Destiny 2 Update 3.0.1 Patch Notes

Bungie has deployed Update 3.0.1 to Fate 2 throughout all platforms, as well as the video game is now available on PS5 and also Xbox Series X/S. Full notes below:

Next Gen

Next-gen enhancements have been introduced for the Xbox Series X|S and also PlayStation 5.

Xbox Collection X
PlayStation 5
Xbox Collection S
120hz Crucible Support
Sustained *
Supported *
Not Sustained
Field Of Vision Slider
Faster Load Times
Cross-Generation Play
Next-Generation Upgrade Free
Xbox Smart Shipment
Xbox Smart Shipment


  • On Xbox Series X|S, the improved update will automatically download and install.
  • On PlayStation 5, players need to manually download the improved update.
  • Choice for adjustable Field of vision (FOV) has been contributed to the Settings > >
  • Video menu. Alternative for 120Hz Crucible Setting has been included in the Setups > >
  • Video clip menu. Updated controller rumble really feel on the DualSense Controller.

Fate Companion Application


  • Players might get bounties from Fate 2 vendors utilizing the Destiny Companion Application.
  • Bounties might only be gotten when players are offline, In orbit, or in t   the Tower.
  • For added details, please see this Assistance article.


Exotic Shield

  • Dealt with an issue where being eliminated by the impacts of Lethal Grip would reveal as being “& ldquo; Eliminated by the Architects.”
  • & rdquo; Fixed a problem where gamers with Stronghold Gauntlets couldn’& rsquo; t block any Super damages with Swords in spite of the Exotic maximizing the Guard stats.
  • Enhanced the readability of the aesthetic effects when another gamer using Mask of Bakris changes straight towards you.
  • Upgraded the description string of Mask of Bakris’& rsquo; s perk to properly explain its damage benefit, which applies only to contenders and also influences all arc weapon damage as well as all damage against slowed or framed enemies.
  • In addition, dealt with an insect where this damages incentive was relating to players that are reduced or framed in Crucible and Gambit.

Tension Talents

  • Fragments.
    • Tuned “& ldquo; Whisper of Bonds” & rdquo; to approve a level 2.5% Super power per trigger.


  • Duality.
    • Duality’& rsquo; s icon didn & rsquo; t match proper weapon tray icon
    • . Taken care of an issue where Duality’& rsquo; s custom-made ADS fire sound wasn’& rsquo; t playing
  • .
    • The Lament. The Lament symbol did not show up suitably in Crucible feeds.


Beyond Light Campaign

  • Beyond Light Exotic mission objectives now effectively present recommended Power Degree on their map nodes.
  • Kridis no more generates before gamers have finished the previous mission objective.

New Light

  • Fixed a problem where expert gamers might not access the Tower while Mission Arrival was available.
  • Repaired a problem with the New Light subclass mission where Ikora’& rsquo; s waypoint was
  • subdued. Repaired a problem where the descent motion picture did not bet The Disgraced strike.
  • Dealt with an issue where professional players with 2 personalities of the very same course were obstructed from getting their subdivisions.
  • Repaired a pest where an action on the New Light pursuit was not approving experience.
  • Dealt with an issue where abandoned Memory pursuits were not available in the Quest Archive vendor in the Tower.
  • Dealt with an issue where players who skip the Shotgun chest in M0 did not receive Special ammo when the Shotgun was approved.
  • Dealt with an issue where gamers can reacquire Riskrunner throughout the Risk/Reward goal.

Deep Stone Crypt

  • Fixed a problem where Taniks might enter into hellfire stage early prior to any kind of fireteam participant could gather an enhance.
  • Taken care of a concern where players would not get a 3rd DPS phase on the 2nd loop of dunking all four cores.
  • Fixed a concern where the Short Circuit Accomplishment was not possible.
  • Repaired a concern that could create an unintended wipe during the second hellfire cast.

Last Dream Raid

  • Fixed a concern where the final encounter was not fulfilling Spoils of Conquest.
  • Repaired a problem where Kalli teleported out of the setting after a plate was captured.
  • Repaired various networking actions that were observed when playing via encounter changes.

Yard of Salvation Raid

  • Took care of a problem where message alerts would not show up when gamers initiated/completed problems.
  • Repaired a concern where tethers did not properly interrupt in charge under certain scenarios.
  • Taken care of a concern where the Consecrated Mind drops its Minotaur at the start of the raid.

Pit of Heresy

  • Repaired an issue where the Ghost flashlight forecast quantity had no result, making it tough to navigate the flow without light.
  • Fixed a concern where players could run into back screens and tough wipes in between experiences.
  • Taken care of a concern where gamers can be eliminated transitioning between two areas.


  • Revelation is once again readily available.
  • Powerful incentives may be earned from each checkpoint once each week.
  • Gamers might complete the dungeon once per week to get a pinnacle-powered reward.
  • Previously featured tool and also shield rewards are available one more time.

Lost Sectors

  • Master and also Tale Lost Industry tooltips are easier to comprehend.

Tension quests

  • Aspects.
    • Taken care of a concern where “& ldquo; Tectonic Harvest” & rdquo; was not regularly generating fragments for allies when ruining their crystals.

