Path of Exile PS4 Patch 3.6.3 Notes

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games have released Patch 3.6.3 to Path of Exile on PS4. The full patch notes can be found below:

Console Specific

  • Betrayal encounters can now spawn. As a reminder, as previously stated, when an area contains Betrayal, it will have a single encounter which will give the following tripled rewards (only in areas 68 and higher): the amount of experience received when you make a decision, the amount of items dropped from Bargain decisions, the amount of veiled items dropped by Syndicate members, Safehouse leaders contribution of intelligence towards the Mastermind and most Safehouse rewards.
  • You can now toggle the visibility of area modifiers on or off in the Options menu.
  • You can now press Square when interacting with Zana in the Memory Nexus to open the “Sell Items” window.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause some users to crash during the game client’s startup.
  • Fixed some cases of missing shaders which would have resulted in temporarily strange-looking cosmetics, skills, locations and monsters.
  • Reduced the distance with which you can zoom-out the Subterranean Chart. This fixes an associated crash.
  • You can now switch between the Unveiling user-interface and the Inventory Panel using R1.

Synthesis Fixes

  • Added 3D Art for Nebulis.
  • Added 3D Art for Offering to the Serpent.
  • Added visible labels to Synthesised Chests.
  • Re-enabled the Shanty Town Memory. This was temporarily disabled in 3.6.0 Hotfix 4.
  • Fragmented Memories and Distant Memories now require an area level of at least 50 to be able to generate Burning Ground, Chilled Ground, Shocked Ground or Desecrated Ground modifiers.
  • Distant Memories which spawn on top of Planned Memories in your Memory Nexus now cause that Planned Memory to be returned to your queue, rather than delete it entirely.
  • Items that are consumed by Decay in non-decaying Memory Void areas are now dropped near a Memory Stabiliser when you move close to one. Items are now only consumed by Decay if collecting that item would teleport you.
  • Fixed various issues where monster packs in Fragmented Memories and the Memory Void didn’t contain the correct Rare monsters. This also fixes the issue that many players are having where they can’t find the Rare monsters required for the “Defeat Synthesis Monsters” challenge.
  • Fixed a bug where defeating The Elder sometimes did not fulfil the ‘The Elder’ step of the “Defeat Elder and Elder Guardians” challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where Bloodlines effects (such as Heralds of the Obelisk) could be active in the airlock of a Fragmented Memory or Placed Memory.
  • Fixed an instance crash that occurred in the Cortex boss encounter.
  • It is no longer possible to use the “Teleport to Player” functionality to teleport to players within a Memory Void. You will now teleport to their Memory Nexus.
  • You can now return Placed Memories to your queue. Doing so removes any Memory Modifiers applied to it and destroys the underlying Memory Amplifier if it is placed on one.
  • You can now move Placed Memories in the Memory Nexus. To do so, select a Memory Stabiliser, then select a Placed Memory that you wish to connect to your current location.
  • Moving a Memory which is placed on a Memory Amplifier will destroy the Memory Amplifier.
  • Distant Memories now have a chance to generate when you acquire a new Fragmented Memory, rather than when you place one. This should prevent Distant Memories from interrupting planned journeys through the Memory Void.
  • When reaching the reward platform in a Distant Memory, your checkpoint is now saved there and a portal back to the entrance of the area is created. You can then freely roam the area with the assurance of being able to get back to the reward platform, while still being able to return to the entrance afterwards.
  • Slightly reduced the rate of Decay in Distant Memories.
  • Synthesis Boss encounters now drop a Fractured item with three Fractured modifiers, with a chance to drop multiple. The Cortex Boss encounter now drops five Fractured items with three Fractured modifiers, with a chance to drop more.
  • Synthesis Bosses now gain current and maximum life if additional party members enter the area after the encounter has begun.
  • Rebalanced rewards from Distant Memories and the chances of each type of Distant Memory appearing.
  • Generic, Jewellery, Armour and Weapon Distant Memories now always contain chests which drop Fractured Items of the associated type.
  • Chests which contain Fractured Items now have a chance to drop Fractured Items with two Fractured Mods.
  • Memories placed in the Memory Nexus can now only be affected by up to five Memory Modifiers. Rebalanced Memory Modifiers as a result of the new maximum. Any existing Memories that had more than 5 Memory Modifiers applied to them have been reduced to meet the new maximum.
