Destiny 2 Daily Reset 11/18/2020

The other day evening Bungie disabled the Legend/Master version of the Lost Market Veles Maze as a result of a manipulate. Thus, there is no Master Lost Field today.

Legend Lost Market (1250 )

Concealed Space –– Asterion Void, Europa

This Fallen based lost field rewards Unique Chest Armor if solo.

  • Tale Trouble: Extra Shields, Match Video Game, Locked Devices
  • Fallen Champions: Obstacle, Overload
  • Fallen Modifier: Arach-NO!
  • Destination Modifier: Memory of a Frozen Conundrum
  • Shed: Isolated Blazes

Recommended Power: 1250


  • (If Solo) Exotic Breast Shield –– Unusual
  • Improvement Cores –– Uncommon

Daily Lead Modifiers

  • Arc Singe: Arc damages boosts somewhat from all sources.
  • Heavyweight: Power tools deal even more damages, as well as more ammunition is available.
  • Based: Damage taken while you are air-borne is significantly raised.


  • Altars of Sorrow Weapon: Apostate (Rocket Launcher)

Gunsmith Supply

  • Dragonfly Spec: Boosts the radius and damages of Dragonfly.
  • Protective Light: While Charged with Light, you acquire significant damages resistance against contenders when your guards are ruined. This impact eats all heaps of Charged with Light. The even more heaps consumed, the longer the damage resistance lasts.
  • Upgrade Module (1 for 1 Enhancement Core & & 10 Legendary Shards & & 25 Etheric Spiral & & 5000 Twinkle)
  • Upgrade Module (1 for 1 Enhancement Core & & 10 Legendary Shards & & 25 Baryon Bough & & 5000 Twinkle)
  • Improvement Prism (1 for 10 Enhancement Core & & 25 Etheric Spiral & & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Improvement Prism (1 for 10 Improvement Core & & 25 Baryon Bough & & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Ascendant Shard (1 for 10 Enhancement Prism & & 100 Phaseglass Needle & & 50000 Glimmer)

Spider Product Exchange

  • Purchase Enhancement Prisms (1 for 400 Fabulous Fragments)
  • Purchase Enhancement Cores (1 for 30 Legendary Shards)
  • Acquisition Glimmer (10000 for 20 Phaseglass Needle)
  • Acquisition Dusklight Shards (5 for 1 Legendary Shards)
  • Acquisition Datalattice (5 for 5000 Twinkle)
  • Acquisition Baryon Boughs (5 for 5000 Twinkle)
  • Acquisition Helium Filaments (5 for 5000 Twinkle)


Leader Zavala, Vanguard

The Harder They Loss
Defeat minibosses and also bosses in any kind of strike.
10 Challenging contenders
XP & & 5 Vanguard Tactician Token
Stylish Weapons
Loss adversaries in strikes with any Sword.
10 [Sword] Sword
XP & & 5 Vanguard Tactician Symbol
Eliminate It with Fire
Get Solar eliminates in a strike.
25 [Solar] Solar
XP & & 5 Lead Tactician Symbol
Complete Them
Defeat contenders with your finisher in strikes.
5 Finisher
XP & & 5 Lead Tactician Token

Lord Shaxx, Crucible

Competing Grounds
Complete suits in any type of Crucible playlist.
2 Crucible matches
XP & & 5 Crucible Token & & 15 Valor Rank Things
The Nothing
Loss opponents making use of Gap damages from any source.
5 [Space] Space
XP & & 5 Crucible Token & & 15 Valiance Rank Things
Knockout Round
Defeat opponents with melee.
1 [Melee] Melee
XP & & 5 Crucible Symbol & & 15 Valiance Rank Information
No Survivors
In Elimination, get rid of opponents.
3 Eliminations
XP & & 5 Crucible Token & & 15 Valiance Rank Information

The Drifter, Gambit

Send a little, a medium, and also a large Blocker in Gambit.
1 [Tiny Blocker] Small Blockers & & 1 [Medium Blocker] Tool Blockers & & 1 [Big Blocker] Large Blockers
XP & & 30 Infamy Ranking Details
Big-Game Seeker
Remove a high-value target in Gambit.
1 Targets
XP & & 30 Infamy Rank Information
Usage Arc abilities to defeat opponents in Gambit. Beat Guardians are worth additional points.
15 [Arc] Arc capacity
XP & & 30 Notoriety Rank Details
Sun Charred
Usage Solar capabilities to beat opponents in Gambit. Beat Guardians deserve extra points.
15 [Solar] Solar capability
XP & & 30 Infamy Rank Points

