Destiny 2 Update 2.8.1 Patch Notes

Bungie has released Update 2.8.1 for Fate 2 across all platforms. Full spot notes below.


  • Fixed an issue in which Ward of Dawn was not creating Orbs of Light.
  • Repaired a concern in which Ward of Dawn might not be triggered while holding a Sword.
  • Taken care of a concern in which spreading Nova Bomb did not consume your melee capacity (Attunement of Hunger).

Symbols as well as Trackers

  • The “& ldquo; Playin & rsquo; the Probabilities & rdquo; symbol earned through the Gambit intro mission is now constantly claimable from Collections.
  • Gamers that have completed the Mjolnir mission, but did not properly get the Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity, will certainly now have it opened and available to reacquire in their Collections.
  • Gamers that have finished the Forsaken campaign will locate The Lawless Frontier tradition publication entrance “& ldquo; By Thy Tongue Be Damned” & rdquo; finished as well as offered to case.
  • Symbol metrics added for emblem stat trackers that existed prior to 2.8.0, as well as present the exact same data as before.
    • Trackers included:
      • Period 8 Period Pass Ranking Gained
      • Season 9 Season Pass Ranking Earned
      • Fractaline Donated
      • Eliminates as a Guard Titan
      • Eliminates as a Demonstrator Titan
      • Kills as a Sunbreaker Titan
      • Eliminates as a Flowwalker Seeker
      • Eliminates as a Nightstalker Seeker
      • Kills as a Gunslinger Seeker
      • Eliminates as a Stormcaller Warlock
      • Kills as a Dawnblade Warlock
      • Eliminates as a Voidwalker Warlock
      • Gold Medals Earned
      • Longest Magnificence Success Streak
      • Complete Valiance Resets
      • Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Completions
      • Kills of Last Managers in Hive Rise
      • Completed Nightmare Pursues on Master Problem
      • Medal Tracker –– 7th Column
      • Medal Tracker –– Destruction
      • Medal Tracker –– We Ran out of Medals
      • Medal Tracker –– Ghost in the Night
      • Medal Tracker –– This Crown is Mine
      • Medal Tracker –– I Made This for You
      • Medal Tracker –– Undefeated
      • Wins in Tests of the 9
      • Perfect Tickets in Tests of the Nine
      • Eliminates in Crimson Doubles
      • Beat Challengers When Under Results of Iron Concern
      • Black Armory Forge Completions
      • Kills of Haunted Forest Terrors
      • Inmost Branch of Haunted Forest Cleared
      • Dishes Baked
      • Completed Branches of Verdant Forest
      • Variety Of Revelric Light Triggers Throughout the Celebration
      • Completed Rate 3 Encounters Throughout the Reckoning
      • Completions of Menagerie
      • Completions of Heroic Menagerie
      • Candy Collected



  • The Titan’& rsquo; s Phoenix Cradle Unique leg shield currently correctly creates sunspots that have an extended duration as well as apply their benefits to allies when the Titan wearing the shield obtains a weapon kill while standing in a sunspot.
  • Dealt with a concern where the Warlock’& rsquo; s Felwinter & rsquo; s Helm Exotic would incorrectly cause after swapping the thing off and on once again.
  • Dealt with a problem where some faction armors were not appropriately enabling gamers to apply Faction Rally accessories to them.
  • Seasonal mod outlets have actually been contributed to all armors readily available from globe drops. See this article for even more details.
  • Gamers that met the requirements, but were missing out on Eminence accessories for the Eater of Globes raid lair, will certainly now have them unlocked as well as readily available for usage.
  • New gamers can still acquire Eminence accessories from finishing the Eminence (Brave) Eater of Worlds plunder lair along with the ideal Leviathan manager difficulties.
  • Repaired a concern that could avoid Eater of Globes Prestige accessories from appearing in the ornament port on ideal raid gear.
  • The Titan’& rsquo; s Aeon Safe Exotic gauntlets now provides the same melee trigger requirement on both its Tooltip and Particulars screens.
  • The Mantle of Remembrance ornament for Hunters’ & rsquo; Exotic onslaughts Shinobu’& rsquo; s Vow will now effectively change the product icon to reflect the modification in look.
  • The Diadem of Deceit Exotic accessory is now functional on the Year 1 version of the Warlock Unique helm Crown of Tempests.
  • The Nano Redux Unique ornament is now useful on the Year 1 variation of the Hunter Unique breast armor Raiden Flux.
  • The Huskcrushers Unique ornament is now useful on the Year 1 variation of the Titan Exotic leg shield Dunemarchers.
  • The upper body armor mod Big Arm Books currently appropriately provides enhanced ammunition gets for Shotguns.

