Bungie Day 2019; Moments of Triumph

Today is 7/7, and that indicates it’& rsquo; s Bungie Day and thus, Bungie published the complying with on their website today spilling a couple of details on the 2019 Moments of Accomplishment that begin in Fate 2 on reset Tuesday.

Satisfied Bungie Day!

7’& rsquo; s up, Guardians. Years ago you, the community, made 7/7 the informal event of whatever Bungie. Quick onward to today, we’& rsquo; ve maintained the name yet it’& rsquo; s end up being the main celebration of all of you, the very best community in the planetary system.

We hope you’& rsquo; ll join us today in taking a moment to review all of the memorable fireteams, relationships, as well as family members that you’& rsquo; ve transformed the years. Each one has actually added to developing this fantastic neighborhood right into what it is today. Thank you for every little thing, Guardians.


Starting July 9, 2019, Moments of Triumph for Year 2 of Fate 2 will certainly appear. Players will certainly be challenged to complete triumphs that cover content throughout the solar system, from the Thinking City to the EDZ. This year will be relatively simple: Total in-game triumphs, unlock incentives. Benefits

  • Complete one Moment of Accomplishment, make the Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem
  • Full 5 Moments of Victory, earn the Minutes of Accomplishment 2019 Sparrow
  • Complete 10 Minutes of Triumph, gain the Moments of Victory 2019 Ship
  • Total 15 Minutes of Triumph, the Minutes of Triumph Tee offer becomes available
  • Total ALL Minutes of Triumph, unlock the Moments of Victory 2019 Seal as well as Title

This year, the 2019 Moments of Triumph Tees will certainly be readily available via Bungie Rewards. Gamers will certainly can earn their deal code by opening accomplishments starting on Tuesday. Players that are signed up to obtain Bungie emails will get a notice to purchase on Fridays, or they can straight obtain their codes by means of Bungie.net/ incentives. The last day to purchase the personalized T-Shirt is September 30, 2019.

So, what’& rsquo; s readily available day one? We & rsquo; ll have Accomplishments for players to complete throughout different tasks and launches. Players that have Destiny 2 will certainly have the capability to make all in-game benefits. In order to make the 2019 Minutes of Triumph Tee shirts offer, players will need to have Destiny 2: Forsaken. To complete all 2019 Accomplishments and open their title, players will certainly need to have the Fate 2 Annual Pass.


  • Epic Valor
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arms
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Arms
  • Absolutely Nothing Delegated Say
  • The Safe
  • Mythic
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arms
  • Inheritance
  • O Murderer Mine
  • Valiant Hero
  • Going the Distance
  • Prime Fashion
  • Bedazzled

Solstice of Heroes Triumphs

  • Strike Spelunker
  • Exotic Arsenal
  • Gun for Hire
  • Challenger
  • Style Hero
  • Over as well as Past
  • Master Smith

Solstice of heroes will certainly also bring some new loot for gamers to gain this summer season. Keep your eyes peeled off, we’& rsquo; ll have a blog site write-up on July 24 to display the upcoming event!

Minutes of Triumph will certainly be available from July 7 with August 27, 2019.


Today marks Bungie Day, as well as for the whole week, we’& rsquo; re celebrating Guardians almost everywhere and elevating cash for a great reason. The Bungie Shop has actually been upgraded with new boodle to celebrate the upcoming launch of Fate 2: Shadowkeep, as well as lots of products are currently on sale!

We also have brand-new Bungie Foundation merchandise offered, with 100% of the earnings benefitting hospitalized children by reducing their distress and suffering through home entertainment. Make certain to visit the Bungie Structure site for additional information on our programs.

If you purchase this week, you will obtain a code for the Indicator of Event symbol, readily available via July 13.


Prior to we go, we want to thank again for being such a remarkable area. We’& rsquo; ve gone through our archives of concept art and also carefully picked a couple of pieces for you to embellish your displays with.





Oh, and wear’& rsquo;

t forget & hellip; Moon & rsquo; s Haunted.






Satisfied Bungie Day. We’& rsquo; ll see you starside.


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