Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.3.3 Now Live, Full Patch Notes

Crystal Dynamics has actually released Update 1.3.3 to Marvel’& rsquo; s Avengers across all systems.

This update brings many solutions and requested functions, and also brings new material tomorrow at regular reset. The brand-new content will certainly be the SHIELD Substation No quest and also outpost, as well as the Tachyon Rifts goals.

Complete patch notes below:

Patch 1.3.3 introduces Tachyon Rifts and also SHIELD Substation Zero to the Avengers Campaign (beginning 10/15) as well as addresses insects, tuning, and also adds a number of highly asked for quality of life and playability enhancements across both the Reassemble Project as well as throughout the Avengers Effort. Below are the highlights of what is addressed in Patch 1.3.3.


  • Remote faction terminals have actually been included in stations, which permit collection of faction assignments and bad guy field bounties without the need to check out each intrigue organizer personally.
  • Extensive pick-up span for incentive decreases.
  • The capacity to sneak peek cosmetic supplier items.
  • Alternative to range subtitle/closed caption message size.
  • Closed Captions will no longer be immediately display in cinematics when captions are presented.
  • Movement rate enhanced in stations when in Avengers Campaign
  • AI companion enhancements, consisting of help when player needs to be revived.
  • Improved Huge Hive incentives. They now are assured to provide two special exotic gear products as well as an increased amounts of upgrade modules upon conclusion.
  • Carried out a solution that will retroactively approve Iron Man’& rsquo; s legendary clothing for players that previously lost it as a result of a bug.

Patch 1.3.4 is already underway, which will certainly include a number of fast match fixes and also improvements, further incentive tuning, and brand-new UI options!


