Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt Iron Banner God Roll Guide – Steady Hand

This period, Bungie has actually reprised the vanilla Iron Banner hand cannon, The Steady Hand.

Like Crimil’& rsquo; s Blade that has actually been in the Banner pool for a while and was editioned last period, The Steady Hand is a 120rpm Aggressive Structure.

Back in the fixed rolls of Destiny 2’& rsquo; s launch, The Steady Hand featured your option of Flared Magwell or Alloy Magazine and Outlaw.

It’& rsquo; s unfavorable that Iron Banner has such restricted tools and two of them coincide archetype of weapon.

Considering that they come from the very same resource and coincide kind, you have to directly contrast them.

Base stats smart, Crimil’& rsquo; s Blade is much better across the board. The Steady Hand has one higher stability (32) yet in every other way it loses out to Crimil’& rsquo; s. Slightly even worse goal help, inventory size, taking care of, reload speed, as well as recoil.

So it sheds in base stats, yet it does have some rewards and also combinations of advantages that you can’& rsquo; t hop on Crimil

& rsquo; s Blade. In my guide for Crimil & rsquo; s Blade (linked above) I noted the roll as Steadyhand, Flared Magwell, Outlaw as well as Timed Payload. Outlaw/Kill Clip also a fun roll.

Well The Constant Hand can’& rsquo; t have either of those rolls.

Constant Hand has advantages that can’& rsquo; t roll on Crimil & rsquo; s Dagger; the two Iron Banner special benefits presented last season( Iron Hold and also Iron Gaze )along with the brand-new perk Wellspring. For PvE, I don’& rsquo; t believe this weapon is worth making use of or chasing an excellent roll for. Crimil’& rsquo; s Blade and Real Prophecy are much better.

For PvP though, there are some combinations I’& rsquo; m interested in. Once more, this overview is extra focused around the console or controller individual.

With all that claimed, allow’& rsquo; s get into what we should be looking for in The Steady Hand.

In PvP, you’& rsquo; re taking a look at a 1.00 ideal time-to-kill with 2 crits 1 body. It’& rsquo; s body shot time-to-kill is relatively mediocre at 1.50, needing 4 body shots. It does a base of 91 crit damage and also 50 body damages.

  • Effect = 92
  • Range = 64
  • Stability = 32
  • Handling = 28
  • Reload Speed = 28
  • Rounds Per Min = 120
  • Publication = 8
  • Goal Help = 65
  • Supply Size = 40
  • Zoom = 14
  • Recoil = 85
  • Jump Intensity = 15, Often tends Vertical

So what is the roll I’& rsquo; m seeking on console?

Steadyhand HCS –– Ricochet Beats –– Relocating Target/Zen Minute –– Swashbuckler/Iron Grasp

Between Relocating Target as well as Zen Minute, I would favor Relocating Target. It doesn’& rsquo; t provide a stability boost, but ups the target acquisition (objective support) and strafe speed.

I’& rsquo; m interested in trying Iron Hold simply to see just how it feels with the added security.

The Steady Hand has a base reload speed of 28, it’& rsquo; s concerning bottomed out as is so the -40 to reload rate isn’& rsquo; t a big bargain yet the +20 to stability must be noticeable and would match well with either Relocating Target or Zen Minute.

Braggart since the added damages is likewise nice, especially if you get a melee kill initially to get it to the five stack.

Wellspring itself is a good perk, but I don’& rsquo; t assume I & rsquo;d care for it in PvP with this certain gun.

Mulligan can be an excellent choice given the gun just has a mag dimension of eight. Yet, when you’& rsquo; re in a battle with a weapon that already doesn’& rsquo; t have the very best TTK, missing a shot and also hoping to proc Mulligan means you’& rsquo; re probably going to die anyhow.

The Steady Hand can additionally roll High Caliber Rounds, and also while that’& rsquo; s good on controller I & rsquo; ll constantly like Ricochet Rounds since it supercharges array as well as stability (security being necessary on controllers).

All informed however, this isn’& rsquo; t a tool I would grind Iron Banner for. In the age of a lot of tools having actually been sunsetted, I put on’& rsquo; t recognize why they selected to revive The Steady Hand while Crimil’& rsquo; s Blade is still appropriate. Finite Impactor, the IB hand cannon from Warmind, would’& rsquo; ve been a better hand cannon to bring back and even something like Jorum’& rsquo; s Claw pulse rifle would’& rsquo; ve been far better.

The very first Iron Banner of the season goes survive on December 8th, which need to be an exciting and also appealing day. That’& rsquo; s the day the PS5 and also Xbox Collection X/S variations of Fate 2 appeared, which suggests an Iron Banner of people dipping into a wider FoV and also at 60fps (or 120fps) versus people on PS5/One playing at the 72 FoV at 30fps.


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