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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 12/12/18

Destiny 2 Daily Reset Season 5

Daily Milestone(s)

Heroic Adventures: Complete the currently featured Heroic Adventure.

Daily Modifiers

Affect Strikes, Heroic Missions & Adventures

  • Solar Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all sources.
  • Blackout: Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled.
  • Heavyweight: Power weapons deal more damage, and more ammo is available.

Daily Heroic Story Missions

  • Riptide
  • Hope
  • The Gateway
  • Off-World Recovery
  • Ice and Shadow

Daily Heroic Adventure

Dark Alliance: Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region.

Gunsmith Inventory

  • Impact Mod: Increases melee regeneration speed.
  • Radar Tuner: Radar immediately returns when you stop aiming down sights.


Eva Levante, Dawning Vendor

Name Description Requirement Reward
Dawning Ingredients: Cabal Defeat Cabal enemies anywhere in the system. Kill Cabal Cabal Oil
Stay Sharp Use Swords to defeat enemies anywhere in the system. Opposing Guardians count more. Get 50 Sword kills Sharp Flavor
Delight, Delight, Delight Complete a Gambit match. Complete a Gambit match 5 Essence of Dawning
This (Dawning) Is Amazing! Complete matches in the Crucible. Complete 2 matches 5 Essence of Dawning

Ada-1, Black Armory

Name Description Requirement Reward
Harvest Time Harvest resources in any destination. Collect 15 materials Modulus Report / 1500 Glimmer
Rasmussen Tribute Pay homage to the Black Armory’s Norse heritage by defeating enemies with Power weapons and Shotguns. Defeat enemies Modulus Report / 1500 Glimmer
Hammer and Tongs Throw batteries at the forge to successfully charge it. Complete 2 charges Modulus Report / 1500 Glimmer
Black Armory Shield Drones Destroy the Black Armory shield drones protecting the Forge Saboteur. Destroy 9 drones Modulus Report / 1500 Glimmer
Memory Evaluation Complete a daily Heroic story mission with at least one Black Armory weapon equipped. Complete a Story mission Modulus Report / 1500 Glimmer
Forging The Future (Weekly) Ignite a forge, eliminate the Warden, and complete the ignition. Complete a Forge Ignition Ballistics Log / 2500 Glimmer
For The Armory (Weekly) Complete Black Armory daily bounties over the course of a week. Complete 7 bounties. Ballistics Log / 2500 Glimmer

Petra Venj, Dreaming City

Name Description Requirement Reward
Fieldwork “If you spot any of my Corsairs in the field, don’t be shy to say hello.” Complete 4 patrols Dark Fragment / Baryon Bough
Reagent Resourcing “The Techeuns call for more spell ingredients.” Collect 15 Baryon Boughs Dark Fragment / Baryon Bough
Scourge of the Scorn “The Scorn seek revenge for the death of the Fanatic. They will never willingly leave the Dreaming City.” Defeat 70 Scorn Dark Fragment / Baryon Bough
Lost In The Strand Explore Aphelion’s Rest in the Dreaming City. Explore the Lost Sector. Dark Fragment / Baryon Bough
Challenge: The Shattered “Is it true that the spirit of a Guardian wanders the Ascendant Plane?” Locate Toland. Dark Fragment / Baryon Bough / Legendary Gear

Suraya Hawthorne, Clan Steward

Name Description Requirement Reward
Hand To Hand Defeat enemies with melee attacks anywhere in the solar system. Get 20 precision kills 1000 Clan XP
Spelunking Complete Lost Sectors anywhere in the solar system Clear 2 lost sectors 1000 Clan XP
The Rift Defeat Guardians with Void damage in the Crucible Get 10 Void Final blows 1000 Clan XP
Mote Hoarder Hold enough Motes for a small Blocker during a Gambit match. Hold 5 Motes 1000 Clan XP

Commander Zavala, Vanguard

Name Description Requirement Reward
Long Distance Plan Defeat enemies in strikes with any Sniper Rifle. 10 Enemies defeated 5 Vanguard Tactician Token
Controlled Destruction Defeat enemies in strikes with any Grenade Launcher. 10 Enemies defeated 5 Vanguard Tactician Token
Rocketing to Prominence Defeat enemies in strikes with any Rocket Launcher. 10 Enemies defeated 5 Vanguard Tactician Token
Show Them the Light Defeat enemies with your Super in a strike. 10 Super Kills 5 Vanguard Tactician Token
Into the Abyss Get Void kills in a strike. 25 Void kills 5 Vanguard Tactician Token

