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This period, Period of the Splicer, Bungie has actually added 2 brand-new tools and also editioned two year one weapons to the Iron Banner loot pool.

Among these, that a lot of you are mosting likely to be grinding for, is brand-new kinetic shotgun Riiswalker.

Riiswalker will primarily attract PvP players, and also because of this that’& rsquo; s what this god roll guide is tailored towards. I will, nevertheless, consist of a PvE roll at the end.

You can obtain Riiswalker as article video game goes down throughout the Iron Banner, as a benefit from Iron Banner bounties, or by turning in Iron Banner symbols to Lord Saladin.

UPDATE 5/18: There is a problem with the new Iron Banner tools, Riiswalker and also Archon’& rsquo; s Rumbling, and also they are not available from Iron Banner engrams as well as bounties. Currently the only way to get these tools is from the Iron-Handed Diplomacy pursuit.

Prior to we begin, you can look into our other Fate 2 tool god roll guides right here.

Riiswalker PvP God Roll

For PvP, this is the roll I’& rsquo; m advising:

Our objective here is to focus on Array.

So we have, checking out left to right with the selected advantages above:

  • Rifled Barrel –– Boosts Variety, decreases Taking care of
  • Accurized Beats –– Increases Variety
  • Quickdraw –– Tool can be attracted unbelievably quickly
  • Iron Reach –– Rises Range, decreases Security
  • Range Masterwork

These rewards get you the statistics shown below:

Above all else, for PvP, I assume you’& rsquo; re most definitely mosting likely to want Iron Get to in the final node (since the hit to stability doesn’& rsquo; t issue on this)and also Accurized Beats.

I’& rsquo; m mosting likely to give an alternate PvP roll as well, one that will certainly have much less range yet might be much more regular and also well balanced and if Quickdraw ever gets removed from all shotguns (not simply the Aggressive Frames).

For Roll # 2, we’& rsquo; ll swap Rifled Barrel for Full Choke (for consistency) or Corkscrew (for Range/Handling balance). We’& rsquo; ll additionally switch out Quickdraw for Surplus.

The above roll with Curl will get you 91 Array as well as 81 Handling. With Full Choke, it’& rsquo; ll be 87 Range as well as 77 Handling.

Unless you’& rsquo; re simply dead set on max variety, you shouldn’& rsquo; t be disappointed if you get the God Roll (or a variation of Roll # 2) with a Taking care of Masterwork instead of Range.

Riiswalker PvE God Roll

If somehow you intend to use this tool in PvE, I’& rsquo;d suggest the list below roll:

  • Curl Rifling
  • Assault Mag (or Tactical Mag)
  • Surplus
  • Swashbuckler (or Demolitionist)
  • Variety or Security Masterwork

Unless you have actually bounties stored from previous Iron Banner’& rsquo; s and also obtained fortunate, your very first opportunity to obtain (or start farming for) Riiswalker is Tuesday, Might 18th when the very first Iron Banner of Season of the Splicer starts.

Are you mosting likely to be grinding for a Riiswalker? Let us understand in the remarks listed below if you are, as well as what roll you’& rsquo; re chasing or let us know what your personal god roll is.

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