  • Memory Modifiers are no longer applied to all Memories in sequence. Memory Modifiers are now applied to a chosen Memory as well as all Memories which are adjacent to that Memory.
  • Disabled the “Grants an additional Global Mod to Memories connected in a sequence to the Memory placed on this location” Memory Amplifier due to changes to how Memory Modifiers are applied.
  • Disabled the “Memories placed on this location can be run X additional times before Decaying” Memory Amplifier. Existing Memory Amplifiers will exist until they’ve been consumed.
  • Added a Synthesis Map Info panel to the Memory Map which displays various current and maximum values for objects within the Memory Void.
  • Breaches and Abysses can now spawn in non-Decaying Level 68+ Memories.
  • All Synthesised Monsters can now drop Maps, rather than just the Rare Synthesised Monsters.
  • Maps are now allocated to the Map Maker in the Memory Nexus.
  • Fractured Items now drop from all Memory Nexus areas, rather than just Decaying areas.
  • Synthesis Stash chests now have labels which are always visible.
  • Added subtle audio when removing a Memory from your Memory Map.
  • Updated the audio used in Synthesis Boss Encounters.
  • Activating a Memory Stabiliser that isn’t the first or last in a Fragmented Memory no longer temporarily pauses the Decay’s expansion as it was causing desync. Slowed the rate of Decay in Fragmented Memories with 3 or 4 bridges.
  • Walking near a Memory Stabiliser in a Fragmented Memory no longer causes items to be pulled to that location. This fixes an issue introduced in 3.6.2 where items would sometimes not be dropped near Cavas or Zana at the completion of a Fragmented Memory.
  • Adjusted the minimum number of modifiers that a Fragmented Memory can have based on its level. Higher level areas have higher minimum modifier values.
  • Increased the chances of encountering three- and four-bridged memories.
  • Fragmented Memories which contain 2 bridges are now equally likely to contain Straight bridges as they are to contain Corner bridges.
  • Added new Fragmented Memory tilesets.
  • The Templar Laboratory Memory can no longer generate in Zana missions.
  • Barrels spawned by Sextant modifiers can no longer spawn in Fragmented Memories.
  • Reduced the range at which monsters that are close to the Memory Stabiliser at the entrance of a Memory will attack players.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Synthesis Tutorial Fragmented Memory.
  • Spoken dialogue now ends when you leave a Memory Fragment.
  • Fixed a bug where Pack Size modifiers were not applying correctly to areas in the Memory Nexus.
  • Fixed a bug where small- and medium-sized memories contained more monsters than intended. Along with the Pack Size modifiers being corrected, this should result in slightly fewer monsters in small memories, approximately the same number in medium sized memories, and a greater number of monsters in large memories. Small-sized memories stop appearing at area level 51+.
  • Fixed various cases where not enough spawn points existed for monster packs within Memories. This sometimes resulted in fewer monsters being spawned than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Boss Encounter areas did not have the displayed modifiers applied to them.
  • Fixed a bug where a death penalty was not applied if you died in a placed Memory. The amount of experience lost is based on the area level of the Memory.
  • Fixed a bug where a Memory Stabiliser could sometimes display “Decay starts on Interaction” in an already-Decayed Memory.
  • Fixed a bug where a portal to the Memory Nexus could sometimes not be created when interacting with a Memory Stabiliser.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Return to Nexus” button would display when the Memory Map is opened by interacting with Zana.
  • Fixed multiple bugs caused by not speaking to Cavas before the Templar Laboratory Memory. This includes issues with the incorrect dialogue playing during Fragmented Memories.
  • Fixed a bug where non-Decaying Memories had Decay with a light blue edge, indicating that the Decay would move. They will now correctly have Decay with a dark blue edge.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Challenge Panel from being viewed while you had the Memory Map open.
  • Fixed a bug where the Paradise Memory didn’t display the correct art when in a Planned state.
  • Fixed a bug where areas affected by Monstrous Treasure failed to spawn any monsters or strongboxes in Fragmented Memories.
  • Cavas or Zana will now have an indicator above their heads if they have extra information at the end of a 4-bridge Fragmented Memory.
  • Fixed a bug where Zana mission objectives (such as “Slay the Beyond boss”) could spawn inside of a Fragmented Memory.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Curse Enemies with Level 5 Elemental Weakness on Hit” Synthesis Implicit could not be obtained.

