Defiance 2050 Ark Alliance Terranaut Outfit Giveaway

Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050

Attention Ark Hunters!

Defiance 2050 has been out for about a week now, free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now that things seem a lot more stable, it’s time to do a giveaway to help you be a little more stylish and practical while you run around killing hellbugs, raiders, and mutants.

We’re giving away 10 codes good for an Ark Alliance Terranaut helmet and outfit set.

Ark Alliance Terranaut Outfit Defiance 2050

You have two opportunities to win a code, if you so choose. We’re splitting the codes evenly across two giveaway entries. Five codes will be delivered via DM to Twitter winners, and five codes will be delivered via email to Vortainment readers.

Here’s how you enter:

Twitter Giveaway

1.) You must follow PatriotPaine on Twitter.

2.) You must like AND retweet the below Tweet promoting our Defiance 2050 Beginner’s Guide to Weapon Enhancement.

To be eligible to win, you must meet those three requirements.

Vortainment Giveaway

The other way to win is pretty simple and doesn’t require you to even leave this page.

1.) Make sure you are subscribed via email or following the site.

2.) Leave a comment below letting us know what you’re liking most about Defiance 2050, and if you want to what platform you’re playing on (note that platform doesn’t matter for codes, I’m just curious what platform our readers are playing on).

It’s that simple!

You have until Friday, July 20th at 8pm CT to enter through either method or both if you want to increase your chance.

Eligible participants will have their name entered into a raffle via Random Result and I’ll draw five winners for each giveaway. Winners will be contacted via DM or email no later than 8pm CT Saturday, July 21st.

Good luck, Ark Hunters!

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4 Comments on Defiance 2050 Ark Alliance Terranaut Outfit Giveaway

  1. i like the guns in Defiance 2050


  2. I’ve been playing on Xbox since public release and I’ve been having a blast.


  3. Playing on xbox one. Returned to the game as I was a big fan of the old defiance.


  4. Bug killing is sweet


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