WWE Money In The Bank LIVE Results & Review

WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Hartford, Connecticut at the XL Center

We’& rsquo; ll be giving online results as well as review throughout tonight’& rsquo; s Money In The Bank event, so inspect back frequently or keep rejuvenating the web page. We’& rsquo; re additionally doing some tweeting throughout the show, so provide us a follow on Twitter and join the convo!

KICKOFF PROGRAM: Daniel Bryan & & Rowan vs. The Usos –– We inaccurately listed this suit as being a Smackdown Tag Team Champion match earlier; note that this is a non-title match. Daniel and also Rowan made their entrance initially, and also The Usos came out attempting to do some comedy concerning SpongeBob. Pretty basic tag match with both groups trading momentum backward and forward. Considering that it was a non-title match, The Usos grabbed the win since champions in WWE can’& rsquo; t win when the titles aren’& rsquo; t on the line. Apparently, regardless of being on RAW, The Usos are in opinion for a Smackdown Tag Team title shot

. VICTORS: The Usos by means of pinfall.

MONEY IN THE BANK 2019 LIVE RESULTS & & TESTIMONIAL We’& rsquo; re kicking things off tonight with the Women’& rsquo; s Money In The Bank Ladder Match! A visuals presented in memory of Ashley Massaro, who died late recently at the age of 39.

# 1. Female’& rsquo; s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Coal Moon vs. Carmella– A combination of the RAW and also Smackdown discourse teams is calling this. Just about 10 mins right into the begin of the program, all the ladies sanctuary’& rsquo; t even finished entering the ring yet

. Early in, Nikki Cross secured most of the women by spinning the ladder around. She was visited Dana Brooke that then played contest of strength with Ash Moon over ladder. 2 minutes right into the match, there’& rsquo; s currently 6 ladies laying outside the ring and two ladders in the ring as Natalya and also Carmella go at it. Naomi back in to secure those two, before getting gotten by Mandy Rose and a 3rd ladder. Mandy then got rid of from the ring by Bayley.

All the females minus Carmella back in the ring enabling Naomi to do some athletic areas including a split to stay clear of being sandwiched by ladders. Carmella is being escorted to the back by doctors, so it appears she is wounded to some degree. Doesn’& rsquo; t look like a tale point, but we & rsquo; ll see if she is able to return. Bayley and also Dana Brooke trading strikes, with Bayley striking a sunsit turn on Dana onto a ladder.

Mandy and Natalya sandwiched Bayley inside the ladder. Natalya obtained by a spear from Nikki Cross. Cue a collection of various women climbing the ladder attempting to slip the title down. Dana knocks the ladder over onto Nikki Cross to be the last woman in the ring. She climbs the ladder, orders the cord the brief-case is hanging on and hung from it while Mandy Rose depended on the ladder trying to pull her down. Nikki then scuttled up the ladder while various women combated on the ladder. She fell short to get it in spite of having her hands throughout it. The ladder got overturned, after that Cinder Moon dove off one more ladder to hit a cutter on Natalya before being promptly dispatched of by Mandy Rose.

Mandy had plenty of time to climb the ladder, but messed around until she found Carmella limping pull back the asile. Mandy left the ring to go after Carmella, only to be securing by Carmella. Carmella began climbing the ladder just to be stopped by Sonya Deville. Sonya brought Mandy on her shoulders as well as climbed the ladder with her and after that boosted her up. Mandy had her hands on the brief-case by was visited Bayley that knocked her off. Bayley gets hold of the brief-case.

VICTOR: Bayley

This was a rather lousy ladder match all things taken into consideration. Too much of the formula WWE has for these suits of people simply laying around for ungodly quantities of time. Nothing significant took place, as well as yet everyone however Bayley and also Mandy Rose was evidently knocked out for what seemed like a strong four mins allowing Bayley to get the very easy win. Unintentional comedy throughout.


Sami Zayn talked with Three-way H backstage. He was concerned concerning Braun Strowman. Three-way H told him Braun wasn’& rsquo; t there as well as was banned from the structure. Sami still wanted some defense.

Rey Mysterio was shown preparing yourself for his suit. Dominic came in to offer him a hug. Can the kid get off television please? Why is he backstage constantly?

# 2: USA Championship Suit: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio – — Rey Mysterio made his entryway initially. Love Samoa Joe’& rsquo; s entryway, ideal songs in the game right now. Joe wasted no time at all taking Mysterio down with duplicated kicks to the leg. Mysterio back to his feet turned points about rapidly with help from his rate getting in a flurry of violation including a hurricarana and also a seated senton.

