New “Visions” Expansion Launches Tomorrow For No Man’s Sky; Patch Notes

No Guy’& rsquo; s Skies continues to progress in a large way tomorrow as another cost-free growth update drops. Update 1.75 is titled Visions and also it’& rsquo; s once more changing the game up with a variety of brand-new web content.

Look into the trailer below, complied with by the 1.75 Spot Notes. If you’& rsquo;d like a far better, extra in-depth take a look at all the new stuff concerning No Male’& rsquo; s Skies tomorrow, make certain to have a look at the official update page on the No Man’& rsquo; s Sky internet site by clicking here.

< The Visions update launches tomorrow for all platforms. Right here are the 1.75 Patch Notes:


  • Repaired a problem where players might be stopped from making a cost-free truck in the tutorial.
  • Allowed the Desire For the Deep mission to find if the a Nautilon Chamber had been constructed nearby before the mission began.
  • Fixed a concern where goals that visited profession terminals can advance without their goal being finished.
  • Taken care of a problem that protected against greater level Aeration Membrane upgrade components from showing up in the Spaceport station technology shops.
  • Repaired a problem that protected against Truck Hyperdrive upgrade modules from showing up in the Spaceport station technology stores.
  • Repaired a concern where players might stop working to find out the Living Glass plan at the appropriate time.
  • Taken care of an issue where players might fail to discover the Exocraft Boost blueprint at the proper time.
  • NipNip blueprints can now be acquired from the Base farmer after their objective chain is complete.
  • Dealt with a concern where NPCs awarding procedurally created upgrade components would certainly select from an insufficiently random pool.
  • Dealt with a concern that avoided some doors + products that call for Atlas Pass v1 from accepting v2 or v3.
  • Changed the behaviour of wanted level timers, to ensure that the desired level rots as the timer does.


  • Improved the appearance of the worldly readout from area.
  • Added a new section to the supply item popup meaning the thing’& rsquo; s use
  • . Enhanced the visual feedback when accumulating things, particularly rare items.
  • Improved the text tags for armoured things.
  • Included a filter for “& ldquo; Not Owned & rdquo; to the Quicksilver Store.
  • Taken care of an issue which would certainly permit gamers to search their existing fleet whilst purchasing a brand-new frigate.
  • Fixed an unusual instance where specific video game inputs could briefly fail to be identified if remapped after that changed to defaults.
  • Prevented a wrong increase symbol appearing while piloting the Nautilon (on PS4 and Xbox One).


  • Fixed a problem protecting against building multiples of storage space container 1 (on PS4 and also Xbox One).


  • Dealt with a problem where extreme climate planets can fail to produce tornados.
  • Enhanced the circulation of ammonia and uranium on toxic as well as contaminated planets.
  • Improved some evaluation visor text summaries.
  • Fixed a concern where the terrain manipulator could ruin useful items.
  • Repaired a concern where other players’ & rsquo; explorations might protect against fauna as well as vegetations from being checked with the evaluation visor.
  • Added identifiable descriptors for all strange earth types.
  • Fixed an issue where source crystals (eg Di-Hydrogen) might be uncovered on every world.
  • Taken care of a problem where lots of minerals would certainly be called Yukovsite.
  • Allowed the torch to be utilized when exploring collapsed freighters.


  • Dealt with a concern where exocraft customisation colours could be wrong up until revitalized in the customiser.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with extra-large fungis.
  • Taken care of an issue where fixed things can in some cases appear obscured.
  • Boosted the draw distance on some unique earth items.


  • Repaired some out of memory crashes.
  • Dealt with an accident when giving up the game during a motion.


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