Patriot’s Playlist: Tom MacDonald Is The GOAT

We put on’& rsquo; t do a whole lot of music associated message below on the site, however will try to include some going forward with the periodic “& ldquo; Patriot & rsquo;

s Playlist. & rdquo; I recently uncovered an artist that, if I would’& rsquo; ve been informed the category as well as shown a photo of him, probably would’& rsquo; ve just brushed it off.

Any individual who understands me understands I’& rsquo; m not a follower of the genre, in any way. That genre being rap. Like a West Texas Redneck, my viewpoint has always been that “& ldquo; rap is crap. & rdquo; However, most contemporary music is.

Turns out it wasn’& rsquo; t so much the category that’I didn & rsquo; t like, however instead the message( or do not have thereof) generally located in claimed rap music. As someone that typically concentrates a lot more on the verses over the actual music as well, it absolutely didn’& rsquo; t assist my viewpoint that a lot of rap is mumble.

The category is rap, and also the artist is an individual with tattoos on his face. Any individual who understands me understands that I’& rsquo; m not specifically a follower of tattoos, however specifically believe they are moronic when on the face or neck.

Never evaluate a publication by its cover I guess. The musician’& rsquo; s name is Tom MacDonald and also he virtually came to be a favored quickly.


< His most recent song, & ldquo; America, & rdquo; was the first Tom MacDonald track I heard as it was advised in the remarks

on a & ldquo; conspiracy & rdquo; website I periodically see. Not only might I comprehend every word, but the track had a real message as well as it absolutely aided that it’& rsquo; s one I fully concur with.

This put me in what is called the “& ldquo; Tom MacDonald bunny opening” & rdquo; on YouTube as I just kept adhering to the following one that YouTube suggested.


< & ldquo; Snowflakes & rdquo; was the

next one, as well as sure “sufficient I discovered nothing I didn & rsquo; t agree with it. I liked this another than & ldquo; America, & rdquo; mostly due to the fact that I believe it has a better beat and also a much better

carolers. The message
<with both though”, spot on. Persuaded

“ & ldquo; Brainwashed & rdquo; was the third one I listened to, and I agreed with this set also. Three songs in to what would be a lengthy binge I was currently believing that, while I such as and also value the message as well as placing it

available, I don & rsquo; t intend to pay attention to greatly the very same point over as well as

<over. Would tune 4 be any type of different? Straight White Male

“ & ldquo; Straight White Man, & rdquo; while still political, became my preferred to this factor. It seemed various and also was more comedic while still

making clear a message that I determine and also agree with. I & rsquo; m a straight white male myself and also have long been tired of finding out about white opportunity and exactly how horrible white guys are(specifically if straight and & ldquo; cis & rdquo

;-RRB-. While I was enjoying all of it, the 5th song separated the pattern in an extremely positive way.


< Nevertheless the political things, & ldquo; Sober & rdquo; was unexpected. Lastly an individual song, and one with an uplifting message that can appeal and

assist a great deal of individuals. This was my very first exposure to his sweetheart, the very skilled Nova Rockafeller that does all of his video clips (in addition to raps herself), and additionally the rap artist Madchild.

I’& rsquo; m fortunate enough to have never consumed or done any type of medications, so I can’& rsquo; t associate on that particular level, but the carolers and also the ending are terrific. & ldquo; When you fall down, as well as the globe is closing in, you can rise once again.”

& rdquo; Regard for putting their tales around also. The majority of people aren’& rsquo; t mosting likely to be

that actual. The political stuff is nice to listen to given that the Net and also media in general is so-dominated by a minority far-left way of thinking, yet this is the type of songs that will maintain me listening and not consider as a gimmick.


< YouTube does an excellent task with their algorithm as & ldquo; Church & rdquo;

was a great one to listen to after Sober to maintain that round rolling. This additionally features Nova Rockafeller, as well as first time listening to Brandon Hart who I & rsquo;d claim had the very best verse of the

song. Again I wear’& rsquo; t drink and also never have, so can’& rsquo; t connect on that degree. However, this track can put on any type of vice so its quickly relatable, and also quite effective.

As a Christian myself, the line Brandon had of “& ldquo; I keep speaking with God however He put on’& rsquo; t hear me, and my satanic forces are there constantly listening” & rdquo; was one I assume most of us can connect to.

