Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Hunter Guide

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The Solstice of Heroes is the annual event in Destiny 2 and it will introduce you to new activities and armor sets, as well as a new shotgun. To fully enjoy this event, you need to complete a series of objectives. Here are some tips to help you get started on the right foot.

For a starter, you should know that the Solstice of Heroes event will start on July 6th. The event will have a new Legendary shotgun called the Compass Rose, which is fairly easy to obtain. Just make sure you roll the proper stats to gain this legendary weapon.

After you have unlocked your first set of Solstice armor, you should start upgrading it. The Solstice armor set consists of three pieces, each with three objectives. Once you complete each piece, it will turn white and change the appearance of your character.

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The Solstice of Heroes event runs from August 11 to September 8 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia. A PS5 and Xbox Series X version is in development. In addition to the new events, the game also features new challenges and rewards for the hardcore players.

You can use elemental orbs to enhance your abilities. You need to collect thirty of them in order to receive powerful buffs. Each element has a unique buff. For instance, you can boost your speed and damage by using Solar Empowerment on enemies nearby. For Void, you gain invisibility and Truesight. Furthermore, you can get more orbs by using a weapon and subclass that matches your daily orbs.

You can also collect rare Solstice armor by completing bounties and looting chests in European Aerial Zone. You can also get a reroll of the Compass Rose Shotgun. Lastly, you can earn planetary materials and armor pieces through Solstice bounties.

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Once you have completed the game’s main questline, you can upgrade the armor you have acquired by defeating enemies in the Crucible and Gambit. Obtaining the coveted Helmet, Gauntlets, and Boots will help you to complete a wide variety of activities.

You can also upgrade your armor by completing Solstice Event Challenges. These tasks will help you earn more Kindling and improve your stat rolls. You can upgrade each piece of armor three times, and each one of these upgrades will apply to every piece of that slot.

The European Aerial Zone is another activity that is returning to Destiny 2. It is located around the EDZ. There are several different objectives you can accomplish during the event, such as killing minibosses and killing the final boss. In addition to these, you can also search for treasure. To open these chests, you will need Solstice Key Fragments, which are only earned during the event.

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