Destiny 2 Transmog Will Pull From Collections

As we already understand, transmog is concerning Destiny 2 at some time in Year 4 permitting any shield piece to end up being an accessory.

Today, one of the big questions surrounding transmog has actually been addressed thanks to Video game Director Luke Smith on a Twitch stream.

Transmog will pull from your Collections, meaning any shield item you have ever gotten. You will not require to have the actual armor item on your character or in your vault.

If you’& rsquo; ve been holding on to an item of armor that you like the looks of yet don’& rsquo; t dream to make use of and you were keeping it as a result of transmog, you can safely take down the product.

You hoarders of low stat rolled shield items, do not hesitate to remove your vault now.

Per @thislukesmith –– You don’& rsquo; t demand to have shield pieces in your vault when Transmog goes live for them to be qualified. Collections based.

Free up some safe room.


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