WWE Network Daily Update: 3/28/19

WWE Network

WWE Network

The following items were added to WWE Network today:


  • WWE Hidden Gems
    • 1983
      • Up North to Down South – 02/04/1983 (Victoria Pavilion – Calgary, Alberta, CN)
        • Before becoming the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever, Honky Tonk Wayne teamed with David Schultz and Davey Boy Smith in Stampede.
    • 1992
      • Experience the Heat – 08/11/1992 (Sportatorium – Dallas, TX)
        • Prior to dominating the WCW tag team landscape as Harlem Heat, The Ebony Experience battle John Tatum and Rod Price in this GWF bout.
    • 1993
      • Lightning in a Bottle – 04/06/1993 (Tucson Convention Center – Tucson, AZ)
        • Before he became known as X-Pac, The Lightning Kid looked to score the 1-2-3 over Louie Spicolli in this rarely seen contest.
    • 1994
      • Blessed be the Road – 08/16/1994 (Lowell Memorial Auditorium – Lowell, MA)
        • Before gaining notoriety as the Road Dogg, Brian Armstrong looked to shake off the curse when he faced Barry Hardy from WWE Challenge.
      • The Pedigree of Degenerates – 11/14/1994 (Disney MGM Studios – Orlando, FL)
        • DX founding fathers collide in this match from WCW when the aristocratic blue blood Jean-Paul Levesque goes one-on-one with Brian Armstrong.
    • 1996
      • A Stone Cold Heartbreak – 03/10/1996 (American Bank Center – Corpus Christi, TX)
        • WWE Hall of Famers collide when Shawn Michaels takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin in the heart of their home state of Texas.
    • 2003
      • The One in OVW – 05/24/2003 (Davis Arena – Louisville, KY)
        • Billy Gunn has a few tricks up his sleeve as he looks to even the odds against Mark Jindrak in this contest from OVW.

In Ring

    • 2019
      • NXT 498 – 03/27/2019 (Full Sail University – Orlando, FL)
  • Smackdown Replays
    • 2019
      • SmackDown 1019 – 02/26/2019 (Spectrum Center – Charlotte, NC)

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