Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfix Notes for October 24th

Today, Borderlands 3 will certainly receive a patch and also some hotfixes by or before 5pm CT.

. These will take care of a variety of player concerns, as well as adds the minimal time Halloween event Bloody Harvest to the game cost-free for all gamers.


  • Included Support for Bloody Harvest, the complimentary Limited Time Event beginning on October 24 as well as ending December 5. –– Throughout the event, the Key Food selection will now end up being spooky when the micropatch has actually packed as well as the occasion material is available


  • Fixed a report pest causing a crash while filling into maps
  • Dealt with a reported sound accident bug
  • Repaired a reported accident that occurred for sure users when degree transitioning immediately after throwing a longbow explosive
  • Taken care of a reported unusual crash that took place for sure individuals after finishing goals
  • Fixed a reported collision that happened for sure customers when exchanging a complete tool
  • Repaired a reported crash that occurred for sure customers when sorting the Objective Log by area


  • [Consoles Just] Mayhem setting is now offered in True Safe Hunter Setting on Consoles
  • [Consoles Just] Added Photo Setting support for Consoles
  • [Consoles Only] Added ECHOcast Twitch Expansion assistance for Consoles
  • Added brand-new Vault Hunter modifications as well as trinkets
  • Included capacity to define Mayhem Setting while matchmaking
  • Changed the quantity of the 2K and also Transmission logo introductory flicks
  • Dealt with noted concern where some gamers were missing skill factors
  • Updated gore stump textures for uniformity
  • [PC Only] Improved integrity of the voice chat system when open and also closing the mirror menu on computer
  • [PC Just] Added an alteration so inputting in message conversation no more prevents gamers from quick travelling
  • Selfhood explosives will certainly no longer cause Saurian corpses to drift airborne after passing away
  • Dealt with a reported issue that certain players experienced some Aesthetic FX for the side objective “& ldquo; Purchase Packed” & rdquo; before approving the goal
  • Dealt with a reported worry that some gamers experienced Block getting stuck after going after adversaries off the high cliff near Hector’& rsquo; s Lament in The Anvil Made an alteration where Amber Lamps no more has a possibility to generate throughout the “& ldquo; Defend BALEX & rdquo“; goal of & ldquo; The Family members Gem & rdquo; mission Dealt with a reported concern with the Epic grenade mod Quasar, where it was not counting in the direction of the optional explosive kills objective in Massacre maps
  • [PS4 Just] Resolved a language code concern present in PS4 activity feeds for English
  • Dealt with a noted worry where customers with their area set to Japan were unable to complete the Rapid Traveling tutorial
  • Made an alteration so Safe Location Calibration is currently conserved when relaunching the game
  • Cam no more resets to an arbitrary place when making use of the Reset Cam feature in Image setting
  • Picture setting will currently require leave when the player is teleported
  • Subtitles are now present when signing up with one more gamer’& rsquo; s video game while a motion picture is playing
  • Resolved a noted concern where some noises were quiet or missing for the second gamer in split display
  • Made different split screen UI fixes
  • Taken care of a reported UI concern where the Mayhem Modifier menu would certainly sometimes not appear for particular players


As specified in last week’& rsquo; s stream, today & rsquo; s adjustments concentrate less on weapons as well as even more on solutions throughout the video game. We are collecting information, reading feedback, and working toward improving all aspects of the game. Please maintain sending bug reports to support.2!



  • Currently consumes 1 ammunition instead of 5.


  • Dealt with a reported bug with “& ldquo; Space-Laser Tag & rdquo; which stopped some gamers from progressing to the next objective
  • Atomic has actually been changed to no more ended up being invincible, as has actually been reported under particular problems
  • Changed Giant Heavy’& rsquo; s attacks to no longer damage gamers beyond the designated range
  • Attended to a concern that Projected guards were taking way too much damages from General Traunt’& rsquo; s
  • attacks Taken care of the reported drifting door framework in the Jakobs Theatre
  • Resolved a reported possible progression blocker when Rhy’& rsquo; s talks throughout & ldquo;
  • Hostile Requisition & rdquo; Increased checkpoint sizes of New-U stations in several areas
  • Consisted of an alteration to make sure that Zane’& rsquo; s Digi-Clone will certainly no more spawn right into the cage in Slaughterstar 3000
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