Destiny 2 Update 2.7.1 Patch Notes

Bungie has deployed Update 2.7.1 to Destiny 2 throughout all platforms.

We’& rsquo; re currently examining an issue where players might have shed their Twinkle and/or various mixture products after Update 4.7.1 went live.

Please standby for updates.

—– Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) January 28, 2020


Pit of Heresy

  • Enhanced some efficiency concerns in the Chamber of Experiencing experience that can lower framerates.
  • Taken care of an issue where gamers could die when transitioning from the God’s acre encounter to the Passages of Anguish.
  • Fixed a concern where players might leave the setting in the Passages of Despair.

Yard of Redemption

  • Enhanced an efficiency issue that can occur when portions of land return, or are gotten rid of during the Sanctified Mind experience.
  • Improved the visual indication for when a tether resource center gets on or off.
  • Included message alert when a Vex sacrifices on a relay.

    Nightfall: The Challenge

  • Lowered once a week completions required to bring it in accordance with other difficulties.
    • Gamers now require 3 completions on Adept, two completions on Hero, or one completion on Legend or Master. ## Supervisor
  • Gamers can currently faster way directly to their Roster by picking their vacant fireteam ports, or by invoking the Roster faster way on Director Map displays.
  • When an activity is selected, fireteam leaders can browse left as well as right to reach Quests and also Lineup respectively, then back to go back to the selected activity. ## Incentives


  • Seasonal Bow mods need to currently function reliably with Hush.
  • Fixed a problem where Assault would decrease damage at 2x Rampage stacks in spite of not raising Rate of Fire.
  • Adjusted scope feedback as well as camera shake on Hard Light shooting.
  • Eriana’& rsquo; s Vow no more obtains more ammo when exchanging from various other Special ammunition weapons in Gambit. Starting ammunition in Gambit boosted from six to ten.
  • Taken care of a problem where swapping from Two-Tailed Fox to one more Power tool would certainly create more ammunition than meant.
  • Fixed a concern where Leviathan’& rsquo; s Breath started PVE activities with even more ammo than meant.
  • Repaired an issue where Xenophage started PVE activities with even more ammo than intended.


  • The Empowered Finisher Dawn mod will no longer take in Super power if you do not have a mod equipped that is capable of taking advantage of the Billed with Light aficionado.
  • The Ever All set Dawn mod will now pile correctly with tool mastery leg armor mods appropriate to the weapons it covers.
  • The Hefty Handed Dawn mod will certainly no longer cause after the death of Telesto bolts. Increased the number of opponents that have to be near the gamer to trigger the ammo-granting take advantage of 2 to 3.
  • Several course product armor mods will certainly currently appropriately offer reducing returns when numerous copies of the mod are furnished. These mods consist of Perpetuation, Innervation, Invigoration, Insulation, as well as Absolution.
  • Wormgod Caress and also Winter’& rsquo; s Guile no longer maintain the standing of their enthusiast if the shield item is unequipped.
  • The perk on Synthoceps now shuts down promptly when the armor piece is unequipped.
  • The Transcendent True blessing Criminal mod will currently appropriately appear in players’ & rsquo; stock; formerly, it would just be visible in the mod flyout when socketing a mod.
  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger will no longer award Special ammo for Explosive Launchers when the gamer gets Primary ammunition bricks.
  • The last finisher eliminated from faves will certainly no longer override the fallback default course finisher.
  • Giddy Laugh uncommon emote now has a valid symbol and also can be chosen for gearing up on the emote wheel.
  • Shadowkeep project Exotic armor no longer has a possible to show up in Xur’& rsquo; s weekly inventory.
  • Gunsmith currently appropriately analyzes the possessed standing of Unflinching Machine Gun and Unflinching Hand Cannon mods.

Power as well as Progression

  • Repaired an issue that triggered the amount of XP gained not to turn up alongside the XP progression bar.
    • NOTE: This problem may still exist for players after they reach Seasonal Ranking 100, however all XP made will certainly still relate to Seasonal Ranks above 100.
  • Altered the progress bar summary on the Weekly Strike obstacle from “& ldquo; Bounties finished & rdquo; (which was incorrect) to “& ldquo; Strikes completed”&
  • rdquo;. Conclusion values for a few of the location Column Weekly Bounties have been lowered.
  • Repaired an issue where the “& ldquo; Envious & rdquo; searches might stop advancing properly.
  • Players who were in this state ought to have their progression updated retroactively.



  • Fixed an issue in which Roaring Blazes was rubbing Solar Tool Damages while standing in a Well of Radiance.
  • Fixed a concern in which Sunbreaker Titans had the ability to self-heal by jumping a Tossing Hammer off a wall surface.
  • Taken care of a concern that avoided Warlocks from using Blink after switching over tools or cancelling sprint.
  • Taken care of a concern that would certainly often cause the Sunbreaker Titan’& rsquo; s Mortar Blast to deal little to no damage. Dealt with an issue that enabled Sunbreaker Titans to get stacks of Roaring Blazes by destroying Telesto projectiles.
  • Raised the Sunbreaker Titan’& rsquo; s Mortar Blast damage by 70 percent in PvE.
  • Crucible
  • Gamers will certainly remain in spaceflight as opposed to mosting likely to a black screen when they pack right into a PvP match much faster than their peers.

    Bounties and Searches

  • Taken care of a concern that might stop gamers from getting the Black Armory Key Mold mission from Ada-1 on several characters.
  • Purchase of Black Depot unusual bounties substantially enhanced.
    • Players that complete all offered once a week and day-to-day bounties will certainly acquire a rare bounty within five days.
  • Black Depot Keys using up space in Quests will be eliminated if a player has already finished the Mysterious Box Izanagi’& rsquo; s Burden pursuit chain and also opened the Unique in their Collections.
  • The Gambit Prime “& ldquo; Enthusiast & rdquo; bounty will now proceed from grabbing Luna destination products.
  • Repaired an issue influencing the “& ldquo; Newest & rdquo; arranging alternative in Searches.
    • Freshly acquired quests, or pursuits that get upgraded, will certainly now be correctly sorted to the top. ## General
  • In Collections, the “& ldquo; Playin & rsquo; the Chances & rdquo; Gambit emblem will certainly currently appropriately sign up as unlocked and can be reacquired appropriately.
  • Taken care of a concern that was affecting the Introduction Victory.
    • Eris is currently ready to present her final Lore access to players who need it.
    • The Introduction Tradition Triumph now appropriately reads #/ 11 Lore pieces and also will certainly unlock upon obtaining the final Tradition item.
  • Repaired a concern where certain randomized discussion would play essentially often than intended.
  • Repaired an issue that was causing alerts to show up once more after moving things making use of the Bnet D2 API.
  • Boosted performance when obtaining certain messages from the server.
    • Biggest influence will be in the Tower, however need to assist everywhere.
  • Taken care of an issue that caused FOTL items to be stuck in the postmaster as unnoticeable things for some gamers.

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