Borderlands 3 Patch 4 Notes: Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

Gearbox has actually launched a new spot for Borderlands 3 on all platforms, including brand-new free material and addressing some community concerns.

Read the full patch notes listed below:


Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

  • Lorelei has hired the Vault Hunters to ruin a top-secret weapon Maliwan has been establishing at their Blacksite. You and your squad must get ready for a severe difficulty due to the fact that this material is stabilized for four gamers at level 50. You can access to the Blacksite by means of an objective located on Sanctuary III after completing the major campaign with that character.
  • Takedowns feature special policies not discovered in the remainder of the video game! Respawning is disabled, so ensure you and your co-op companions obtain Second Wind or you’& rsquo; ll spectate until the group wipes. If you do pass away, you’& rsquo; re not out permanently! Pass away during the initial half, you’& rsquo; ll get to rejoin your group if they beat the Valkyrie Team. If you’& rsquo; re out the 2nd half, but your group takes care of to beat Wotan The Invincible, you’& rsquo; ll reach respawn to enjoy the incentives you didn’& rsquo; t completely earn!
  • Ensure your team remains in the session prior to you toss the switch inside the Air Lock, or anyone who signs up with after the button is thrown signs up with as a spectator!

Trouble 4

  • Chaos 4 is here for gamers looking for the hardest challenge in the game! Trouble 4 includes an additional boost to adversary wellness, enhances the loot drop opportunities, as well as adds a set of new Legendaries! Because the health and wellness worth greatly enhanced, Trouble 4 also slightly adjusts the arbitrary modifier system. Mayhem 4 will only roll one favorable modifier for the player as well as one enemy incentive modifier. We want players to try different builds without seriously hampering their capability to remove opponents in Trouble 4. Note that Mayhem 1-3 are the same.
  • Along with enhancing adversary wellness as well as readjusting the modifiers, Mayhem 4 has new Famous tools and also class mods for players to search. These brand-new pieces of gear will add to new builds and new methods to kill enemies!
  • To support Trouble 4, we transformed the Chaos station slightly. Players will turn on Chaos with the facility column as well as rise or lower Trouble degrees by utilizing the pillars on each side. Looking onward, we will certainly check the difficulty of Trouble 4 closely. We’& rsquo; re working hard on Mayhem 2.0, which will certainly add new gameplay enhancements to Chaos Mode in the future. Up until then, we wish you take pleasure in the challenge and new loot!

Bank Expansion

All personalities currently begin the video game with 20 financial institution ports as opposed to 10. The existing Bank SDUs will certainly give everyone a total amount of 100 offered spaces. An additional 10 Bank SDUs are available to purchase in Marcus’& rsquo; s shop on Shelter III making use of the in-game cash money money, each awarding 20 rooms, for a grand total amount of 300 overall bank areas!

Dedicated Loot Pools for Managers

All bosses have actually been upgraded with new loot swimming pools that provide dedicated Legendary things to drop. Gamers can currently discovery which managers drop their preferred equipment and also even more conveniently farm their preferred products. Allow the hunt start!

Extra Vending Machines

The complying with environments have actually gotten additional vending machines. They can normally be discovered before bosses or the mid waypoint in bigger environments:

  • Athenas
  • Atlas HQ
  • Lectra City
  • Jakobs Estate
  • Voracious Cover
  • Tazendeer Ruins
  • The Pyre of Stars

Target Dummy

Players can get their aggression, or evaluate their equipment, on a Good-looking Jack target inside the shooting range on Haven III.


For this spot, we adjusted many passives including companions such as Iron Bear, Digi-Clone, and also FL4K animals in general. We intended to increase their feasibility for later levels of Mayhem while also targeting some passives that were underperforming contrasted to some others. Iron Bear saw boosts to the base scaling and also extra incentives were added via passives and increases. We permitted several of Zane’& rsquo; s kill-skill benefits to accumulate to two times, increasing their result under specific conditions. FL4K pet dogs likewise saw some rises over degree to their damage so that they didn’& rsquo; t really feel underpowered for Trouble Setting. We are currently pleased with the range of Amara’& rsquo; s builds, however we are always checking feedback as well as will adjust if required.