Joe’& rsquo; s nose and eye appears to be busted open. Joe cut Rey down and then went for a powerbomb, yet Rey responded to as well as picked up the fast shock pinfall to win the US Champion. A blood loss Joe searched in shock. Corey Graves pointed out, and also replay validated, that Samoa Joe’& rsquo; s shoulder

was up. VICTOR AND ALSO BRAND-NEW United States Champ: Rey Mysterio via pinfall.

Samoa Joe went back to strike Mysterio on the ramp and then back in the ring. Dominic viewed on from the ramp and pleaded with Joe to stop. Joe looked down Dominic before striking Mysterio once more. Joe then left the ring as Dominic examined his daddy.

The suit was quick as well as had a screwy surface, so I’& rsquo; m providing it one star. Perhaps someday these two will get a great match at a PPV after 2 straight flukes.


Braun Strowman was revealed tearing stuff up backstage.

The Steel Cage is being set up at ringside as we reach view a video bundle.

# 3: Steel Cage Match: Shane McMahon vs. The Miz – — Shane McMahon out first. Shane immediately makes a bee-line to try to climb out the ladder but was captured by Miz as well as drew back down. He tried it two more times before being backed right into a corner by Miz and then kicked repeatedly. Shane swiftly on his knees on the obtaining end of the YES Kicks by Miz. Shane caught the last one and after that powerbombed Miz right into the cage prior to placing the boots to him.

Shane with his laughable stabs on Miz before moving on to fast knee shots. Shane threw Miz back into the cage, and after that did so once more. Shane with a near-fall.

Shane obtained Miz in the edge as well as currently he’& rsquo; s going Coast to Coast. Miz jumped up and also caught McMahon airborne, then locked in a Number 4-Leg Lock. Shane crept towards the rope and after that partially out the door prior to Miz damaged the hold. Shane dealt with a little and also practically made it out the door prior to being pulled back in. Shane did manage to get a chair, yet was unable to use it as he was begun the face by Miz. Both guys scramble for the chair, which Miz got to initially. Shane asked and afterwards tried to run on his knees to the door. Miz started striking Shane with the chair and shut the door on Shane’& rsquo; s head prior to resuming attacks with the chair. Miz hit a Skull-Crushing Finale onto the chair. McMahon got his foot on the rope so the ref broke the matter while the announcers screamed regarding there being no regulations and that shouldn’& rsquo; t break the matter. The fans shouted bullshit. Cole asked yourself if the ref was worried regarding his job. Miz attempted a Head Crushing Finale from the top rope yet was warded off by Shane. Shane then attempted climbing up out before being attacked by Miz with a chair once again. Shane remained to climb up and was joined on top of the cage by Miz. Both exchanged impacts on the top. Miz obtained Shane back in the ring by repetitively banging his head into the cage.

Miz hit a dash from the top rope for a near-fall.

Shane took advantage with a triangle submission, however Miz responded to into a pinfall effort compeling Shane to damage it. Shane attempted to leave out the door once more, was quit. Tried to climb out once again, and also was once again stopped. Miz tried for a Superplex from the top of the cage, but Shane got away. Miz then pulled Shane’& rsquo; s shirt off as Shane handled to run away the cage to get the win.

CHAMPION: Shane McMahon

The match itself was entertaining as well as both worked hard. It wasn’& rsquo; t an excellent cage suit by any type of stretch, but it was servicable. Certainly Miz had the suit won up until the foolish ref area, and then Shane obtains another fluke win this time by being up to victory.

It was introduced that Mick Foley will certainly get on RAW tomorrow night to reveal WWE’& rsquo; s most recent title. Evidently WWE doesn’& rsquo; t have sufficient worthless championships, so now we require a new one. Silly.

Triple H and also officials were revealed rushing backstage to Sami Zayn, that was hanging by his feet.

# 4: Cruiserweight Championship Suit: Tony Nese (c) vs. Ariya Daivari – — Champ out initially. Daivari arrived driving a Mercedes out on the stage. A series of counters to start the match. Daivari has actually gotten the momentum by raking Nese’& rsquo; s eyes. Nese swings as well as misses with punches, selling that he can’& rsquo; t see. The 205 Live discourse group includes in this by stating that you can’& rsquo; t hit what you can & rsquo; t see. It & rsquo; s the straightforward points that work. Nese started to turn things around and also as the announces explained that his vision is returning. Nese’& rsquo; s benefit is brief lived as Daivari promptly returns to control.

The match is pretty amusing, the commentary is excellent, however the match is being injured by the group. They’& rsquo; re simply not right into it, and that & rsquo; s a pity.

