Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review

Today we will be taking a look at Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the follow-up to the 2010 title Medal of Honor and the continuation of the contemporary reboot of the series.

While I am a follower of shooters, I, to this factor, have actually not had a possibility to play any one of the reboot Medal of Honor. Obviously I did spend time with Warfighter over the previous week, otherwise why would I be covering it, right? Need to say it was a quite solid experience. Exactly how strong, well let’& rsquo; s reach it as well as locate

out. Quick note prior to we dive in, I am trying out a new style this go round. With any luck it keeps my thoughts shorter and also arranged, along with making the job of creating the testimonial quicker and easier. Allow me recognize what you think or if you have any kind of suggestions.

From what I can tell, the Medal of Honor collection has actually always been quite strong graphically, and also Warfighter holds it’& rsquo; s possess because respect. While not Planet smashing, every degree I played was sharp over a range of places, setups, weather and times of day. My favorite scenes so far has to be a toss up in between the beach landing/assault or gunning and also driving the watercraft.

Shooters are not typically known for their breath taking scenic views, particularly many of those embeded in modern day areas such as the Middle East or developing nation, however MoH is very solid and establishes itself in advance of some of the various other shooters I have actually played in recent months such as Inversion and Specification Ops: The Line which had a cartoon-ish top quality to them, whereas MoH is more life like in it’& rsquo; s presentation.

There is definitely room for games with more of the cartoon-ish design(and also it functioned well for Spec Ops), but with the overall sensible nature of MoH, the use of even more life like visuals and grit is more appropriate as well as adds to the experience, equally as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier performed with it’& rsquo; s realism. Nevertheless if I had to select between the two, I would provide a small edge to Future Soldier over Warfighter.

There generally isn’& rsquo; t a lot to critique audio sensible in a shooter. Can you hear shooting? Does it audio tacky? What regarding the audios of war? Surges? Helicopters? Yes, they’& rsquo; re all there. The voice work for the main personalities is serviceable. It does the job it needs to do, but as you could expect, the tale does not offer itself to permit any type of crowning achievement efficiencies from the voice acting side of points. It is on the same level with many various other shooters, so pretty much what you would most likely expect.

Speaking of the story, it is fairly typical for a shooter too: some crap takes place, the good guys need to go save the day, enemies/terrorists pour out of the timber work at almost every turn. Permanently procedure, they threw a little of drama, such as ‘& lsquo; Preacher & rsquo; wanting to get out of the service to try as well as save his marital relationship. It’& rsquo; s not essential, yet includes kind of that tormented soul element that you may picture actual soldiers undergo. And after that, simply when they think they are lastly out, some crap strikes the fan and also they are right back in. Again, not required for the game, yet includes a little more realistic look.

I feel like a parrot, but once again, this is a shooter and also it is what it is. The gameplay is absolutely nothing that is going to establish the world on fire or blow your mind. You run about, discover some cover, focus on the bad guys and also shoot. It’& rsquo; s a tried and true formula for the shooter genre and there isn’& rsquo; t any kind of demand to re-invent the wheel.

This is just a strong throughout shooter. Absolutely nothing that makes phenomenal waves, but it has top quality graphics, the audio effects and voice job are on par with what you would anticipate from a current gen video game, a good tale, as well as attempted and real gameplay. All that adds up for a delightful gaming experience.

Not a great deal of negative to discuss below. Given there was very little that will certainly knock your socks off, but the only problem I can really find is some of the levels may be a little on the brief side.

As I’& rsquo; ve reviewed, this is a strong game. But at the exact same time, there isn’& rsquo; t truly anything new. If you’& rsquo; re a fan of shooters, you’& rsquo; ll most likely appreciate this as well as I do think it is worth looking into, but there are various other shooters that have actually come out and also still as a result of appear this year that are or need to be as good or better.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter obtains a three out of five: GOOD.


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