  • Iron Bear Damages enhanced per degree, to an overall of just under 150% at max degree
  • Desperate Procedures currently gives Iron Bear the bonus offer as well
  • Speculative Munitions –– Iron Bear likewise deals incentive fire damage on critical hits
  • Burning RPM’& rsquo; s likewise grants increased Hard Factor damages by 5% per degree
  • Vampyr –– When Iron Bear deals location damages, Iron Bear obtains half the healing perk
  • Iron Bear currently introduces barrels when the player melees them
  • Boosted Iron Bear Bubble Guard from 20% to 50% of Moze’& rsquo;

s wellness Zane SNTL damages range enhanced by 2% per level

  • Donnybrook, Pocket Packed With Grenades, Cool Hand, Fierce Violence, and Violent Rate incentives now stack two times
  • Fixed Violent Momentum to scale even more at greater activity speeds
  • Ideal Offered Cold radius and also damage increased by 2% per degree
  • Certain Self-confidence boosted max tool damage bonus from 20% to 35%
  • Altered Method of the Light aspect to Cryo and increased reward from 18% to 36%
  • Borrowed Time duration raised from 15% to 30% per active skill
  • Dual Barrel‘& lsquo; s incentive raised from 20%
  • to 25%Quick Breather currently brings back 50% of the clone’& rsquo; s health after a swap Pocket Loaded With Grenades reward a little decreased from 6.5% to 5% as it currently piles
  • Terrible Physical violence bonus offer slightly reduced from 4% to 3% as it now piles
  • FL4K

    • Ambush Killer currently has a HUD Symbol when the aficionado is active
    • Raised the pet dog damages to range 10/5% per level as opposed to 9%
    • Included pet damage to Grim Harvest at 7% per level
    • Included pet dog damage to The Most Harmful Game at 9% per level
    • Added pet dog damage to Interplanetary Stalker at 1% per stack, per level
    • Included family pet damages to Angry Assault at 0.6% per stack
    • Included animal damages to The Fast and the Furryous at 10% per degree
    • Lick the Wounds got an animal damages buff after reviving the gamer
    • Boosted animal damage for Psycho Head on a Stick from 10% to 20%
    • Enhanced damage in Pack Tactics from 5% to 7% per level
    • Changed Megavore to not compensate critical hit benefits when obtaining damages from self-damage


    • Repaired several collisions that occasionally occurred when connecting with the ECHO food selection
    • Repaired a crash that sometimes happened after quitting to the major menu several times
    • Fixed a crash that periodically occurred when transitioning to Athenas during a 4-player multiplayer session
    • Taken care of a collision that sometimes happened when Iron Bear was damaged
    • Fixed a crash that occasionally took place when getting in or exiting Iron Bear
    • Taken care of a crash that occasionally happened while in hefty battle with Varkids
    • Dealt with a crash that periodically occurred in networked video games
    • Repaired an accident that periodically happened when split screen event joins another game during Marcus introductory
    • Taken care of a collision that periodically occurred when a split screen user gave up to the Key Food selection
    • Repaired an unusual accident that sometimes took place when going down a piece of equipment on PC
    • Dealt with an uncommon crash that occasionally happened after 3 customers joined the host
    • Taken care of an unusual collision that sometimes happened when destructible ecological art took damage
    • Fixed a rare accident that periodically happened when a customer transitioned to Desolation’& rsquo; s Side Fixed an uncommon accident that can occur when entering Diminish
    • Taken care of an unusual crash related to the moment of Day of an atmosphere
    • Fixed an uncommon collision that sometimes occurred as a result of improper message fields
    • Fixed a collision related to the Minimap Widget
    • Taken care of numerous accidents that occasionally happened when gamers quickly traveled
    • Taken care of a reported issue that protect against the application from terminating correctly
    • Repaired a reported concern where the news widget would certainly hang forever
    • Disabled the benchmark feature when in a cage group


    • Boosted overall performance in menus

    Keep in mind: we are still dealing with extra efficiency updates that will certainly be carried out in future updates.

    • Improved performance of financial institution
    • [PlayStation 4 Only] Repaired a reported concern that protected against some players from noting products as Scrap or Favorite on PlayStation 4
    • Addressed a reported issue where arranging the inventory by kind in some cases sorted the inventory by score
    • Added ‘& lsquo; Type By Rarity & rsquo; to Financial institution, Inventory, Product Trading and Candy Machine Marketing
    • Clients currently get an indicator of why their traveling attempt failed
    • Upgraded names in the debts
    • Attended to a reported issue where damaged personalities were sometimes shown for some Quick Traveling Stations in Japanese as well as Simplified Chinese
    • Resolved a reported problem where characters were sometimes shown in the wrong direction for some Rapid Traveling Stations and also Level Transitions in Standard Chinese
    • Attended to a reported concern where comparing course mods sometimes showed the wrong symbols on the shortened thing cards
    • Attended to a reported concern where products ports can occasionally overlap when viewing gamer storage space
    • Attended to a reported issue where the travel countdown timer might in some cases be interrupted by opening the chat window
    • [Computer Only] Attended to a reported problem where periodically mouse input could be lost
    • Resolved a reported concern where Thing Cards at the beginning of the game didn’& rsquo; t
    • screen Dealt with a reported issue where objectives were occasionally not sorting appropriately in the Goal Log
    • Dealt with a reported concern where the close friends list could periodically be too long for split display
    • Dealt with a reported issue where a player might sometimes lose their HUD in split screen
    • Addressed a reported concern where the information panel briefly presented when looking at Planet Difficulties
    • Addressed a reported concern where players might in some cases be sent out to the incorrect place when selecting a location swiftly in the Map
    • Dealt with an unusual concern where a dialog box could not be rejected


