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Foxcatcher Review

Foxcatcher Review

Foxcatcher is a meticulously crafted, well researched, and fantastically acted film. That said, I found it to be kind of a dull and ponderous movie, although this is the kind of thing you don’t watch for entertainment as much as for the experience.

Steve Carrel plays John DuPont, a spoiled billionaire by birth opens up the wrestling program that gives this movie its’ name. When Dupont invites noted Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) to move up to his sprawling private kingdom and help form an all-star wrestling team for the Olympics, Mark sees a way to step out of the shadow of his brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo) who has mentored and coached him his entire life.

Eventually both brothers wind up under the DuPont umbrella which leads to a world of tension and tragic consequences. This movie is carried by three very strong performances.

Channing Tatum plays Mark as your typical tunnel-vision infused jock who is more than willing to go along with whatever insane tirade the infantile DuPont happens to be on.

Carrel steals the movie as the tortured billionaire with serious mommy issues. His performance here is brilliant and creepy. Everything from the way he stutters out his dialogue in that very needy and unconfident tone, to how he walks hunched over just creates a very memorable manic psychopath that I will remember for quite some time.

Ruffalo has perhaps the most difficult job playing Dave, who is the most normal of the three leads here. Dave Shultz is the only true adult featured in this movie, and Ruffalo comes across as both earnest and trustworthy.

This is a weird one to recommend, because I know there’s a lot of people who will not enjoy it. I am not sure I enjoyed it myself, but I respected the hell out of it.

Foxcatcher gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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