Destiny 2 Inventory Items Being Removed With Beyond Light Release

On November 10th with the release of Beyond Light and Season 12: Period of the Quest, the start of Year 4, the following products will certainly be gotten rid of from your inventory:

  • Advanced Paradox Amplifiers
  • Adventure Symbols
  • All Bounties and Missions from Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and Season of Opulence
  • All Routine and also Pinnacle Weapon Missions (the gear will certainly appear in our Monolith to Lost Lights Exotic Archive)
  • Black Depot Schematic Consumables
  • Boons of Luxury
  • BrayTech Schematic
  • Cayde’& rsquo; s Odds and Ends
  • Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
  • Dance Party Keys
  • Expired Ramen Coupons
  • Faction Battles Products
  • Faded Card
  • 5 of Swords Obstacle Card
  • Forge Polymers
  • Imperials
  • Letter Pieces
  • Loot-a-Palooza Keys
  • Lost Memory Fragments
  • Modulus Record Consumables
  • Motes (Weak, Middling, Powerful): Collector, Invader, Reaper, Sentry
  • Notes From Cayde
  • Obsidian Accelerators
  • Obsidian Radiance Temper Result (including those used on weapons)
  • Bypass Frequencies
  • Paradox Amplifier
  • Radiant Matrix
  • Radiolarian Society
  • Rasputin Depot Codes
  • Reverberate Stem Consumables
  • Runefinder
  • Synths: Collection Agency, Sentry, Invader, Reaping machine
  • Symbols: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy
  • Transcripts
  • Treasure Maps: EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus, Mercury, Hellas Container (Mars)
  • Wealth of the Emperor Buffs
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