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Destiny 2’s “The Lie” Quest Currently Bugged At Felwinter’s Inheritance

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Over the past week, and especially over the weekend, the Destiny 2 community grinded out Seraph Tower completions on EDZ, Moon, and Io for the community step on The Lie.

The Quest will ultimately reward players with the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, which was a Destiny 1 Year 1 shotgun that dropped from Iron Banner and was the bane of the crucible for a lot of folks during House of Wolves. The gun was nicknamed Felwinter’s Sniper due to its incredible range.

The community completed the first step late last night, and the next step requires the individual player to grind out 1,000 shotgun kills in either PvE or PvP.

If you’ve completed that step, your next step was to go to speak to Rasputin in the Seraph Bunker on the Moon. After that, you hit the Felwinter’s Inheritance step which tasked you to open the Bunker and begin the mission The Tyrant.

The quest is currently bugged on that step. Instead of players launching into the mission, they are instead spawning back in Sanctuary near Eris Morn.

Bungie is actively investigating the bug as of this morning, though they are having issues reproducing it internally. So now it’s a waiting game as to when Bungie can 1.) figure out what is causing the problem and 2.) fixing the problem.

We’ll update this post whenever Bungie provides an update. In the meantime, this has put a damper on what was already a very poorly received quest.

UPDATE: Bungie has identified the cause and are working on a fix, but it will take time as the fix will need to be certified.

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