Mustafa Ali

Some bad news for Mustafa Ali and those looking forward to seeing him compete in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday night for the WWE Championship.

Mustafa wrestled Samoa Joe at a Smackdown house show in Fort Wayne last night, and at some point is believed to have suffered a concussion. He will not be at the Smackdown event tonight in Canton, Ohio.

Mustafa is reportedly scheduled to be reevaluated by the WWE medical team at tomorrow’s Smackdown.

Fightful reports that he has been removed from the Elimination Chamber event, but we’re saying probably just in case he doesn’t have a concussion and can go this Sunday. We’ll definitely know more tomorrow, and WWE will need to name a replacement.


Smith’s Sentiment: Hopefully this isn’t a concussion. Mustafa reportedly told WWE that he was good to compete, but they’re erring on the side of caution here until the reevaluation comes in. This was a big opportunity for Mustafa, who has been a great addition Smackdown.