The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.46 Patch Notes (PS4)

Update 1.46 showed up on PS4 for The Elder Scrolls Online today. Below’& rsquo; s the full patch notes: The Senior citizen Scrolls Online v1.46 includes numerous repairs and changes for various dungeon managers, a handful of combat-related fixes, some accidents repairs, and also a lot more. The size of this patch is roughly 918MB.


  • Asylum Sanctorium
    • Saint Llothis’ & rsquo; Oppressive Bolts ability will once again strike the proper amount of adversaries.
    • The damage from Saint Llothis’ & rsquo; Sullying Blast will now more properly match the capability’& rsquo; s telegraph

. Dungeons Fang Lair

  • Removed the snare impact from the Degenerative Acid ability used by the Titan Scarabs in the experience with Thurvokun.

Area Guide

  • Dealt with a problem where the Zone Guide was sometimes not functioning appropriately within Imperial City.


  • Cradle of Shadows
    • Added a new telegraph to Velidreth’& rsquo; s Shadow Back capability to aid envision the timing of the damages.


  • Cloudrest.
    • Monsters that evaluate which player is presently tanking are now updated more regularly.
    • The Color of Siroria, Shade of Silaeda, Color of Relequen as well as Color of Belanaril are worth much less experience when defeated.
    • Shield of Galenwe and also Shade of Falarielle now award the proper quantity of gold.
    • Shade of Z’& rsquo; Maja will certainly no more quickly cast Nocturnal’& rsquo; s Favor after casting Baneful Mark.


  • March of Sacrifices.
    • Dagrund the Bulky.
      • Bearfang Hunters now deal less damage overall in Professional setting.
      • Bearfang Hunter’& rsquo; s capability Sneaking Chill no longer uses the recovery debuff Frigid Defile in Expert mode.
      • Dagrund’& rsquo; s Annihilate capacity can now be evaded and does much less damage on impact in Expert mode.
      • Dagrund’& rsquo; s Concussive Clap ability currently deals less damage over the entire period, and the damage no longer boosts with each hit. However, the initial tick damages was increased.
      • Dagrund’& rsquo; s Concussive Clap capacity no more offers location damages around each gamer.
      • Decreased the damage of Dagrund’& rsquo; s Turmoil capacity in Veteran setting.
      • Dagrund’& rsquo; s numerous damage gradually results, including Sear, Biting Cold and Deadly Current, now deal less damage over the entire duration, and the damage no longer boosts with each tick. Nonetheless, the preliminary tick damages was enhanced.
      • Lowered the damages from several of Dagrund’& rsquo; s capacities, including:.
        • Chilling Pylons
        • Chilling Wind
        • Melting Point
        • Shocking Strike


  • Frostvault.
    • Rizzuk and also Avalanche’& rsquo; s Shatter capability has a far more precise telegraph to suggest the locations that will be harmed when it explodes.
    • The Stonekeeper’& rsquo; s Disintegration Failsafe effects will certainly currently constantly match the telegraph and damages areas.
    • You can no more mistakenly obtain credit history for the Professional Reikling Killer and Professional Centurion Killer on regular problem.
    • The damage dealt from The Stonekeeper’& rsquo; s Disintegration Failsafe will now integrate better with the fire aesthetic results.
    • The Stonekeeper’& rsquo; s Squash capacity during the initial scene no longer bargains damage outside the telegramed location.


  • Repaired a concern if you were stunned in the middle of a bar swap, you can come to be locked out from bar switching.
  • Taken care of a concern where the corpses of beasts could hinder your targeting of real-time enemies.
  • Repaired a concern where Break Free as well as Celebration might occasionally not cast properly.
  • Repaired a problem where ability tooltips would present perks from the Slayer buff when not energetic (beyond dungeons and Tests).


  • Werewolf.
    • Fixed an issue where you could still remain in a partial Monster state if your character was eliminated while transforming.


  • Adjusted the little lip between the stairwell as well as external wall at Fort Glademist to no longer halt motion.


  • Fixed an issue where several of the locations off the map in Mor Khazgur would certainly not kill your character when you fell out of bounds.


  • Boosted the visual quality of the Elinhir Field Lion pet dog.


  • Cradle of Shadows.
    • Velidreth.
      • Velidreth’& rsquo; s Gout arthritis of Bile as well as Expose Tidbit capacities are currently just cast in Hard Mode.
      • Shadow Weavers, Shadow Warriors and Marrow Fiends currently only show up in Hard Mode.
      • Decreased Velidreth’& rsquo; s overall damages in Veteran setting.
      • Reduced the performance of all unfavorable results connected to the Unhealthy Spores.
      • Decreased the damage done by Shadow Spine in Typical as well as Experienced modes.
      • Velidreth’& rsquo; s Darkness Spine no longer applies the Impaled debuff in Professional setting.
      • Decreased the damages done by Deadly Spikes in the catacombs.
      • Harmful Spikes no more uses Enfeebling Poison or drains pipes Stamina resources in Veteran setting.
      • Velidreth now displays the appropriate computer animations when casting Shadow Sense.


  • The Adve nturer’& rsquo; s Almanac, 3rd Version will now direct you to the proper place of North Elsweyr Defense Dailies (Grahtwood, north of Cormount).


  • Messy Company: You’& rsquo; ll now be given credit towards this success is your target personality is eliminated while covered in pie.


  • Taken care of a collision that might take place when logging out to personality select.
  • Attempting to leap to a gamer’& rsquo; s house that you do not have authorization to get in will no longer in some cases cause a collision.
  • Dealt with a crash that might take place throughout personality production.


  • Fixed a UI error that can take place when changing back and forth between the keyboard and also Gamepad UI at a Guild Shop.
  • Fixed concern where crafting-related thing groups would not appear in the guild shop UI after experiencing a lengthy tons screen.


  • Fixed a concern where you might closed the menu or map while your personality was dead.


  • Clarified the tooltip text for things which need you own a specific Antique in order to use them, like Precious Jewelry Crafting Stations and also the Indrik development Berries. These things now especially state that they call for the Antique ‘& lsquo; to make use of & rsquo;. Writer
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