Freddy vs. Jason Review

Notorious dream slayer Freddy Krueger has been dormant for years now in the little neighborhood of Elm Street. Business just ain’t what it used to be as teenagers just don’t really seem that afraid anymore, which, as the story goes greatly reduces his powers.

Not one to take this lying down, he decides to lure old Hockey Puss himself out of hibernation to get the fear meter turned up a few amps so he can get back to what he does best. Only trouble is, once set loose, Jason Voorhees doesn’t exactly take kindly to the idea of just stepping aside so Mr. Krueger can get back to his hobby.

So now we have a battle between two supernatural genocidal monsters over who gets to slash the most teens. This is a movie that took decades to finally come to fruition, and one I was quite excited to see when it did come out. That said, this movie is kind of hit and miss with me.

Director Ronnie Yu made a lot of visual choices here that made this feel less like a horror/monster movie and more like a live action arcade game in parts. I remember my biggest issue when this movie was finally announced was that Kane Hodder, who had played Jason in the previous four films, wasn’t reprising.

I felt and still think for a movie like this, that relies so much on the visual elements of these iconic characters, that why would you pass up the opportunity to have the guy who many people feel is the definitive Jason take on the guy in Robert Englund, who is all around known as the definitive Freddy>

Ken Kirzinger, who previously played a chef in Jason Takes New York, does a fine job here, but he does not have the physical presence Hodder does. Jason was taller here, but in my opinion, far less imposing.

The supporting crew here is mostly forgettable, except for Kelly Rowland, who is so insufferable in this that I could have given Jason a Medal of Honor and a Nobel Peace Prize for finally doing her in.

Freddy vs. Jason gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

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