Halloween 2 Review

This is normally just how I like follows up to be done. Halloween 2 gets straight where the original left off, restoring the majority of the initial characters (those that survived) from Halloween and also establishing them up for a brand-new round of horror.

A lot of the activity this time around out occurs at the neighborhood healthcare facility, which makes for an excellent location for a horror flick. One point this film has going against it immediately is that, while John Woodworker remained on to create this sequel, he did not straight, rather handing that responsibility off to Rick Rosenthal.

Rosenthal is a competent supervisor, yet in the early parts of this flick there was far too much dragging and also too much time invested in the POV of the awesome (The Shape) rather than the major personalities.

Jamie Lee Curtis wore a wig in this flick so her hair would look like it did in the original. Prick Warlock plays Michael Myers, and also does among the better tasks of any one of the actor/stuntmen to play the role. He brings an excellent enormous presence to this film, and represents one of minority points this film could have gotten better than the initial.

Dr. Loomis, who would be a staple in all of these 80s films is once again played by the great Donald Pleasance, who might carry out this function in his sleep (which he might or may not have actually done in the future).

As much as this movie drags in the beginning, points really get near the end as Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode battle it out with Myers. Before you reach that factor, there are a six or two idiot teenagers to finish as always.

This flick set the criterion for visuals eliminates in slasher flicks. We get people being steamed alive in a jacuzzi, stabbed in the eye with a pen, set on fire, and so on and so on.

As a kid this was among my favored slasher flicks, and I enjoyed to see it still holds instead well as an adult.

Halloween II gets a 3 out of 5: GOOD.

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