Bautista In Talks With WWE & AEW For Wrestling Return

Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista

Former World Heavyweight Champion, and current Hollywood star, Dave Bautista could be making yet another return to the squared circle. reports that Big Dave is “deep in talks” with WWE regardining a potential WrestleMania match, possibly against Triple H in a match that was teased last October at Smackdown 1000.

WWE isn’t the only game in town though, and they may have to up the price to get Bautista to return. The upstart AEW is also interested in the services of Bautista and he’s reportedly listening to what both companies have to offer.

AEW has their first show, Double or Nothing, coming up in May and it has already sold out the MGM Grand Garden Arena. With the backing of a billionaire and a rumored big TV deal to be announced, Bautista would bring mainstream attention to the new promotion should they out maneuver WWE and bring in the Guardians of the Galaxy star.


Smith’s Sentiment: I’m not a big fan of Bautista returning to wrestling outside of a handful of appearances/matches, but in this case I actually would like to see him in All Elite Wrestling. He was one of WWE’s top stars, he’s been very successfull in movies, and that will bring some mainstream publicity for AEW and would get even more people aware of them. They’re going to need those “mainstream” big names to garner more attention from the casual wrestling fan. I wouldn’t break the bank on him, but it would be a nice coup for the promotion if they snatch him away from WWE.

THE BIG QUESTION: Which promotion would you rather see Bautista in? Let us know in the comments below.

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