Headache Pursues

  • Hard-wiping and also defeating the one in charge at the exact same time will certainly leave gamers in the Quest after respawning.

Unique missions

  • Dealt with an issue where the initial line of dialogue played was silenced at the start of the Malfeasance pursuit strike.

Crucible and Iron Banner

  • Took care of a concern where the “& ldquo; Survivor & rdquo; medal might be granted to players who were beat throughout the round.
  • Fixed an issue where the “& ldquo; Untouchable & rdquo; medal might not be gained.
  • Updated the mercy rule for Control and Clash to avoid it from triggering too early in the suit.
  • Fixed an issue where some map intro cinematics were taking place outside of the combat zone.


  • Fixed an issue where Outlaws were no more spawned in Nightfall: The Challenge.
  • Repaired a problem where Lurkers did not spawn after the weight encounter in the Hallowed Burrow.
  • Repaired an issue where Super power was drained when taking a lift in the Warden of Nothing.
  • Repaired an issue where Guardians were unable to respawn if they passed away while in the procedure of damaging Protheon, Modular Mind, very promptly.
  • Repaired an issue where weights would reset if a gamer passed away after pressing them down.
  • Taken care of a concern where combatants would disappear suddenly if a Guardian chose to speed up run the Hallowed Burrow strike while others were attempting to finish bounties in previous encounters.
  • Dealt with an issue where the Storage tank would despawn during the Arms Dealer strike when trying to enter another combat area.


  • Took care of a concern where the high-value target generated too early.
  • Fixed a concern where catch-up targets would certainly respawn as well quickly after being removed.
  • Dealt with a problem where combatants would sometimes stagnate from generate areas.



  • Fixed an unusual case where the Conflux Watch Servitor in the public encounter for Realm Hunt: The Technocrat could come to be permanently immune.
  • Dealt with a problem where players with complete pursuit stocks could still purchase Fallen Realm as well as weapon missions from Variks.
  • Dealt with a concern where flickering snow transitions might be seen when having fun with a multi-GPU configuration (Crossfire/SLI) COMPUTER (Crossfire/SLI).


  • Included location material generates.
  • Included destination products to Cosmodrome region chests.
  • Taken care of a problem where Scorch Cannons were not respawning during the Heroic variation of the Crawler Storage tank public occasion.
  • Dealt with a problem where flickering lawn shifts might be seen when having fun with a multi-GPU setup (Crossfire/SLI) COMPUTER (Crossfire/SLI).


  • Took care of a problem where some battle experiences would not trigger properly.
  • Fixed a problem where a smaller sized variety of gamers had the ability to matchmake in to specific locations than intended.
  • The terminals for the “& ldquo; tire game & rdquo; show up impaired even when energetic.
  • Repaired an issue where Toland would certainly not come back if gamers relocated away from a symbol to finish the activity.
  • Taken care of a concern where high-value targets had forgotten their names.
  • Names currently appear over high-value targets properly.

Fantasizing City

  • Blind Well.
    • Taken care of a problem where the security bubble would pop to its tiniest size when a round was done rather than shrinking in time.
  • Repaired a concern where pursuit action alert for Petra’& rsquo; s pursuit objectives were showing an empty icon.
  • Dealt with a concern where gamers might occasionally not engage with rally flags prior to public events.


  • Repaired a concern where the “& ldquo; Fifty percent Vacant & rdquo; patrol on Nessus is missing out on description text.


  • Fixed an issue where Memory Piece, Drone, as well as Ghost Tale collectibles were still present on some destinations.
  • Dealt with a concern where Hive crystal shields can cause a collision.



  • Europa and also Cosmodrome strikes currently honor destination products upon conclusion.
  • Lunar Ghost Package no longer stands out an incorrect “& ldquo; out of area & rdquo; cautioning when opening up.
  • Exotic armor awarded in solo PED Shed Sectors now drops on a knockout listing.
  • Removed deceptive “& ldquo; Limited Time & rdquo; increase from Devrim Kay as well as Failsafe vendor things.
  • Repaired a pest protecting against Rahool’& rsquo; s icon from flashing when Beyond Light reward items were readily available to case.
  • Taken care of an insect where some brand-new shield mods had actually inaccurate sources detailed in Collections.
  • Taken care of a pest where the Evasive Maneuvers raid perk would in some cases fail to turn on if you switched to the mod in the middle of an experience.
  • Taken care of a bug where Icefall Mantle’& rsquo; s summary did not mention the slow-moving field it creates when triggered.



  • Fixed a problem where The Hit List was not opening correctly.
  • Repaired an issue where gamers would certainly not obtain appropriate Accomplishments after beating the Fanatic.

Monument to Lost Light

  • Fixed an issue where the waypoint on the Exotic Archive vendor continues to blink for gamers who own all Exotics.


  • Badges and Armor embed in Collections properly choose player’& rsquo;
  • s class. Taken care of a problem where the UI would certainly forget which page the player got on after previewing an item in Collections.


  • Aspects and also Pieces on the Tension Subclass screen currently suitably present “& ldquo; Currently Applied” & rdquo; when they & rsquo; re applied in an additional slot.


  • Fix inverted shades in some dark areas when playing in HDR.


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