Destiny 2 Update

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes: Black Armory

Bungie has just posted the patch notes for Update This update opens up the Black Armory content, along with a bunch of other stuff. Destiny 2 Daily and Destiny 2 Weekly will be delayed today because of the update and the need to manually add everything. I’m on PS4, and do not yet have…

This Week at Bungie 11/29/18

Get A Look At The Weapons of Destiny 2’s Black Armory

If you have purchased the Annual Pass for Destiny 2, tomorrow you’ll find some new activities and weapons. The Black Armory will open to Guardians and the first Forge will become available. Bungie has released a new hype trailer to get you ready for Black Armory. Check out the weapons that you can forge over…

Destiny The Taken King

Destiny – The Taken King Review

A little over a year ago I posted my review of vanilla Destiny, which I gave a superb 4.5 star rating. That review encompassed the game from launch to three weeks after launch with a little over 85 hours invested in it and having done everything but the raid. Now here we are a month and a half removed from the release of Destiny’s first major expansion, The Taken King, and it is time to review it all over again.

New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U Review

New Super Luigi U is basically a rehash of New Super Mario Bros U (it originated as DLC for the Mario game), so I’ll be limiting this to a quick look over instead of a full-fledged review. So without further adieu, let’s get this mini show on the road. I can’t remember off hand if…

Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

Undead Nightmare really is something special. Priced at $10, or 800 Microsoft Points, on PSN and Xbox LIVE, it’s the kind of DLC that even the most anti-DLC person can get behind. It features additional multiplayer modes, but even more importantly a stand-alone single player campaign that will last you roughly six to eight hours…