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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 6/15/2021

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

The corrupted version of Expunge is now available. Complete Override to unlock it.

Yesterday, we published our list of 5 Quality of Life Changes Destiny 2 Desperately Needs, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

Here’s your Destiny 2 Daily Reset for Tuesday, June 15th.

Daily Vanguard Modifiers

  • Void Singe: Void damage increases slightly from all sources.
  • Stasis Singe: Stasis damage increases slightly from all sources.
  • Blackout: Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled.

Daily Override Modifiers

  • Shocker: When defeated, Goblins spawn Arc pools that causes damage over time.
  • Memory of a Lonely Outpost: Incoming Void and environmental damage increased.

Daily Reward Activities

  • Legendary Lost Sector (PL 1300): K1 Crew Quarters, Moon, drops Arms
    • Champions: Overload Captain & Barrier Servitor, Shields: Solar
  • Master Lost Sector (PL 1330): K1 Communion, Moon, drops Legs
    • Champions: Barrier Servitor & Overload Captain, Shields: Solar
  • Altars of Sorrow WeaponApostate (Sniper Rifle)

Guns, Mods & Mats

Available Mods & Armor Materials:

  • Machine Gun Ammo Finder @ Ada-1: Increases your chance of finding Heavy ammo while you have a Machine Gun equipped.
  • Precisely Charged @ Ada-1: Become Charged with Light by getting multiple rapid precision final blows with Linear Fusion Rifles or Sniper Rifles.
  • Icarus Grip @ Banshee-44: Improves accuracy while airborne.
  • Backup Mag @ Banshee-44: Increases magazine.
  • Upgrade Module (1 for 1 Enhancement Core & 10 Legendary Shards & 25 Glacial Starwort & 5000 Glimmer)
  • Upgrade Module (1 for 1 Enhancement Core & 10 Legendary Shards & 25 Spinmetal Leaves & 5000 Glimmer)
  • Enhancement Prism (1 for 10 Enhancement Core & 25 Dusklight Shard & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Enhancement Prism (1 for 10 Enhancement Core & 25 Etheric Spiral & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Ascendant Shard (1 for 10 Enhancement Prism & 100 Helium Filaments & 50000 Glimmer)

Gunsmith Offerings

Name Type Barrel Magazine Perk 1 Perk 2
IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 Energy Sniper Rifle Fluted Barrel // Hammer-Forged Rifling Accurized Rounds // Steady Rounds Triple Tap Disruption Break
Cold Denial Primary Pulse Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Smallbore Extended Mag // Armor-Piercing Rounds Grave Robber Eye of the Storm
Falling Guillotine Heavy Sword Hungry Edge // Enduring Blade // Tempered Edge Heavy Guard // Swordmaster’s Guard Energy Transfer Surrounded
Lonesome Primary Sidearm Full Bore // Smallbore Extended Mag // Flared Magwell Zen Moment Multikill Clip
Retrofuturist Energy Shotgun Rifled Barrel // Barrel Shroud Assault Mag // Accurized Rounds Underdog Trench Barrel
Memory Interdict Heavy Grenade Launcher Volatile Launch // Hard Launch High-Velocity Rounds // Sticky Grenades Auto-Loading Holster Chain Reaction

Spider Material Exchange

  • Enhancement Prisms (1 for 400 Legendary Shards)
  • Enhancement Cores (1 for 30 Legendary Shards)
  • Glimmer (10000 for 20 Dusklight Shard)
  • Dusklight Shards (5 for 1 Legendary Shards)
  • Datalattice (5 for 5000 Glimmer)
  • Baryon Boughs (5 for 5000 Glimmer)
  • Glacial Starwort (5 for 1 Legendary Shards)


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