WWE RAW 7/16/18 Preview

Last night, RAW and Smackdown came together to present Extreme Rules. While the event itself was disappointing to say the least, some noteworthy things did happen.

Bobby Lashley defeated Roman Reigns, and now Lashley wants a shot at Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship. I wouldn’t expect Roman Reigns to go away quietly though.

Speaking of Lesnar, RAW GM Kurt Angle laid down the ultimatum to Brock Lesnar. He either shows up on RAW tonight and/or comes to terms on his next title defense, or Kurt Angle will strip Lesnar of the Universal Championship.

The B-Team shocked the WWE Universe by defeating the Deleter of World’s to become the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions. Will the celebration just be beginning tonight for The B-Team, or will the Deleter of World’s look to end the party early?

Alexa Bliss retained the RAW Women’s Championship last night in an Extreme Rules match against Nia Jax that saw Ronda Rousey sit ringside and get involved in the match. With Nia behind her, and Rousey still suspended, what’s next for Little Miss Bliss?

Dolph Ziggler managed to retain his Intercontinental Championship over Seth Rollins, defeating him 5-4 in overtime of the 30-Minute Iron Man match. Of course the match saw plenty of controversy with involvement from Drew McIntyre. What will Rollins have to say about the turn of events last night?

WWE has yet to announce any matches for tonight’s RAW.

RAW airs at 7pm CT on USA Network.