Developer Spotlight: Sucker Punch Productions

With their PlayStation consoles, Sony has developed a big fanbase for being the platform that not only obtains all the large third-party multiplatform games, yet additionally has the largest collection of initial event studios pumping out unique games.

Among the most prolific of these workshops is Sucker Punch Productions, that has been making video games solely for PlayStation given that 2002 on the PS2. In this short article, we’& rsquo; ll have a look at the background of Fool Punch, along with several of their most notable video games. The History of Sucker Strike Productions

Fool Strike Productions started in 1997 in Bellevue, Washington by creators Brian Fleming and also Chris Zimmerman. At the time, the creators and also nucleus all benefited Microsoft in numerous productivity and software program advancement positions. The team all appreciated computer game and wanted to make their own regardless of just having one experience creating games.

Fool Strike left Microsoft in 1997 and came to be an independent pc gaming developer. Their initial video game was originally revealed as Gear, however underwent a name change 3 months before release by publisher Ubisoft due to the fact that an outside party currently had the hallmark for the name and was harmful lawsuit. The workshop’& rsquo; s initial game was renamed Rocket: Robotic on Wheels and was released just for the Nintendo 64.

Complying with the launch of Rocket: Robot on Tires, Fool Strike got going service their following video game which would certainly be released by Sony Computer Amusement as well as would show up exclusively for Sony’& rsquo; s PS2. That game was Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus as well as it would certainly mark the firm & rsquo; s first franchise business. Sucker Punch developed 2 follows up in the Sly Cooper franchise business before moving on to develop a brand-new special IP for Sony’& rsquo; s PS3. The brand-new video game, InFamous was a stark comparison to the workshop’& rsquo; s previous trips, trading in cartoonish platformers for a darker as well as more practical open world 3rd individual shooter revolving around an extremely powered guy.

With a lengthy background of functioning exclusively with Sony going back to the very early 2000s, Sony Computer Amusement obtained Sucker Punch in 2011 officially making them a first party programmer giant. That very same year, Sucker Strike launched PS3 exclusives Notorious 2 and the downloadable InFamous: Festival of Blood.

After the release of Event of Blood, Fool Strike had the ability to transform their focus in 2012 to service the next game in the franchise, InFamous Secondly Child, which came solely to PS4 on March 21, 2014. A few months later on, the studio released the standalone DLC InFamous First Light, which marked completion of the franchise business (a minimum of developed by Sucker Punch).

In 2017, Sucker Punch revealed their following video game, a new IP called Ghost of Tsushima.

Below is a consider a few of the most remarkable Fool Punch created video games released to day.

Rocket: Robot on Tires

Released solely for Nintendo 64 in 1999, Rocket: Robotic on Tires was published by Ubisoft and also is the initial game developed by Fool Strike. The game places players in the role of Rocket, a robot unicycle that has to conserve his owner’& rsquo; s zoo and theme park called Whoopie Globe before it opens up because it’& rsquo; s being endangered by one of the park’& rsquo; s mascots, a raccoon called Jojo. The adventure platformer is notable for being the first house console game to feature a sensible physics engine that incorporated problems including inertia and also friction amongst other residential or commercial properties. The game takes place through six worlds within the park, and also Rocket has to save the animals, as well as accumulate park tickets and also tokens. The game was generally well received when it released, and the 20th anniversary issue of Nintendo Power publication named it the 18th finest Nintendo 64 video game of perpetuity. It remains the only Fool Strike video game to appear on a non-PlayStation system.

Sly Cooper and also the Thievius Raccoonus

Sucker Strike’& rsquo; s 2nd game marked the start of their partnership with Sony. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus released solely for PlayStation 2 in 2002. Like their initial game, Sly is a cartoonish platforming video game where gamers assume the role of the titular Sly Cooper as he tries to hunt down the people that murdered his papa and recover a book that comes from his family members called the “& ldquo; Thievius Raccoonus, & rdquo; a publication that can show one to come to be a master burglar. Sly Cooper blended arcade action platforming with stealth components to produce something completely unique. Sly Cooper would come to be the PS2’& rsquo; s 3rd big unique platforming franchise business, behind Ratchet and also Clank and Jak and also Daxter.

Scheming 2: Band of Burglars

Fool Strike adhered to up Thievius Raccoonus with a sequel, Sly 2: Band of Thieves. The video game maintained the platforming and also stealth mix of the very first game, but the game included many adjustments in degree style, exactly how skills are obtained or updated, as well as areas where players regulate Sly’& rsquo; s buddies Bentley and also Murray. This time around around, Scheming as well as his pals are chasing down Clockwerk components that have actually been taken by the Klaww Gang.


After releasing Sly 3: Honor Among Burglars for PS2 in 2005, Fool Strike carried on to developing a new initial IP for Sony’& rsquo; s PS3. For the first time in the studio & rsquo; s history, Sucker Strike went down the cartoonish cel-shaded graphics as well as platforming genre and also proceeded to a more realistic human technique based in an open world. Well known put players in the footwear of bike carrier Cole MacGrath that was at the facility of a massive surge that resulted in his obtaining electric superpowers. The 3rd person shooter includes a distinct good/evil karma system that alters the tale as well as locks or opens side missions, so gamers wishing to see everything will certainly require to play through a minimum of twice. Released in 2009, Notorious marketed over 2.7 million duplicates worldwide.

Well known 2

In 2011, Sucker Punch released InFamous 2. The follow up kept the gameplay mechanics of the first one in an open globe, but moved from a city based on New York City to a city based on New Orleans. Like it’& rsquo; s precursor, InFamous 2 also had a good/evil karma system that opened up and also closed side objectives as well as had main objectives play out differently. This time around, Cole was functioning to stop, or inevitably aid, a very big villain known as “& ldquo; The Beast & rdquo; that was making its way down the east coast of the United States succeeding Cole. Probably the most significant modification for the series was the incorporation of the Individual Generated Content Developer. This gave players production tools to produce their very own obstacles or missions, which can then be played and ranked by various other Notorious 2 players.

InFamous: 2nd Son

Released in 2014, InFamous Second Child marked Sucker Strike’& rsquo; s initially outing on the PS4. The video game is established 7 years after the occasions of Well known 2 and stars a brand-new lead character named Delsin. Where Cole had the power of Electrical energy, Delsin has the power to absorb the abilities of other conduits he is available in call with. One such channel was a lady named Fetch who had Neon capabilities. In August 2014, Fool Strike released InFamous First Light as a standalone DLC that starred Fetch. This was the last Notorious title.

What’& rsquo; s Next? Ghost of Tsushima On October 30, 2017, Sucker Strike revealed their following video game would certainly be set in 1247 Japan and also would be called Ghost of Tsushima. Gamers will certainly tackle the duty of among the last samurai fighting back versus Mongol Realm that is attacking the island of Tsushima. It’& rsquo; s a war for the freedom of Japan.

Like InFamous before it, Ghost of Tsushima is an open globe action game. Check out the news trailer listed below.

< Ghost of Tsushima presently has no release day revealed, yet wear’& rsquo; t anticipate it until late this year (at the earliest) or more probable 2019. We’& rsquo; re certain to hear plenty a lot more about it over the coming months however.

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