    • Attended to a reported issue that could in some cases create NPCs to obtain stuck during a teleport
    • Resolved a reported development blocker where an NPC leading the gamer might sometimes damage if among the players left the game
    • Dealt with a reported progression blocker where Lilith might often become stuck during the goal “& ldquo; From the Ground Up”
    • & rdquo; Attended to a reported development blocker that occasionally occurred when 2 gamers attempted to accept the mission product at the very same time from the slot machine throughout the mission “& ldquo;
    • Sanctuary & rdquo; Dealt with a couple of reported development blockers that periodically happened when travelling to another map and back during the objective “& ldquo;
    • Shelter & rdquo; Attended to a reported development blocker where Lorelei & rsquo; s cyclone could in some cases be lost after players go into and also exit the menu throughout the objective “& ldquo; Aggressive Takeover”
    • & rdquo; Addressed a reported development blocker where the door into KillaVolt’& rsquo; s field often wouldn & rsquo; t open throughout the “goal & ldquo;
    • Eliminate KillaVolt & rdquo; Attended to a reported progression blocker where a Brownish-yellow Lamps bot could occasionally spawn throughout the mission “& ldquo; Dynasty Diner & rdquo; as well as leave the combat area
    • Dealt with a reported progression blocker where Bloodshine’& rsquo; s sibling can in some cases not generate during the mission “& ldquo;
    • Evidence of Partner & rdquo; Dealt with a reported development blocker where Rhys-Ball can often become stuck throughout the mission “& ldquo;
    • Space Laser Tag & rdquo; Resolved a reported development blocker where Block can in some cases come to be stuck in a cinder block during the objective “& ldquo;
    • Hammerlocked & rdquo; Attended to a reported progression blocker where Tina in some cases couldn & rsquo; t be talked with during the mission “& ldquo;
    • Hammerlocked & rdquo; Dealt with a reported development blocker where Billy, The Anointed would certainly often disappear during the goal “& ldquo; Burrow of the Shrew & rdquo;
    • Attended to a reported development blocker where split display customers can in some cases not progress the objective “& ldquo; Equip Black Fire” & rdquo; during the mission & ldquo; Witch & rsquo;
    • s Brew & rdquo; Resolved a reported progression blocker where Balex can occasionally stop pathing throughout the objective “& ldquo; The Family members Jewel”
    • & rdquo; Attended to a reported progression blocker where Tannis sometimes couldn’& rsquo; t be talked to during the mission “& ldquo;
    • The Fantastic Safe & rdquo; Attended to a reported progression blocker where Tannis in some cases wouldn & rsquo; t engage with a vital goal purpose during the mission “& ldquo; In the Darkness of Starlight”
    • & rdquo; Dealt with a reported development blocker concern where a Tink might often leap outside the barrier throughout the objective “& ldquo;
    • Trial of Eagerness & rdquo; Dealt with a few reported development blockers throughout the objective “& ldquo; The Trial of Survival”

