Path of Exile Patch 3.6.3c PS4 Patch Notes

Grinding Gear Gamings has actually released a brand-new upgrade to Course of Expatriation on PS4, upgrade 3.6.3 c which repairs a concern caused by the 3.6.3 b spot earlier today in addition to some added fixes/changes. Here are the full patch notes:

Console Particular Adjustment

  • Taken care of a bug that was introduced in 3.6.3 b upgrade that transformed controls on memory nexus map.

Other Adjustments

  • Enhanced the performance of Tornado Brand name.
  • Enhanced the visual sign of Divine Ire’& rsquo; s area of impact while carrying.
  • The “& ldquo; Doubles the values of Worldwide Mods affecting Memories placed next to this Location” & rdquo; Memory Amplifier has been replaced with a brand-new Memory Amplifier which increases the value of Memory Modifiers impacting Memories put on it.
  • Taken care of a number of Memory Amplifiers which were not functioning.
  • Dealt with another insect where 4 Far-off Memories can spawn encountering each various other, making them all unattainable.
  • Dealt with a pest where Gisale, Thought Burglar in Scriptorium Map was not able to drop The Aesthete or The Offering prophecy cards.
  • Dealt with a customer accident that could happen when leaving your hideout.
  • Dealt with 2 circumstances crashes that might take place when using Soulrend.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could take place when utilizing Herald of Purity.
  • Fixed two circumstances crashes that can take place in the Memory Gap.
  • Fixed an instance accident that might take place during the Dominus encounter.
  • Repaired an instance crash that could take place when utilizing the Soulwrest one-of-a-kind team.
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