Bungie Addresses Short Term Loot Fixes Coming To Destiny 2 on November 24th

Bungie just deployed Hotfix to Fate 2 today, as well as they’& rsquo; re gearing up to go down an additional one on Tuesday, November 24th.

The Hotfix next week will bring some short term “& ldquo; fixes & rdquo; to the lack of loot in Fate 2 currently thanks to sunsetting.

Right here’& rsquo; s what they & rsquo; re doing, as stated in this week & rsquo; s TWAB: As Beyond Light has actually launched we’& rsquo; ve been tracking your responses around loot, specifically tools, as well as wished to take a minute to let you recognize how we are refining it. Today we’& rsquo; re going to chat primarily concerning the temporary, with even more information to follow in the future around the long-term as we resolve those troubles.

Infusion caps are meant to assist keep Destiny 2 progressing as well as make certain that every release the brand-new rewards are exciting and pertinent to the meta. Nonetheless, we agree with your comments that there’& rsquo; s currently inadequate variety in the world loot weapons available to gamers this season.

To that end we are including back in a choice of tools that will certainly assist ease this issue. We will certainly also be watching to see exactly how the landscape changes with the enhancement of tools from Period 12 and today’& rsquo; s Raid launch. We also concur that getting near-cap tools from arbitrary globe decreases is aggravating. Thus, we are eliminating those from the pool, and also are weighting goes down a lot more greatly towards newer tools.

Right here’& rsquo; s a list of adjustments to the globe loot epic weapons pool you’& rsquo; ll see with our November 24 hotfix:

  • Eliminate all famous weapons that hit their infusion cap at the end of this period
  • Include all of the Seventh Seraph tools from Season 10
  • Include all of the Period 11 seasonal as well as global reprisal tools
  • Weight drop possibilities so the newer a product is, the most likely it is to drop.

While we are not yet all set to study the long-term approach yet, we are listening to feedback and enjoying exactly how the player develop landscape develops over these initial few weeks of Beyond Light, and including that responses as we plan future Seasons.


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