Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes (3/19/19)

Bungie has released a brand-new Hotfix,, to Destiny 2 throughout all platforms. Here are the total patch notes, thanks to

Director Difficulty Rewards

  • Players need to now have higher-Powered incentives, through 690 Power, from daily and regular Supervisor difficulties
      • When reaching 690 Power, these incentives will certainly continue to offer small Power rises (generally +1 Power contrasted to a player’& rsquo; s average Power)

Missions and Bounties

  • Repaired a concern where gamers were unable to access the Loyalty pursuit if their Pursuits supply was full
  • Reduced demands to complete the weekly Collection agency bounty for Gambit Prime
      • This bounty needs to now line up with demands for other weekly bounties


  • Eliminated the Glass Modifier from Daily Reckoning Modifier turning
      • This has been replaced with the Prism Modifier


  • Dealt with a problem where the Dark Age Collection Triumph was not correctly opening when gamers won Gambit matches with a full collection of Gambit equipment outfitted
  • Taken care of an issue where Glory Win Streak Triumphs from previous seasons were upgrading on wins in Season of the Drifter


  • Repaired an issue where gamers can cancel Blade Barrage Supers, moving them to unintended playspaces


  • Players might currently exchange heaps of 5 Gambit Synths at the Drifter for 100 Glimmer


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