I, Robot Review

Based upon the collection of short stories written by Isaac Asimov, I, Robotic occurs in Chicago in the year 2035. Will Smith plays Detective Spooner, a police officer that refuses to position his confidence in robots when every person else does. Spooner’& rsquo; s mistrust originates from a case that occurred prior to the start of the film, however attends to an interesting twist when it is disclosed.

Investigator Spooner is hired to explore the obvious self-destruction of one of the founding fathers of U.S. Robotics. Spooner believes that as opposed to self-destruction, this was a murder, a murder devoted by a robot. No person thinks this is possible certainly, as a robotic can not damage a human by any means, as it would certainly breach the three policies of robotics.

Throughout his investigation, Spooner experiences a variety of obstacles, however that is sending out these obstacles? Is it the one who stands to get money and power? Is a person trying to overthrow united state Robotics? Or have the robots end up being efficient in independent thought as well as free choice?

This is a pretty well done movie with some wonderful unique effects and a few excellent activity sequences. Probably not Smith’& rsquo; s best acting task, yet definitely not his worst.

I, Robot gets a three out of five: GOOD.


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