Nese with a dive to the outside and after that a quick 450 back in the ring, however Daivari tosses out at 2.

Daivari with a Superkick followed by a Persian Lion Sprinkle and a hook lariat, but Nese kicks out and promptly takes control. Nese with the pinfall win following a running knee to the face in the corner.

VICTOR AND ALSO STILL Cruiserweight Champ, Tony Nese.

An actually entertaining suit with some good places as well as great sequences. The 205 Live commentary group got on point too. Reproach the crowd wasn’& rsquo; t right into it. Excellent things from these two. A little much shorter than I would certainly’& rsquo; ve suched as, and the finish simply seemed to occur, however then I’& rsquo; m not familiar with either as I put on’& rsquo; t watch 205 Live.

Backstage, Three-way H asked Strowman to leave the building and also specified that he won’& rsquo; t be taking Sami & rsquo; s place. A video aired hyping up the Goldberg vs. Undertaker match turning up in 2 weeks at Super Showdown.

Michael Cole informs us that Sami Zayn has actually been requiring to a clinical center. Sami is no longer in the MITB suit, and also neither is Bruan. Who will take his location?

A video clip bundle broadcast showcasing Lacey Evans as well as her feud with Becky Lynch.

# 5: RAW Female’& rsquo; s Championship: Becky Lynch( c)vs. Lacey – Evans– Lacey came out initially as well as she was brandishing 2 handguns that shot money out. Wonderful entry. Becky with the very early advantage, taking down Lacey as well as moving right into her outside the ring. Becky throws her right into the barricade and then into the apron before throwing her back right into the ring.

Lacey gets the energy back in the ring. The group is strongly behind Becky, although that Lacey Evans is the best thing going in the women’& rsquo; s division. Lacey persuading the left arm of Becky. Lacey with a springboard joint decrease for the nearfall before resuming work on the left shoulder.

Becky takes control as well as hits a flying forearm from the top rope. She follows it up with a series of clotheslines. Kick to the intestine complied with by the Beckplex. Becky partly gotten in touch with a dropkick from the top rope to knock Lacey out of the ring. Becky obtains her back inside for a near-fall.

Becky with an additional near-fall and then the Disarmher, but Lacey obtained the ropes. Lacey had a pinfall for a solid five secs approximately, however the ref never got into placement to make a count. Becky got it locked in once again as well as Lacey touched.

WINNER AND ALSO STILL RAW Female’& rsquo; s Champ, Becky


** Not a wonderful suit, but okay either. I’& rsquo; m unsure why the officials are expected to act dumb tonight.

# 6. Smackdown Women’& rsquo; s Champion Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Style – — Charlotte immediately made her way out to the ring and also claimed to begin the suit. The commentators noted that Becky can return to the back due to the fact that the match wasn’& rsquo; t set up to take place right now. Becky got back in the ring and handed the title to the ref, that called for the bell. So it’& rsquo; s main currently.

Charlotte with the quick benefit, but Becky battles her back right into it. Charlotte mosted likely to the top rope just to be captured by Becky and also bodyslammed from the top, a good tribute to her daddy that was captured practically every time he went to the top.

Charlotte locks in a Boston Crab however Becky makes it to the ropes. Back on their feet, the two ladies exchange as series of punches prior to Charlotte obtains the upper hand. It’& rsquo; s short lived nevertheless.

Lacey Evans returned to as well as hit Becky with the Female’& rsquo; s Right while the ref was counting Charlotte out. Charlotte back in the ring picks up the pinfall triumph.

WINNER AS WELL AS Brand-new Smackdown Women’& rsquo; s Champ, Charlotte Style.


This match mostly consisted of joint shots and knees, however a couple of respectable spots. Becky got on Lacey after the match to get her payback. Charlotte concerned Lacey’& rsquo; s help and also attacked Becky from behind. Lacey and also Charlotte tossed Becky back in the and began beating on her.

# 7: Bayley rushed the ring to make the save. She then moneyed in her Money In The Bank briefcase on Charlotte and also pinned her complying with an elbow joint drop from the top.

WINNER AS WELL AS Brand-new Smackdown Women’& rsquo; s Champ, Bayley


* Clearly one celebrity for the affordable cash-in that’& rsquo; s not a genuine suit. But besides the technicality of it, it was enjoyable and that’& rsquo; s what matters. Seems inexpensive for Bayley’& rsquo; s character, however at the very least that & rsquo; s one personality we put on & rsquo; t need to see bring the brief-case around for months

. Bayley celebrated in the crowd with the WWE World.