Economic situation

  • Nightfall: The Ordeal Grandmaster difficulty currently provides Season 10 Period Pass Exotic tool catalyst mission development.
  • Crimson Day Sparrows now have the appropriate event watermark (was The Dawning).
  • Duplicate individual emotes purchased independently from a bundle can now be opened.
  • Universal ornaments being sold for Bright Dust in the Eververse shop currently effectively display the text “& ldquo; Already Purchased on Account” & rdquo; when
  • owned. Taken care of a problem that caused the Warlock Period Pass universal breast ornament to wrongly create an unreleased event’& rsquo; s universal accessory to additionally show as unlocked.
  • Tests of Osiris Ghost Shell will certainly currently drop with Crucible-related perks.

Power and also Progression

  • 4 regular Powerful equipment resources updated to Peak (+1 ): Crucible, Strike, and also Gambit challenges, and the weekly clan engram.
  • Dealt with a concern where the Tests supplier engram was not previewing incentives at the proper power level.


  • Repaired an issue with The 4th Horseman where its Broadside perk would stop working to duplicate its effects over the network.
  • Fixed a problem with Breech Loaded (Unique ammunition) Explosive Launchers that led to them having actually a dramatically minimized blast radius.

Globe Equipments

  • Finishing Warden of Absolutely nothing currently counts for a Fallen employer eliminate for the weekly Strike bounty: Serve the Servitors.
  • Repaired a problem creating Warden of Absolutely nothing to give dual Champion Benefits.
  • For the Wish-Ender Exotic mission, any gamers that were missing out on Uncharged Tokens after turning in their Awoken Talisman and then completing the “& ldquo; ??? & rdquo; secret goal, will now find them in their Quests.
    • If a gamer’& rsquo; s Quests are full, they will find the Uncharged Tokens added once they’& rsquo; ve cleared some area and after that returned to orbit or re-logged right into Fate 2.
  • Dreaming City world chests are granting Glimmer once again.
  • Dealt with a concern where players could obtain blocked from getting the Significance from the Bad Juju goal The Opposite, stopping completion of the Bad Juju Exotic quest Spellbound.
    • A player might enter into a bad state if, prior to getting on the mission themselves, they joined one more player on the ideal mission step, completed The Opposite goal, obtained the Significance, and after that bound it to get Negative Juju.
    • Players in this bad state, who have gotten Poor Juju as well as completed The Opposite side goal, however have actually not finished the Spellbound Unique pursuit, will currently be able to Bind Essence at the altar to finish it.
  • Repaired a concern causing a crash when players attempted to kip down their Awoken Amulet to the statuary of Sjur Eido in the Smashed Throne dungeon.


  • Made a change to make sure that completed bounties currently sort to the top of the bounty container, grouping them together.
  • Friends listed in a gamer’& rsquo; s roster need to no longer turn up as black nameplates with absolutely no Power.


  • Repaired a problem where the Champ Servitor’& rsquo; s invulnerability beams were not showing up during Seraph Tower occasions.
  • Dealt with a string identifying for the four Seraph tools to include words “& ldquo; Resource: & rdquo; so gamers recognize where to get the weapons.
  • Repaired an issue where the Rasputin bounty, The Lost Standards was not counting Timeless Mix matches.
  • Added the task rejoin performance in the Trials playlist.
  • Repaired an issue where fully updating a location bunker occasionally doesn’& rsquo; t unlock the Warmind Protection Victory.
  • The “& ldquo; Seasonal Triumphs Total” & rdquo; field now increments when Accomplishments are completed.
  • Added Vex barriers to the Grove of Ulan-Tan Legendary Lost Field.
  • Dealt with an issue in the Seraph Towers public event where Ana’& rsquo; s dialog would certainly still call out towers being overwhelmed when the towers are down and Champions are present in the final phase.
  • Taken care of an issue with the Hefty Framework generating far from its system in The Quarry and Scavenger’& rsquo; s Den Legendary Lost Sectors on EDZ.
  • Fixed a problem affecting the difficulty scaling of a number of activities including Murmur of the Worm and also No Hour missions.

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