Betrayal Fixes

  • Increased the amount of Intelligence gained from Interrogating Lieutenants and Captains after a non-Safehouse Betrayal encounter.
  • Substantially increased the amount of Intelligence gained at the completion of a Safehouse.
  • Reduced the distance from the player at which Transportation encounters begin.
  • Reduced the amount of additional monsters that spawn during Betrayal Intervention encounters, and the frequency at which they spawn.
  • Betrayal Targets spawned by Intervention encounters now deal reduced damage for a short duration after spawning.
  • Fortification and Transportation encounters now spawn a smaller variety of monsters, in an effort to reduce preloading requirements.
  • Fixed a bug where Jun sometimes did not aid you in combat during Fortification encounters.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Updated the “Hideout Unlocked” notification.
  • Areas that are affected by Monstrous Treasure can no longer contain Einhar or Jun as the area is unable to spawn monsters. These areas were already unable to contain Alva.
  • Reduced the value of the “x% increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Energy Shield Leech while affected by Zealotry” modifier found on the Watcher’s Eye Unique Jewel from 180% to 30%. This modifier was unintentionally six times higher than intended. This affects all existing versions of this item.
  • Arcane Surge Support can now be used in conjunction with Cast while Channelling Support. The “Supported Skills deal x% more Spell Damage while you have Arcane Surge” modifier does not apply to Triggered Spells.
  • Spell Cascade Support can now support Triggered Spells.
  • Minion skills can now be supported by Unleash Support. This only applies to the summoning of minions, and does not cause your minions’ skills to reoccur.
  • The Flow of Energy, Pleasure and Pain, Mouth of Horrors and Unbearable Whispers III prophecies can now be completed in Core Map.
  • Updated the description of the Intensity buff to accurately describe that the skill deals more Area damage, rather than all damage.
  • Updated the description of a helmet enchantment which referred to “Sanctify”, rather than the correct name, Purifying Flame.
  • Purifying Flame’s impact area can now destroy breakable objects (like barrels).
  • Arc’s effect now visually hits monsters more centrally.
  • Vortex can no longer be supported by Intensify Support.
  • Legacy versions of the “To Dust” unique jewel can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.
  • The original version of Goddess Bound, Tipua Kaikohuru, can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.
  • The “Unaffected by Bleeding while affected by Malevolence” modifier found on Watcher’s Eye unique jewels now prevents Corrupting Blood from affecting you.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.6.0 where the Claws of the Pride notable passive was not in range of Medium range jewels placed in the jewel socket immediately north of Acrobatics.
  • Straightened a bent connection between some passives in the Ranger and Shadow sections of the passive tree. This is purely a cosmetic change.
  • Fixed a wonky quest state you could get into which would ask you to talk to Niko when you already had.
  • Fixed an issue where Plaza Map would sometimes fail to generate if it contained Alva, Master Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug where the Monstrous Treasure prophecy prevented Sulphite Veins from granting any Voltaxic Sulphite when interacted with.
  • Fixed a bug where the Monstrous Treasure prophecy prevented Beyond portals from being created.
  • Fixed a bug where a Crafting Recipe unlock object sometimes did not spawn in the Bazaar Map when it otherwise should have.
  • Fixed an incorrect modifier name for “+1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems”.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Purifying Flame deals x% increased Damage” helmet enchantments did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where Brittle was applying a lower than intended chance to be critically struck to enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lose the “Immunity to Curses” buff granted by Holy Flame Totem if you were standing in a second overlapping source of Consecrated Ground.
  • Fixed a bug where gaining the Phasing effect could cause temporary visual effect issues with the Celestial Body Armour and Holy Eyes, as well as other similar microtransactions.
  • You can now see a list of Undiscovered Veiled modifier crafting recipes on the Crafting Bench panel.
  • Prophecies can no longer trigger when entering Zana mission areas.
  • The Monstrous Treasure prophecy can now affect areas which contain Alva. Monsters within the Incursion areas are unaffected.
  • Updated the impact visual effects of Bane.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mastermind could spawn as a Betrayal Target.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented opening a Safehouse in your Hideout.
  • Fixed a bug where Safehouse portals could fail to be created if you had left the area before they finished opening.
  • Fixed a bug where Haku’s Research Safehouse reward chests could give gems with 24-30% quality.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.6.2 which prevented several melee supports (such as Multistrike) from working when the skill they were supporting was also supported by a triggering Support (such as Cast on Critical Strike Support).
  • Fixed a bug where Divine Ire, Storm Burst and Lightning Tendrils were unable to generate multiple Frenzy, Power or Endurance Charges per cast while channelling.
  • Fixed a bug where some trees, including those found in Lava Lake Map, were not fading out correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where getting Jun, Veiled Master to maximum Decoration Level did not grant progress towards The Forsaken Masters achievement.
  • Fixed 2 client crashes.
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