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Jason Statham is just getting out of prison and is bound for revenge versus Ray Liotta, that plays the big bad mob man who screwed him over back in the day.

While behind bars Statham’& rsquo; s character befriends 2 wizards that teach him just how to win at practically any kind of type of confidence video game in existence. While in pursuit of said revenge though, Statham’& rsquo; s character arrive the mercy of 2 mysterious complete strangers (yeah, you most likely figured who they were also now) who hold the secret to aiding him get the repayment he wants.

I saw this flick for the very first time last night on cable. As well as well, it certainly was nothing like I expected. When I see a film loaded with proficient character stars like Vincent “& ldquo; Big Pussy & rdquo; Pastore, Ray Liotta, etc & hellip; and also starring Jason Statham who is the modern day equivalent of Steven Seagal, other than with maybe a couple of more faces, the last point I’& rsquo; m anticipating is a complete on emotional mind f ***, yet that’& rsquo; s precisely what this became.

From what I’& rsquo; ve read while doing my research study for this testimonial, this movie separated movie critics in the past. When I overcame my first shock of learning simply what this movie was I discovered I was able to unwind and also dig it generally.

I located the little bits between with the computer animated series out of no place a little bit self indulgent on the part of supervisor Individual Ritchie though, and also the finishing with Statham as well as Liotta’& rsquo; s character & rsquo; s stream of consciousness both going beserk at the same time offered me a serious migraine.

That stated, I appreciate a film that is endure enough to try something various, even if it doesn’& rsquo; t actually job, which this one did, and also it did not really function. I can be found in expecting a “& ldquo; turn your mind off” & rdquo; face kicking event, and end up with a fairly smart film that ended up outmaneuvering itself in the last half.

Revolver obtains a three out of five: SATISFYING.


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