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Borderlands 3 Stream Schedule For New Skill Trees and Arms Race

October 15, 2020 // 0 Comments

Gearbox has revealed a series of live-streams beginning next week that will showoff new content coming to Borderlands 3. Tune into our upcoming streams for more info on new skill trees for each Vault Hunter as well as a full play through of Arms Race! Watch live at! — Borderlands 3 [...]

Borderlands 3 Patch 4 Notes: Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

November 21, 2019 // 0 Comments

Gearbox has released a new patch for Borderlands 3 on all platforms, adding new free content and addressing some community concerns. Read the full patch notes below: NEW CONTENT: Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Lorelei has recruited the Vault Hunters to destroy a top-secret weapon Maliwan has been developing at their Blacksite. You and your [...]

Borderlands 3’s Halloween Event Bloody Harvest Now Live

October 24, 2019 // 0 Comments

Bloody Harvest, the limited time seasonal Halloween event, is now live in Borderlands 3. To participate, you’ll need to have progressed far enough in the story campaign to have unlocked Sanctuary III, which happens early on. While Bloody Harvest is active, you’ll notice a peculiar newcomer aboard your ship: Maurice, a surprisingly [...]

Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfix Notes for October 24th

October 24, 2019 // 0 Comments

Today, Borderlands 3 will receive a patch and some hotfixes by  or before 5pm CT. These will fix a number of player concerns, and adds the limited time Halloween event Bloody Harvest to the game free for all players. NOTES FOR PATCH 3 Added Support for Bloody Harvest, the free Limited Time Event starting on October 24 and ending December 5. [...]

Borderlands 3 Review

September 30, 2019 // 0 Comments

It’s been about three weeks since Borderlands 3 released, and thus far I’ve put in around 54 hours into the game on one character. Within the first week, I had completed the main campaign twice; once on normal and once again on True Vault Hunter Mode. The current inability to skip cutscenes means I’m in no rush to play through it again to [...]

Watch The Borderlands 3 Gameplay Premiere & Score BL3 Loot

May 1, 2019 // 0 Comments

Gearbox will be premiering the first gameplay of Borderlands 3 today at a live event, and you can watch it live on Twitch. Thanks to the new Twitch extension, Echocast, you’ll have to the chance to score in-game Borderlands 3 loot while you watch the gameplay reveal event. Gearbox has brought out hundreds of streamers that will be playing [...]

Borderlands 3 Launches on September 13, 2019; PC, PS4, Xbox One

April 3, 2019 // 0 Comments

The highly anticipated Borderlands 3 is coming quite soon; September 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! On the PC front, the game will launch and be exclusive on PC to the Epic Games Store for six months. You can pre-order the game now (that’s an Amazon affiliate link) for the standard $59.99. You can spring for the Deluxe Edition for $79.99, or [...]

Borderlands 3 Trailer Is Just What We Wanted

March 30, 2019 // 1 Comment

On the day Borderlands 3 was revealed, Ben Kuchera took to Polygon to bash it by writing a piece titled “Borderlands 3 Trailer is a disappointment” and asking the question, “are you sure I haven’t bought this game before?” Thankfully, I limit my exposure to Polygon to once a week, so I didn’t see this drivel [...]