Bungie Details Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2019

Solstice of Heroes begins next week at regular reset on Tuesday.

Today, Bungie has released a write-up outlining the occasion, which runs through August, as well as also dropped a trailer for it. Check it below:

Solstice of Heroes is a grand practice among Guardians. It’& rsquo; s an opportunity for all of us to review previous hardships and also celebrate the resilience of humankind’& rsquo; s primary protectors. All players of Destiny 2 rate to participate in this occasion, which will certainly start on July 30 and run up until August 27.

< The festivities begin with a browse through to Eva Levante near the Sculpture of Heroes in the Tower.


Let the power of this area circulation! Daily, the occasion will certainly feature one of the three elements: Solar, Arc, and Gap. Elemental eliminates will award you with Elemental Orbs. Picking up these orbs will certainly allow you total purposes to update your shield. You can create whatever orbs you require for the goals you are working to achieve. You can likewise gather 30 orbs that match the daily element to apply an elemental enthusiast for a quick time.


These enthusiasts can truly tremble points up:


  • Furnish your Solar subclass and tools to produce Solar orbs. Then, collect them to possess their Solar elemental power. While equipped, Guardians discharge a burning wave of power that harms anything around them.


  • Outfit your Space subclass and tools to create Gap orbs. After that, gather them to wield their Space important power. Crouch while empowered to end up being invisible and also gain Truesight plus improved capacity regeneration.


  • Outfit your Arc subclass and weapons to generate Arc orbs. Then, collect them to possess their Arc important power. While equipped, Guardians relocate with improved rate as well as offer better melee and also Sword damage.

These impacts will certainly last momentarily or until you are defeated by your enemies. Have no anxiety & hellip; These aficionados will certainly not be active in Affordable or Gambit Prime.


Eva and Ikora have actually developed a brand-new ritual for you to sharpen your abilities and also make the most of the new important aficionados. You will be mosting likely to a completely brand-new area called the European Aerial Area (EAZ) to handle Hive, Cabal, or Fallen enemies. This is a new 3-player matchmade task that can be launched from the Tower or the Director.

Your objective will certainly be to beat as several minibosses as feasible before time expires. When your time goes out, you will certainly take on against a final boss. Once the boss is beat, you will certainly set out across the EAZ searching for depository. The even more minibosses you defeat, the much more treasure will certainly await you.

The chests include Solstice Plans that you can open with Solstice Trick Fragments earned by completing any kind of task throughout the Solstice of Heroes. Consider them comparable to Essence of Dawning. What’& rsquo; s in the


  • Unusual and also Famous gear
  • Improvement Cores
  • Materials

As soon as you’& rsquo; ve earned Legendary Solstice shield, Solstice Plans will award you with additional shield, so you can hunt for rolls with boosted rewards.

Collecting all of the Solstice Legendary armor sets on all 3 classes will offer you accessibility to the EV-37 Voidstreak Sparrow.


Solstice of Heroes armor collections will require to be updated from their “& ldquo; Drained & rdquo; Uncommon state to their “& ldquo; Restored & rdquo; Rare state. Finishing the shield upgrade process will certainly give you the “& ldquo; Majestic & rdquo; Epic collection. To update the shield, Guardians needs to finish a variety of goals on each shield item prior to advancing to the following collection. There will certainly be a final collection of objectives available to open the Masterwork version of the collection.

We understand that while upgrading these collections is an enjoyable experience, it does take a dedication of time and also initiative. Lest it seem like a downer earning this set just to have the brand-new armor system make it rather outdated when Shadowkeep launches, we decided, based on gamer responses, to make the Solstice of Heroes armor set the initial armor 2.0 collection you will receive (thinking you gain it, obviously). Whatever full Famous sets you gain now will have their brand-new armor 2.0 versions awaiting you to get from the Gunsmith when Shadowkeep launches. You will have the ability to see just the established for the personality you are visited as; you will certainly have to switch characters to claim other qualified collections.


As with the majority of occasions, there will certainly additionally be a new offering from the Eververse Store. There won’& rsquo; t be an occasion engram this year. Instead, every product will certainly be offered for straight purchase making use of Silver and also Bright Dirt. All Eververse products will be offered for Bright Dirt eventually throughout the event.

Shield radiances will be available for you to contribute to your Solstice of Heroes armor sets. They will turn up on any version of the readied to provide Guardians with a boosted appearance. Shield radiances beam brightest when your subdivision aspect lines up with the component of the glow. You will certainly have the ability to buy entire sets for either Silver or Bright Dirt. Armor glows will certainly stay offered for usage after the Solstice of Heroes event ends.

Here is a look at several of the cosmetics that will be available on the shop:


There will certainly be 2 extra Minutes of Accomplishments readily available throughout the Solstice of Heroes occasion also. We will certainly likewise be making Gambit offered to all players of Fate 2 during the Solstice of Heroes, from July 30 until August 27.

Best of luck around, Guardians!

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