Here’s whats coming to Destiny 2 next week on reset, Tuesday, August 27th:

Lord Saladin returns to the Tower to oversee another round of Iron Banner.

Enjoy the Iron Banner grind while earning increased Valor. Earn 2x Valor from reset August 27th until reset August 30th. From reset on the 30th until weekly reset on September 3rd, earn 3x Valor. (Valor gains are increased in ALL crucible playlists, not just Iron Banner.)

Moments of Triumph runs strong! This year’s Moments of Triumph have been extended until September 17th, giving you more time to complete your seal.

Don’t forget to pick up your Annual Pass Soundtrack reward before the Solstice ends. Go to to claim it. It’s free if you completed the Holiday Begins quest from Eva Levante during Solstice of Heroes.


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