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[Sticky] The PlayStation Thread

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Subscribed to PS Now for a month to try out the service.

There's definitely a lot of games on it that I'd like to play again or for the first time, so if I'm satisfied with the streaming experience of it (and I'm on a wired connection) then I can def see paying the $60 a year for the service.

Of course the PS4/PS5 games you can download anyway, so streaming wouldn't be a problem with them.

Still they need to add new release games to it and compete with GamePass.

Topic starter Posted : April 23, 2021 10:34 AM
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Upgraded the command center/office.

Keeping my PS5 hooked up to my 23" 1080p monitor for right now, but I'll soon be upgrading the monitor to a 28" 4K one.

Got a new TV for the room. Don't really watch a lot of TV in here, but figured it was time to put aside the almost 11 year old 32" 720p set I had with a Roku hooked up to it.

Opted for a 43" 4K Android TV (still with the Roku hooked up for the many things that isn't available on Android TV) and hooked up the PS4 Pro to it as well. It is pretty nice.

That was mainly to have a Bluray/DVD player hooked up. But it was the first time I had logged into the PS4 since getting the PS5, so after doing some updates, I figured I'd try out some gaming on the bigger screen.

I couldn't possibly play Destiny on it, nor other FPS games more than likely, but going forward I think I'll be using it for gaming as well.

It makes no sense to have PS4 games that have no added benefit of being played on PS5 taking up space on my PS5 ssd (I don't yet have an external hdd to keep PS4 games installed on). So when I want to play Fall Guys, Diablo, and games like AC Odyssey or Red Dead, I'll be doing on the PS4.

Topic starter Posted : April 29, 2021 12:23 AM
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Eric W.
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I finally have a PS5.  

Posted : June 18, 2021 8:47 AM
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Very nice.

You should download Destiny and hit us up sometime before cross-play comes.

Topic starter Posted : June 18, 2021 10:09 AM
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