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How to Hit Soft Cap Fast In Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

UPDATE: This has been patched, the drop is no longer guaranteed.

With the release of Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt yesterday, Destiny 2 has a new a Power cap.

The soft cap is now 1200. As all players started the Season between 1050 and 1060, everything you get from there until 1200 will be useful.

The powerful cap is now 1250. Only powerful rewards from powerful milestones, prime engrams and at power world drops will raise your power level. You can grind crucible, strikes, or Gambit for powerful gear.

The pinnacle cap is 1260. Only pinnacle sources will get you there.

How to Power to 1200 Fast

While I would recommend playing through the campaign regularly first, you don’t have to.

If you choose to play through the campaign equipping the rares and legendaries that you get along the way, the story missions will be above your level and thus more of a challenge. Unlike most stuff in Destiny, some of these actually were challenging to do with blue weapons while under level. It was kinda fun.

If you insist on getting to 1200 as fast as possible then farm Lost Sectors with Wanted bosses.

There are two that I would recommend, do whichever one you like best and can complete the fastest:

  • Widow’s Walk, Trostland, EDZ
  • The Orrery, Artifact’s Edge, Nessus

I personally used The Orrery, as I like it better but Widow’s Walk might best a little faster once you get in a groove.

Run in, kill the Wanted boss, grab your loot and run out of the Lost Sector until you hit a loading zone then turn around and go back in and repeat.

If you do The Orrery, you can stand on the ledge where the Wanted boss is first at, get killed by the ads, and it should put you back at the start of the room making your run back outside to reset shorter.

Just rinse and repeat killing the boss. They drop a legendary every time, and sometimes, albeit rarely, they’ll drop two (even two and a blue).

I did very little farming on my main Hunter and mostly just powered by playing the campaign.

My Titan is also 1200, and I did nothing but this farm with him. It took about 45 minutes to get him to 1200 using this method (but keep in mind as an alt he already had 1200 weapons from doing first on the Hunter).

I will be doing this on my Warlock later.

I do recommend doing it as early as possible if you’re going to. I don’t think Bungie intended the Wanted bosses to have guaranteed legendary drops, so I would expect that this will be patched likely sooner than later.

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