    & rdquo; GAMEPLAY Rare, Quest, as well as Bounty Enemies currently constantly match the players degree
  • Made change to default zoom speed for gamepad
  • Trouble Mods that terminate each various other out can no longer be energetic at the exact same time
  • Shields that begin restoring quickly after diminishing currently properly activate Not Diminished events. –– Moze is no longer able to considerably stack the damage, health, as well as shield regen enthusiasts of the Fighter Ward Legendary shield after outfitting the Bloodletter Class Mod.
  • Harsh Rider shield appropriately sets off diminished boosts when furnished
  • Attended to a reported issue where particular shields might provide buffs to players even when not furnished –– Players can no more pile the health regeneration buff of the Fighter Ward Legendary guard on another guard when repetitively outfitting and also unequipping the Fighter Ward guard in Stock.
  • Dealt with a reported problem where course mods and also artefacts were often collecting activity ability cooldowns when respeccing
  • Addressed a reported issue where Hellwalker anointed parts can in some cases be incorrectly heavy
  • Attended to a reported problem that in some cases stopped the Zane’& rsquo; s obstacle from blocking E-Tech weapon projectiles
  • Addressed a reported concern where FL4K’& rsquo; s pet dogs can occasionally be iced up without revealing any of the effects of being iced up
  • Addressed a reported problem where the Activity Skill cooldown timer for FL4K’& rsquo; s Gamma Burst might often pile cooldowns when gamers revived or spawned a pet dog each time
  • Resolved a reported problem where the ability enhance Active Tracking for Moze often didn’& rsquo; t target
  • opponents in turrets Addressed a reported concern where the Mayhem Modifier occasionally failed to impact Eridium obtained
  • Attended to a reported concern where parts of The Anvil were sometimes not effectively balanced
  • Dealt with a reported concern where the Mom of Dragons often wouldn’& rsquo; t
  • drop her loot Dealt with a reported problem where Rare Spawn enemies could not have actually generated during a goal if players had actually currently defeated that opponent throughout that session
  • Addressed a reported concern where loot often wouldn’& rsquo; t spawn after gamers had discovered all Eridian Works

    • DX12 is now the default Graphics API on Windows 10 for users with AMD video clip cards
    • Added support for future kinds of hotfixes
    • Included Spectator mode for Takedowns
    • Surge results currently dissipate faster
    • Bullet tracers going through Zane’& rsquo; s guard
    • are much more transparent Improved the general sound efficiency and memory usage
    • Conserve games set off by money or modifications in the inventory have actually been strangled
    • Attended to a reported concern where save documents had the possible to be deleted after the game collapsed in the center of conserving
    • Dealt with a reported issue where Guardian Ranking as well as symbols could potentially be lost
    • Dealt with a reported problem where outfitted weapon skins were sometimes not effectively presented
    • Attended to a reported concern where ECHO motifs were often not shown appropriately for co-op gamers
    • Addressed a reported concern where Clay and also Wainwright Jakobs would occasionally not appear effectively in their Title Cards
    • Addressed a reported concern where a Limit Turret in Floodmoor Container would occasionally not identify Iron Bear
    • Addressed a reported concern where Iron Bear could occasionally fall through the platform throughout the Graveward fight
    • Addressed a reported problem where players would certainly occasionally fill into Tazendeer Ruins encountering the incorrect direction
    • Addressed a reported issue where gamers can sometimes come to be untouchable when swapping artefacts
    • Resolved a reported problem where Rakk can often get stuck behind geometry in The Tank of Slaughter
    • Dealt with a reported issue where players might rejoin the arena in The Cistern of Slaughter after dying
    • Addressed a reported issue where Deepness of Field would often not work properly in split display
    • Resolved a reported problem where the gamer’& rsquo; s secure bar could in some cases vanish from the HUD
    • Attended to a reported issue where the Vault Sign on packing displays often showed up improperly on consoles
    • Dealt with a reported problem where occasions would occasionally not function properly if ECHOcast was not allowed prior to loading into a map
    • Addressed multiple issues with Badass Events not spawning in certain maps for the Twitch ECHOcast extension
    • Resolved a reported issue that protected against stats from occasionally properly incrementing while in lorries
    • Addressed a reported problem where Service Bots sound would in some cases neglect acoustic information
    • Addressed a reported issue where player characters would in some cases call out health and wellness vials when already at max health and wellness
    • Dealt with numerous problems where sound was occasionally muffled or lost
    • Resolved several concerns where players would certainly sometimes shed gravity completely
    • Edit group tip is currently hidden when input is not available


    Hotfixes are different from the upgrade and also applied at the major menu when Borderlands 3 is attached to the net. Unlike updates, hotfixes are not long-term—– they are temporarily stored in memory during the video game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands 3. To make sure that you receive hotfixes, see to it that your system is attached to the web when Borderlands 3 boot and hang around on the Food selection display up until you see the background change (now, you’& rsquo; re looking for pumpkins)!

    • Addressed a documented worry that the Legendary Maliwan “& ldquo; Recursion & rdquo; ricochets sometimes stopped working to target ghosts
    • Readjusted Rampager’& rsquo; s item swimming pool to allow for details Legendaries to go down
    • Addressed a reported issue that “& ldquo; Boom Sickle & rdquo; occasionally revealed inaccurate part text.


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