Nintendo Wii U Review

The next generation of game consoles began on November 18th with the launch of Nintendo’& rsquo; s Wii U, and also sadly for Nintendo their following gen console is equivalent (somewhat better) than the existing generation of gaming consoles from Sony and also Microsoft. Which implies that (if the reported specifications as well as programmer talk is to be believed) when the next Playstation as well as Xbox struck the marketplace (possibly this year). Wii U will certainly be in a similar situation as Wii was. Wii U currently isn’& rsquo; t obtaining highly expected 3rd party titles.

Certainly any type of Nintendo follower recognizes that you get a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games and a handful of third party exclusive games that find their means onto the system. One of the video games I’& rsquo; m most anticipating being introduced is the very first 3D Super Mario ready the system (in fact the only game I’& rsquo; m even more looking forward to being announced is the follow up to Red Dead Redemption). Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are not simply at the top of the most effective Wii games list, yet also around the top of the very best video games of the current generation checklist also. And while they weren’& rsquo; t in HD, those video games were gorgeous and looked better than some Playstation 3 video games.

I bought the Wii U on the first day, but I haven’& rsquo; t transformed it on in over a week and also it has probably been close to a month since I played a video game on it. Given I still don’& rsquo; t have but a number of games for it, however prior to getting a Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet I was mostly using the Wii U Gamepad to browse the Net in a different area while viewing TV and as a remote for the television. I will say though that Nintendo TVii is a far better remote than the Peel Smart Remote application gets on the Galaxy Tab 2. Nintendo TVii is a terrific feature.

Of course the big point with the Wii U is the GamePad controller, which works great and also feels good in the hands. I want some of the huge developers would certainly recognize that the GamePad has all the buttons that a PS3 or 360 controller has and also is thus with the ability of playing any kind of game you can jump on those systems. Even if it has a touch screen doesn’& rsquo; t imply you need to utilize it. Too many designers are going with the “& ldquo; we wear & rsquo; t recognize exactly how to utilize the display with this specific video game in such a way that would be significant” & rdquo; technique. If you wear’& rsquo; t want the screen to be black put a map on it or something. The games don’& rsquo; t need to be gimmicked up in order to be “& ldquo;

significant. & rdquo; Considering that the Wii U & rsquo; s launch, there hasn & rsquo; t been a lot of anything released for the system beyond the launch day titles. The eShop is particularly barren, as week after week goes by with nothing new outside of a handful of trials (which really have a particular number of plays available, which is nonsense).

There’& rsquo; s no doubt in my mind that Wii U is a good system, with all the possibility of being an excellent system, however that’& rsquo; s ahead in the future. Right now, buying the system on day one is a remorse I have practically two months later. I do like the system, as well as the games and demonstrations that I have used it, and also I do believe it can be a little better than the PS3 and also 360 presently are, yet that calls for 3rd parties to bring their games to the system. We’& rsquo; ll see exactly how it holds up versus next gen offerings from its rivals, but really since now I’& rsquo;d advise waiting on obtaining a Wii U if you don’& rsquo; t already have one. Wait on the cost to drop.

Nintendo Wii U gets a three out of five: GOOD.


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