing a flick based off a widely panned unique, based off of poor Twilight follower fiction.

I likewise need to mention this Christian Grey. Holy hell, what an unlikable asshole, as well as not simply an asshole, yet a monotonous asshole. This character is one of the most awful things ever before caused upon my detects in a major motion picture.

I put on’& rsquo; t criticize the actor as several various other customers have actually done, not that he helped much mind you, yet this personality is so thinly created, as well as such an emotionally premature and also normally removed douchebag.

Additionally. It. Is. So. Tiresome. And. Kind. Of. Annoying. When. Every. Word. You. State. Is. Said. In. A. Lifeless. Robot. Monotone. Distribution.

I really feel the need to air vent with the ladies of the world below. If this is what’& rsquo; s taken into consideration the ideal fantasy friend for females nowadays, we’& rsquo;d all be better off if our daughters mature to be either religious women or lesbians.

50 Tones of Grey obtains a no out of 5: DREADFUL.

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