Lord Shaxx, Crucible

Name Description Requirement Reward
Show ‘Em What You Got Defeat Guardians of other classes in the Crucible. 10 Guardians Defeated 5 Crucible Token
An Object in Motion Land final blows using Kinetic weapons in the Crucible. 10 Final blows 5 Crucible Token
Throw Down Land melee final blows in the Crucible. 3 Final blows 5 Crucible Token
Killing Wind Defeat three opponents in the Crucible without dying. 1 Streak 5 Crucible Token
Throwing Shade Land Void final blows in the Crucible. 5 Final blows 5 Crucible Token

The Drifter, Gambit

Name Description Requirement Reward
Elite Executioner Defeat challenging enemies in Gambit. 10 Challenging enemies defeated 30 Infamy Rank Points
Line ‘Em Up As a fireteam, defeat enemy Guardians in Gambit. 5 Guardians defeated 30 Infamy Rank Points
Electri-fried Use Arc abilities to defeat enemies in Gambit. Defeated Guardians are worth extra points. 15 Enemies defeated 30 Infamy Rank Points
The Big Haul Bank a large number of Motes in a single Gambit match. 50 Motes banked 50 Infamy Rank Points & Legendary Gear
Might of the Traveler Earn points by casting Supers, defeating enemies with Supers, and creating Orbs of Light. 200 Points 150 Infamy Rank Points & Powerful Gear

Spider, Tangled Shore

Name Description Requirement Reward
The Great Equalizer Defeat Fallen in Thieves’ Landing. 35 Fallen defeated 2500 Glimmer
Conquer the Conquerors Defeat Cabal in Soriks’s Cut. 35 Cabal defeated 2500 Glimmer
Flotsam and Jetsam Defeat Hive in the Jetsam of Saturn. 35 Hive defeated 2500 Glimmer
Shoreline Scavenging Harvest Etheric Spirals on the Tangled Shore. 5 Resources gathered 2500 Glimmer
Patrol the Shore Complete three patrols on the Tangled Shore. 3 Patrols completed 2500 Glimmer
Orbital Drop Generate Orbs of Light while on the Tangled Shore. 10 Orbs created 2500 Glimmer
Lost on the Landing Explore the Lost Sector Kingship Dock near Thieves’ Landing on the Tangled Shore. 1 2500 Glimmer

Devrim Kay, EDZ

Name Description Requirement Reward
Generator Create Orbs of Light in the EDZ. 10 Orbs generated 10 Dusklight Shard
Front Line Defense Defeat Cabal in the EDZ. 30 Cabal kills 10 Dusklight Shard
Touch the Void Defeat enemies with Void damage in the EDZ. 30 Void kills 10 Dusklight Shard

Sloane, Titan

Name Description Requirement Reward
Traveler’s Chosen Get Super kills on Titan. 20 Super kills 10 Alkane Dust
Alkane Chemistry Harvest Alkane Dust on Titan. 5 Resources collected 10 Alkane Dust
Scent of the Void Get Void kills on Titan. 30 Void kills 10 Alkane Dust

Failsafe, Nessus

Name Description Requirement Reward
To Smithereens Get grenade kills on Nessus. 20 Grenade kills 10 Microphasic Datalattice
War Machine Get Power weapon multikills on Nessus. 3 Power multikills 10 Microphasic Datalattice
Pinpoint Accuracy Get precision kills on Nessus. 10 Precision kills 10 Microphasic Datalattice

Asher Mir, Io

Name Description Requirement Reward
Frank Exchange of Views Defeat Taken on Io. 30 Taken defeated 10 Phaseglass Needle
“Vanguard” Outpost Complete patrols on Io. 2 Patrols completed 10 Phaseglass Needle
Arc Potential Get Arc kills on Io. 30 Arc kills 10 Phaseglass Needle

Brother Vance, Mercury

Name Description Requirement Reward
Lighthouse Keeper Defeat enemies on Mercury. 50 Enemies defeated 10 Simulation Seed
Superlative Get Super kills while on Mercury. 20 Super kills 10 Simulation Seed
Short Fuse Defeat Minotaurs on Mercury with a Fusion Rifle. 10 Minotaurs fused 10 Simulation Seed

Ana Bray, Mars

Name Description Requirement Reward
Give ‘Em Hellas Defeat enemies on Mars. 50 Enemies defeated 10 Seraphite
Defrosted Defeat Hive on Mars. 30 Hive defeated 10 Seraphite
Vengeance of Valhalla Defeat multiple enemies at a time on Mars using the Valkyrie. 5 Valkyrie multikills 10 Seraphite

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