Elias toenailed Roman Reigns with a guitar backstage and after that made his method to the ring. He had an additional guitar and also did his usual regimen. Funny as usual, as well as he got to do the whole track without disruption.

# 8: Roman Reigns vs. Elias –– As he was leaving, Roman’& rsquo; s music hit and also he connected with a Superman Punch on the ramp. Roman threw Elias into the ring, the ref called the bell, as well as Roman struck a spear for the pinfall.

CHAMPION, Roman Reigns.


A 4 2nd suit. One spear. Not a follower. Elias deserves much better than this nonsense.

# 9: WWE Universal Champion Suit: Seth Rollins (c) vs. AJ Styles – — Styles out first. Good sensation bent on begin with, the slowest speed we’& rsquo; ve attended a match

begin tonight. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’& rsquo; ve really been enjoying this suit instead of spending the majority of the moment writing about it. Likewise checking out the Game of Thrones finale.

A great place where Rollins went for the stomp yet AJ obstructed him and also hit the Styles Clash, but Seth rejected. This has been a fantastic suit.

Seth Rollins gets the pinfall victory after the Trample.

VICTOR AS WELL AS STILL Universal Champion, Seth Rollins.

Really terrific suit, and also conveniently the very best point on this occasion so far. AJ returned after the match and trembled Seth’& rsquo; s hand. This suit lived up the buzz and fulfilled assumptions. Hopefully we can review it in a few months.

Kofi Kingston provided an interview backstage with Xavier Woods.

# 10: Lucha House Party vs. Lars Sullivan – — Apparently this wasn’& rsquo; t a suit. Lars simply destroyed the 3 of them.

Meaningless. # 10: WWE Champion Suit: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Kevin Owens –– Owens out initially. I’& rsquo; m having Network difficulties, so we’& rsquo; ll see what happens.

Kofi gets the tidy pinfall.


Sorry, I can’& rsquo; t price this match. What I saw of it was terrific, but I’& rsquo; m having constant buffering right here so I missed out on a great deal of it.

Xavier Woods signed up with Kofi in event.

# 11: Money In The Bank Ladder Suit: Baron Corbin vs. Ali vs. Randy Orton vs. Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor vs. Andrade – — There’& rsquo; s only 7 individuals available today. The story is still that Sami mosted likely to the healthcare facility as well as Braun has been gotten rid of from the building.

Baron as well as Drew have been interacting some, taking turns throwing the others right into ladders. Randy Orton nails Baron Corbin with his trademark rope DDT and also chooses an RKO only to capture a Claymore kick from Drew.

Andrade and Finn Balor combated on top of the ladder. Andrade toenailed an unpleasant sundown flip powerbomb from the top of the ladder onto another ladder, which sent Balor jumping. Unpleasant. Ali with a DDT on Corbin and then gets Orton, Drew and Ricochet.

Ali rises gradually yet gets managed by Andrade. Andrade establishes another ladder and also he and Ali dealt with at the top of two of them. Ali takes them out as well as later on gets chokeslammed with commentators table by Corbin.

Corbin toenails Ricochet with the Deep 6 outside the ring, and then got struck with a Claymore Kick from McIntyre.

This suit has actually been pure mayhem.

Finn was close to the brief-case however was stopped by McIntyre. Drew slammed Andrade on top of Balor who was laying on a ladder. McIntyre then established a ladder yet was knocked down by Ricochet. Ricochet began climbing up buy was come by Drew. McIntyre tossed Ricochet over the leading rope through a ladder that was propped up on the apron and desk.

Drew rose yet was pulled off by Randy Orton into an RKO. Corbin after that obtained Randy and also began climbing the ladder but was stopped by Ali that unloaded him over the top rope. Ali establishes the ladder as well as once again starts slowly climbing. Ali had his hands on the briefcase when Brock Lesnar stormed the ring and pushed over the ladder.

Lesnar after that established the ladder and also climbed it and also took down the briefcase.

VICTOR, Brock Lesnar.

Wonderful ladder suit with a dreadful finish. I can’& rsquo; t duplicate for the remarkable work 7 guys did, yet Lesnar coming down as the 8th male to win is stupid. Specifically makes Ali look silly due to the fact that he had his hands on the briefcase as well as enjoyed Lesnar come down to the ramp rather than simply taking it down.

Not delighted regarding Brock being back, never.

Generally, this was a two, possibly 3 suit program (I’& rsquo; ll demand to go back and also really get to enjoy Kofi/Owens). By and large though, this was a quite negative show. Some great activity, but inadequate booking and some truly poor officiating spots as well as reasoning showed throughout. Just bad.


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