Destiny Daily 8/13/18 – Hotfix Notes

It’& rsquo; s the day before Weekly Reset, and also today brought a minor update in the kind of Hotfix Still waiting for the notes on that particular, but they’& rsquo; ll be included as soon as they’& rsquo; re uploaded, although the only thing this Hotfix was meant to do was deal with an issue some individuals were having with updating their Solstice shield.

UPDATE: Below are the Notes:


  • Dealt with an issue where gamers might not upgrade Solstice of Heroes shield Note: Players might continue to see the Solstice of Heroes Milestone, also after fully upgrading armor as well as completing all purposes.


  • Set German summary of Iron Emote bundle.

Speaking of the Solstice shield, I’& rsquo; ve fully updated my Seeker and Titan (minus all masterworks) and I’& rsquo; m currently grinding the last couple of needs for the fabulous collection on my Warlock. I additionally grinding my brother’& rsquo; s Hunter completely to the epic collection.

I also intend to explain that I’& rsquo; m on the verge of resetting my Valiance for the second time to get the ghost, as well as still place’& rsquo; t obtained a driver from the crucible. I haven’& rsquo; t obtained one from strikes either. Yes, I’& rsquo; m salted regarding it.

Vanguard (Zavala)
Crucible (Shaxx)
Into the Void – — Obtain Space kills in a strike. (25 Space eliminates)
Program ‘& lsquo; Em What You Got – — Defeat Guardians of other classes in the Crucible. (10 Guardians Defeated)
On the Hunt – — Loss fighters in a strike. (50 Adversaries beat)
A Things in Motion – — Land final impacts making use of Kinetic weapons in the Crucible. (10 Last impacts)
Program Them the Light – — Loss enemies with your Super in a strike. (10 Super Eliminates)
Toss Down – — Land melee last strikes in the Crucible. (3 Final impacts)
One Shot, One Eliminate – — Obtain headshots in a strike. (25 Headshots)
Killing Wind – — Loss three opponents in the Crucible without dying.(1 Touch)
Look ‘& lsquo; Em in the Eye– Get close-range kills in a strike.(20 Close-range kills)
Thunderstruck – — Land Arc last impacts in the Crucible. (5 Last strikes)

Difficulty 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
Lost Sectors: The Gulch – — Loot a Lost Industry in the Gulch.
EDZ Scavenger – — Collect 10 Dusklight Shards.
Devrim’& rsquo; s Sniper Institution– Utilize a Sniper Rifle to defeat 10 adversaries in the community of Trostland.
Arcology Reclaimer – — Eliminate 40 opponents in the New Pacific Arcology.
Arcology Scavenger – — Gather 10 Alkane Dirt.
Maleus Maleficarum – — Defeat 3 Hive Wizards.
Lost Sectors: Exodus Black – — Appropriate a Lost Field around the Exodus Black.
Prize Seeker – — Loot 3 Vex or Fallen supply caches.
Pikejacked – — Swipe a Fallen Pike and also utilize it to defeat 20 adversaries.
Pyramidion Raider – — Loss 40 opponents around the entrance to the Vex Pyramidion.
Event Horizon – — Effectively complete a public occasion.
Scourge of the Taken – — Defeat 75 Taken opponents.
Crossing Guard –– Effectively finish a public event.
Avid Gardener –– Collect 10 Simulation Seeds.
Interception –– Commandeer an automobile as well as kill 10 enemies with it.
The Grand Melee –– Loss Hive Knights.
By Fire Be Removed –– Loss enemies using solar weapons.
Intrepid Traveler –– Rob a Lost Field in Hellas Basin.


  • Void Singe: Void damage increases somewhat from all sources.

  • Heavyweight: Power weapons deal more damages, as well as a lot more ammo is available.

  • Blackout: Adversary melee assaults are dramatically more effective, as well as radar is impaired.

Difficulty 1
Challenge 2
Obstacle 3 Titan
Difficulty 3 Seeker
Difficulty 3 Warlock
Cycle of Light – — Develop 10 orbs for your allies.
Power of the Sunlight – — As a fireteam, defeat 100 enemies using Solar attacks.
Shed Notice – — As a Sunbreaker, loss 5 enemies within a Sunspot.
Done in the Wrist – — As a Gunslinger, defeat 5 enemies with your tossing blade.
Return to Ashes – — As a Dawnblade, loss 5 opponents making use of Phoenix metro Dive.

Strike Challenges

Difficulty 1
Difficulty 2
Difficulty 3 Titan
Difficulty 3 Hunter
Obstacle 3 Warlock
Cycle of Light – — Produce 10 orbs for your allies.
Power of the Sun – — As a fireteam, defeat 100 opponents using Solar attacks.
Shed Notification – — As a Sunbreaker, loss 5 opponents inside of a Sunspot.
All in the Wrist – — As a Gunslinger, loss 5 enemies with your throwing knife.
Go back to Ashes – — As a Dawnblade, loss 5 enemies making use of Phoenix az Dive.

  • Attrition: Health as well as guard regrowth decrease, but killing opponents might create wells of Light that bring back wellness as well as charge your Super.
  • Risk as well as Award: Super, melee, and also grenades deal even more damages yet charge much more slowly.
  • Kinetic Damages Mod
  • Arms Velocity Mod
  • Arms Energy Counterbalance Mod
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