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I, Robot Review

I, Robot

I, Robot Review

Based on the series of short stories written by Isaac Asimov, I, Robot takes place in Chicago in the year 2035. Will Smith plays Detective Spooner, a cop that refuses to place his faith in robots when everyone else does. Spooner’s distrust stems from an incident that occurred prior to the beginning of the film, but provides for an interesting twist when it is revealed.

Detective Spooner is called in to investigate the apparent suicide of one of the founding fathers of U.S. Robotics. Spooner believes that instead of suicide, this was a murder, a murder committed by a robot. No one believes this is possible of course, as a robot cannot harm a human in any way, as it would violate the three rules of robotics.

During his investigation, Spooner encounters a number of obstacles, but who is sending these obstacles? Is it the one who stands to gain money and power? Is someone trying to overthrow U.S. Robotics? Or have the robots become capable of independent thought and free will?

This is a pretty well done movie with some nice special effects and a few good action sequences. Probably not Smith’s best acting job, but definitely not his worst.

I, Robot gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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