Near the end, Tom has the bridge of “& ldquo; I can & rsquo; t read, however the Holy bible & rsquo; s still with me. My eyes can & rsquo; t see from the bottles of scotch. I wear’& rsquo; t think any person will miss me. As well as I’& rsquo; m on my knees, inform me, God, are you listenin & rsquo;? &

rdquo; Evaluating by the amount of people in the remarks who are relating to the song and that it is helping, I’& rsquo;d say God is listening as well as overcoming Tom.

This set was excellent and was an enjoyable blending of style instead of just being rap.


< & ldquo; Castles & rdquo; wasn & rsquo; t the following track that YouTube“advised, there” were a few in between this as well as & ldquo; Church & rdquo; that were likewise excellent( & ldquo; Angels & rdquo; and also some more political

ones), but I & rsquo; m not ready to

run down each and every single song in this message. It was a long binge besides. This one did become my favored to this factor however, and also is still top two for me.

Songs can affect as well as touch individuals, even though that seems dumb. The majority of songs these days, and for a very long time, is complete rubbish. Mainstream anyway; the kind that dominates radio airwaves as well as obtains advertised.

You can track the decrease of our society by just how terrible and profane the popular music has gotten over the previous 6 or seven decades.

“& ldquo; Castles & rdquo; is the sort of tune that people must be hearing on the radio, or should be executed at a sporting occasion.

If the message of this tune was what got advertised and also was popular, the nation would be a much better area.

Love everything concerning “& ldquo; Castles & rdquo; the song and the video clip.

Excellent. I
<Desire I & rsquo; m going to end on this one, although we

“& rsquo; re going to do “more Tom” MacDonald in future installations. & ldquo; I Dream & rdquo; is the one that covers & ldquo; Castles & rdquo; for me. Of all the Tom MacDonald tunes I & rsquo; ve listened to, which at this point is

“each of them that “has a video, this is my favorite. & ldquo; Church & rdquo; and also & ldquo; Withdrawls & rdquo; are superb, yet & ldquo; I Desire & rdquo; is the one

I can connect also. This talks to me. The “carolers for this is remarkable; & ldquo; I want on shooting stars, or were they satellites? Possibly they were also far, hey-oh-nah-nah. I need to’& rsquo; ve blown apart a million dandelions. Now they wear’& rsquo; t expand in my backyard, hey-oh-nah-nah.”

& rdquo; The bridge at the end though couldn’& rsquo; “t be more relatable; & ldquo; I want we were youngsters again. Prior to everything was on Instagram, hey-oh. The things were so basic after that. Me, my tree ft, every one of my close friends. Way back when on Beaver Drive, when the flooring was lava, I can fly, hey-oh. Desired I allowed like them, never believed I’& rsquo;d wan na be a youngster once again. & rdquo;

As far as I’& rsquo; m worried, & ldquo; I Desire & rdquo; is perfection. I can throw this on repeat as well as it’& rsquo;d take a long period of time prior to I obtained tired of it. Outstanding song throughout.

Mac Lethal Draws


Call this set a benefit. I know absolutely nothing about Mac Lethal, aside from he apparently sucks. There & rsquo; s no message in this one, however it’& rsquo; s fun and also a wonderful diss track. As a person not over making a Chris Benoit referral in a joke, the “& ldquo; they & rsquo; re gon na need an entire family members of caskets when you Chris Benoit them to resolve all your problems” & rdquo; line obtains a huge thumbs up from me.

The politically billed Tom MacDonald tracks are fantastic. By themselves, possibly not enough to make me a fan. The more individual tracks and also the ones with a deeper message were though.

This guy produces something new, I’& rsquo; m going to listen to it. I can & rsquo; t truly say that about any various other musician available today, aside from perhaps Lexi Pedestrian.

People who understand me well know that I commonly prefer to pay attention to females, and also a lot more old-fashioned at that. With the exemption of Lexi, most of the stuff I pay attention to these days is from the Andrews Sisters, Doris Day, Margaret Whiting etc. Male artists I typically listen to would certainly be Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and also Andy Williams.

That’& rsquo; s all a greatly different style than Tom MacDonald, however additionally totally different from the stuff I listened to in secondary school (hard rock).

Sign me up for the Hang Over Gang! Tom MacDonald is, as the youngsters today state, straight fire or lit. Very recommend looking into his stuff. Go register for his YouTube as well as hit that bell to get the alerts. Do the same for Nova.


Gary is Proprietor and also Editor-in-Chief of Vortainment. He’& rsquo; s normally publishing news and also evaluations, and also doing all the backside stuff also. He likes to play video games, watch motion pictures, wrestling and university football (Roll Trend Roll).

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