Variks, Europa

Europan Finish
Loss Fallen on Europa with finishers.
10 Fallen
Vex Combustion
Loss Vex on Europa with Solar damages.
20 Vex
Lost Sniper
Utilizing a Sniper Rifle, defeat combatants with precision last impacts in Europa Lost Sectors.
20 [Sniper Rifle] [Headshot] Sniper Rifle

Banshee-44, Gunsmith

Pulse Rifle Calibration
Adjust Pulse Rifles versus any type of target. Earn perk progress with precision last impacts and against opposing Guardians.
100 [Pulse Rifle] Pulse Rifle
XP & & 2 Mod Components & & Improvement Core
Sniper Rifle Calibration
Adjust Sniper Rifles against any target. Earn benefit progress with precision and also against opposing Guardians.
100 [Sniper Rifle] Sniper Rifle
XP & & 2 Mod Components & & Enhancement Core
Heavy Explosive Calibration
Adjust Explosive Launchers that make use of Hefty ammunition against any kind of target. Rival Guardians and quickly defeated targets grant the most efficient development.
100 [Explosive Launcher] Explosive Launcher
XP & & 2 Mod Components & & Improvement Core
Solar Calibration
Calibrate Solar tools versus any kind of target. Earn bonus offer progress using Power tools and also against opposing Guardians.
100 [Solar] Solar weapon
XP & & 2 Mod Components & & Improvement Core

Eris Morn, Moon

Filamentary, My Dear Ghost
Collect Helium Filaments from source nodes throughout the Moon.
5 Products
XP & & 5 Helium Filaments
One-Way Ballistics
Using any type of Kinetic weapon, defeat fighters in touches of 3 or more without taking damage in between.
15 Beat in touches
XP & & 5 Helium Filaments
Component of Shock
Making use of any Power tool, loss fighters in streaks of 3 or more without taking damages in between.
15 Beat in streaks
XP & & 5 Helium Filaments
No Safe Harbor
Defeat Hive in Sorrow’& rsquo; s Harbor on the Moon
. 25 Hive
XP & & 5 Helium Filaments

Lectern of Enchantment, Moon

Nothing to Concern
Loss contenders in Problem Pursues with Space damages.
20 [Void] Gap
XP & & 1 Phantasmal Fragment
Loss contenders with grenades in Nightmare Pursues.
10 [Grenade] Explosive
XP & & 1 Phantasmal Fragment
Dark Communion
Find the Lost Market K1 Communion as well as dispel the Nightmare within.
3 Nightmares
XP & & 1 Phantasmal Fragment
Curse of the Centaur
Loss Problems in Lost Sectors on Nessus.
8 Problems
XP & & 1 Phantasmal Piece

Crawler, Tangled Shore

Conquer the Conquerors
Loss Cabal in Soriks’& rsquo; s Cut. 35 Cabal defeated
XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral
Super Visible
Obtain Super eliminates on the Tangled Shore.
20 Super kills
XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral
Coastline Scavenging
Harvest Etheric Spirals on the Twisted Coast.
5 Resources collected
XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral
Shed on the Touchdown
Check Out the Lost Field Kingship Dock near Thieves’ & rsquo; Touchdown on the Twisted Shore.
XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral

Devrim Kay, EDZ

European Live Area
Defeat adversaries in the EDZ.
50 Enemies beat
XP & & 10 Dusklight Fragment
Public Works
Full public events in the EDZ.
2 Public occasions completed
XP & & 10 Dusklight Fragment
Network the Arc
Defeat enemies with Arc damage in the EDZ.
30 Arc kills
XP & & 10 Dusklight Fragment

Shaw Han, Cosmodrome

Spitting Range
Loss fighters within the Cosmodrome utilizing your melee assault or finisher.
5 [Melee] Melee
XP & & Spinmetal Leaves
Bring Your Tool kit
Defeat contenders in the Cosmodrome utilizing any one of your capacities.
10 Capacity
XP & & Spinmetal Leaves
Leave Absolutely nothing Behind
Loss combatants in the Cosmodrome using any kind of Power weapon.
5 Power weapon
XP & & Spinmetal Leaves
Functioning Remotely
Complete a patrol in the Cosmodrome.
1 Patrols
XP & & Spinmetal Leaves

Failsafe, Nessus

Battle Machine
Obtain Power tool multikills on Nessus.
3 Power multikills
XP & & 10 Microphasic Datalattice
Devoid of Info
Get Gap kills on Nessus.
30 Space eliminates
XP & & 10 Microphasic Datalattice
Sol Sure
Obtain Solar kills on Nessus.
30 Solar kills
XP & & 10 Microphasic Datalattice

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