  • SHIELD Substation Zero Outpost: SHIELD has actually opened Substation Zero to check out brand-new temporal anomalies that have actually begun developing across the world. A room that offers brand-new narrative, characters, and also web content, you can discover SHIELD Substation No in the Pacific Northwest on the WAR TABLE.
  • Tachyon Rift Missions: You’& rsquo; ll examine the temporal anomalies by taking on the new Tachyon Rift goals, which are the first place gamers can obtain Planetary Gear. The Tachyon storm will certainly harm gamers over time, yet charges Heroic power at a raised price. With the “& ldquo; Meridian & rdquo; modifier active, gamers can go through Temporal Abnormalities to expanded the time you can spend within a Tachyon Rift. A late-game offering, Tachyon Rift Missions need 140 Power Degree or higher Super Heroes to play. These missions are readily available when daily and also rotate out daily.
  • Resolved multiple root causes of “& ldquo; boundless filling screens”&
  • rdquo;. Numerous accident issues dealt with.
  • Improvements to save information integrity.
  • Boosted integrity of backup saves used promptly after finishing the Reassemble Campaign.
  • Dealt with concern that would in some cases cause Plague to become less competent in War Zones.
  • Reduced how typically caught Inhumans and guard representatives will certainly request for help. *
  • Companions will currently aid hold a location in War Zone goals throughout the code recognition phase. Keep in mind: They still won’& rsquo; t activate the tiny code terminals to avoid them from inadvertently tinkering your progression.
  • Improvements to buddy aid when gamer needs to be revived.
  • Boosted possibilities of a successful Parry from buddies.
  • Repaired a problem where Thor & & Iron Man buddies would become embeded hover.
  • Activity rate enhanced in Stations when in Avengers Initiative. *
  • Remote intrigue terminals are now available in Stations. These gadgets permit collection of Faction Assignments and Villain Field bounties without the demand to see each Faction Planner face to face. *
  • Gotten rid of requirement to acquire a product from Chastity McBride when visiting her for the first time.
  • Prevented most of cases of enemies obtaining stuck behind doors throughout goals. We are proactively working to deal with the staying bug triggers.
  • Dealt with a concern with “& ldquo; damage core & rdquo; goals in Battle zone goals where gamers could finish get out of order, therefore stopping objective progress.
  • Taken care of an insect where the Elite Exo might teleport “& ldquo; out of the world & rdquo;. Renamed ‘& lsquo; Launch Goal & rsquo; switch to & lsquo; Ready Up & rsquo; while matchmaking in the Quinjet to make it clearer concerning the switch & rsquo; s function. *
  • Boosted message clarity related to matchmaking choices in the Quinjet.
  • Fixed a concern where gamers were not able to find a Strike Team as Selected Hero through Quick Suit after normally matchmaking for a previous mission.
  • Boosted security after the host has left a suit.
  • Handicapped pause in Quinjet to avoid packing issues.
  • Repaired a rare pest that triggered Heroes to secure when welcomed directly from a Reassemble Project goal to a Strike Group.
  • Fixed a problem where asked for friends would certainly not despawn –– causing duplicate heroes –– when a gamer separated.
  • Strike Group integrity is maintained intact when Refilling Checkpoint in Hives.
  • Players can now preview aesthetic vendor things. *
  • Tactical Recognition now remains on longer. *
  • Gotten rid of unnecessary shoot as well as punch tutorials. *
  • Dealt with numerous localization concerns in Arabic, Italian, and also Gloss.
  • Added Access Food Selection to Setups for very easy access to those choices.
  • Included alternative to scale subtitle/closed inscription text size. *
  • Closed Captions will no longer be automatically show in cinematics when Subtitles are shown. *
  • Taken care of problem that would certainly trigger some gamers to not be invulnerable right away after revitalizing.
  • Fixed rare issue where Black Widow would certainly shed Veil of Shadows buff shortly after triggering.
  • Fixed an issue with Iron Male where Counterfire would certainly not always trigger after averting.
  • Adjusting:
  • Improved Captain America’& rsquo; s melee combination flow.
  • Refactored the modifiers Fisticuffs & & Torpedo to only rub the gamer, not adversaries.
  • Tuned brave drain brought upon by SPIN Drones. *
  • Tuned difficulty in “& ldquo; Alone Against objective” & rdquo; mission. *
  • Tuned protective impacts of blue Overshield on adversaries.
  • Tuned Cryo Adaptoid slam strike. *
  • Applied a fix that will retroactively grant Iron Male’& rsquo; s famous attire for gamers who previously shed it as a result of a bug.
  • Taken care of problem where Hero Difficulty Card incentives were being scaled by problem.
  • Re-enabled missing difficulties from the Hero Challenge Card display.
  • Dealt with numerous concerns with the tracking of numerous hero obstacles.
  • Repaired a problem with Thor’& rsquo; s Hold of Fenrir & rsquo; s Maw, where increasing didn & rsquo; t appropriately unlock perk.
  • Extensive pickup radius benefit declines. *
  • Fixed several problems where understanding unusual patterns at the construction maker wouldn’& rsquo; t award a cosmetic product. & lsquo; Fractured’ & rsquo; Hunk skin is now effectively opened as well as obtainable in the attire food selection when granted.
  • ‘& lsquo; Unbroken & rsquo; Hunk skin need to no longer vanish from a player’& rsquo; s inventory after being awarded.
  • Taken care of the appearance of both Amulet Artifacts in the Equipment Menu.
  • Repaired a concern where among Kamala’& rsquo; s equipment pieces would certainly go down an Iron Male perk.
  • Repaired the artifact perk “& ldquo; Bountiful & rdquo; so it has a chance to trigger when opening depositories in the helicarrier during the Reassemble campaign.
  • Dealt with a problem where DNA secrets were not subtracted from supply when opening a DNA. strongbox while in Hulkbuster. This also avoids gamers develop shedding DNA secrets after dying.
  • Reward Tuning:
  • Tuned some Exotic gear to be power level appropriate when made.
  • Enhanced Huge Hive Rewards. They currently are ensured to provide two special exotic equipment things and also a boosted quantities of upgrade modules upon completion. *
  • Players will no more occasionally obtain Power Level 1 Gear from Elite Hives.
  • Improved Unique Equipment Elements. *
  • Enhanced integrity of Norn Rock perks that boosted drop chance/added additional incentives to loot tables.


  • Fixed an issue where the “& ldquo; Trying out” Perfection & rdquo; accomplishment was rewarding “& ldquo; Seeing Stars &
  • rdquo;. Fixed a circumstances of the “& ldquo; Finest Defense & rdquo; Accomplishment not setting off correctly.


Note: Since launch, we are continuously making improvements to the game and also will certainly keep rolling out these patches. We are also actively collaborating with NVIDIA on specific concerns that some customers have reported with performance degrading in time. With the latest 1.3.3 patch, we’& rsquo; ve added NVIDIA DLSS, which dramatically enhances framerate while maintaining premium quality visuals for NVIDIA RTX hardware. We’& rsquo; ve additionally included DLSS assistance for ultra efficiency mode as well as Dynamic Resolution scaling. Even more info concerning NVIDIA DLSS can be located here.

  • Added support for Nvidia’& rsquo; s DLSS upscaling innovation.
  • Taken care of problems with computer mouse & & key-board sprint, when set to hold to sprint option is made it possible for.
  • Deal with for Thor and Captain America ranged capacities when making use of toggle to goal.

* updates based upon gamer comments

We’& rsquo; re still hard at work to fix as several problems as we can. Please keep giving feedback to us!

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