Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris 8/28/2020

Tests of Osiris is back once more. This weekend, you’& rsquo; ll be battling Guardians on Crisis.

Best of good luck to every one of you available trying for flawless, or just to obtain 5 success to get the safety helmet.


Rotation not known yet, please allow us recognize!

  • 3 Wins (Powerful): Expatriation’& rsquo; s Curse (Fusion Rifle)
  • 5 Success (Effective): Headgear
  • 7 Wins (Pinnacle): Gauntlets
  • Remarkable (Peak): Breast


End Video game
Complete suits as well as rounds. Wins in the Trials of Osiris approve one of the most efficient progression.
1000 Twinkle
100 Progression
XP & & Twinkle & 35 Valiance Ranking Points & & 5 Tests Symbol &
1 Trials Engram Toolbox of Light
As a fireteam, loss opponents utilizing abilities in the Tests of Osiris.
1000 Glimmer
100 Capacity
XP & & Glimmer & 35 Valor Rank Points & & 5 Tests Token


Passage of Mercy
Forgives one loss per run.
25000 Glimmer & & 15 Legendary Shards
Flow of Ferocity
With no losses, your third win gives a reward win.
25000 Twinkle & & 15 Legendary Shards
Flow of Wealth
Enhanced symbols from getting to 3, 5, and also 7 wins on a ticket.
35000 Glimmer & & 25 Legendary Shards
Passage of Wisdom
Grants reward XP from Tests success, scaling with the variety of victories on a ticket.
35000 Twinkle & & 25 Legendary Shards
Flow of Self-confidence
Grants incentive rewards from Flawless Breast.
50000 Glimmer & & 50 Legendary Shards

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