Death to Smoochy Review

If you enjoy dark and usually obscene comedies, after that Death to Smoochy is a must-own motion picture for you. Robin Williams is at his funny best as former child show host, Rainbow Randolph. Rainbow was ousted by Kid Net, after approving kickbacks for the show. His substitute is the “& ldquo; spotless & rdquo;, Sheldon & lsquo; Smoochy & rsquo; Mopes(Edward Norton), a fuchsia Rhinocerous who’& rsquo; s catchphrase is “& ldquo; You can & rsquo; t change the world, however you can make a damage.”

& rdquo; The popularity of Smoochy’& rsquo; s Magic Forest skies rockets to a nationwide sensation, while driving Rainbow entirely mad with rage. He sets out to attempt as well as ruin the rhinocerous, drawing out penis designed cookies onto the show, as well as mounting Sheldon at a Nazi rally. Rainbow’& rsquo; s temper as well as craze grows much more angry when he learns that Kid Net exec Nora Wells (Catherine Keener) is dating Sheldon. Rainbow sets out on a quest to eliminate the rhino.

What occurs is a non-stop roller rollercoaster flight of humor, filled with double-cross, murder, romance, as well as a not likely alliance. Rounding out a residential area actors, are the supporting characters M. Frank Stokes (Jon Stewart), Burke Bennett (Danny DeVito), Tommy Wedge (Pam Ferris), Spinner Dunn/Moochy (Michael Rispoli), Merv Green (Harvey Fierstein), and Buggy Ding Dong (Vincent Schiavelli).

The cast comes together to create a fantastic film, albeit one with a little a “& ldquo; dark & rdquo; edge as well as tied with obscenities. Get on the watch out for a special set of cookies made by Rainbow Randolph, that scene will have you rolling on the floor, chuckling your ass off.

Do on your own a support, buy the DVD ASAP if you wear’& rsquo; t already have it. GO! Full of continuous laughs, this is a film that you will enjoy many times over.

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Love this flick! Fatality to Smoochy gets a five out of five: EXCELLENT.


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